Diablo Clone Hunting Guide

grief isnt a 1.11 new item, its a runeword

this is wut it does and is:

Grief 5 Socket Swords/Axes Eth + Tir + Lo + Mal + Ral 35% Chance To Cast Level 15 Venom On Striking
+30-40% Increased Attack Speed (varies)
Damage +340-400 (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
-25% Target Defense
+1.875 (per character level)% Damage To Demons (Based on Character Level)
Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
-20-25% To Enemy Poison Resistance (varies)
20% Deadly Strike
Prevent Monster Heal
+2 To Mana After Each Kill
+10-15 Life After Each Kill (varies)


So what yourse saying is that would work better or something i still think the one i have is quiet accurate.


Could anyone explain more about getting into the games with correct ip's ? I know the right ip's just wanna know the fastest way to get into game with them....Couse if i create games and check them throw run>command>netstat it takes really much time + rd =/


You cant dirct connect, i used to use dclone finder or something like that, it just goes into a game, gets ip, leaves untill it find the right one.


im sorry if i seem like a newb lol but i get most of it but i dont understand what ip im supose to be lookin for lol it sais on step 8) Keep creating games and typing in netstat -n until you find a game that is on the IP you want.

but how do i no the ip i want lol plz help :)


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Like this guide! Nice tips.
Here's mine:
Just killed DC with lvl90 hammerdin and my act2 holy freeze merc (ALONE!)
Well, i had my barb in there (lvl75) with a bo of 33 so i could go a long way.
The trick I used was some sword i found that had lvl 5 life-tap charges...;)
It kept my merc alive.
To my hammers (8.6 k only) DC was pretty much immune when my merc died.
So obviously doing LifeTap on DC with a lvl 90 merc that had insight on a Tresher (8k dmg) is enough, it took me only 6 minutes.
So in fact, don't just throw that stupid Life-tap weapon away! No need for damage or other great features, just that 1: Life Tap.
My fire resist was only 75 and I only needed about 8 health, 8 fullrejuvs. No need for dwarfstars..;)


...now i feel like the crappiest d2 player in the world.... so now firstly i dont have to sell any sojs? just go on there and wait for it to tell me what server to connect to? and where do these ppl get these soj's i see them being traded like candy but i havnt seen one ever!


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sadly enough i have the same questions gundam501.


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I kill DC with a Conviction Pally only one problem he was one of my first physical fighting characters and I did not put alot of dex in him so he misses alot but my act 2 merc makes up for that and with holy freezes slows clone down so I can take advantage of him. So I get a new pc, DC clone will be a cake walk


:shoot :shoot i used too kill dc with Lvl 90 barb but he expired he had i think steel carapace arreats two ebotdz idk boots idk gloves either 2 bul kalthos and i think ammy was +2 barb skills he was frenzy barb he owned hell baal on his own i used too come out of there almost dead becuz i never kill the enemys outside of the place becuz i leap into the place cuz i put one in leap which was boosted too 3 20 - 22 in frenzy and more but he had like 3340 life and he owned massively but sometimes died fighting him i was really poor when i was getting ammy
the guy wouldnt give me nething for a vamp gaze so i took +2 barb skills and +3 fire and cold skills


ic alot of post about the mirc being to complicated. You can always just to the bnet channel op dcloneeast/op dclonewest. Just as good as using the mirc but alot more basic.


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iBrandon said:
you also need to keep on subject. :) anyways i hope you guys keep asking questions its fun to reply.
i have a bunch of questions wish you can answer them all..first of all i try to join the irc.dclone.org, the server does not exist or something and the channels are all empty..why??? help me out here please :(