Diablo Clone Hunting Guide


lilbabieboy said:

i have a bunch of questions wish you can answer them all..first of all i try to join the irc.dclone.org, the server does not exist or something and the channels are all empty..why??? help me out here please :(
You sure you got the info enter'd right in the irc.gamesurge.net?


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i had a zealer with crappy eqiup: spirit pala shield, death cleaver, crown of thiefes(ummed), duriels shell (upped, ummed), draculs, gore riders, highlords, carrion wind, whisp projector (low 1) i got 1,2 k life and 8 k ar and i didnt have merc ressurected before going to dc, but i killed him is +- 2-3 minutes :0


I found and restickied it, but it would be nice if someone could post a channel that actually works. I'll leave it stickied, but if no working channel is found, I'll remove it.

Well for one this guide isent all about finding him, its also a real nice section showing you diffrent builds and settups to kill him, and hell i dont even know who you are and we've never met this is an epic thread ;p

Epic High : Yeahs, I haven't met nor do I have any clue who you are, but I've got a feeling we'll get along just fineee. :D


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crappy guide all those items r newb items i killed him with 2x ebotds (gg life leech) and frenzy + fort and it was too easy, i had dracs for life tap too


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So I was in a game and then I got the :Diablo walks the earth" and the ground started shaking. Looked everywhere to find the clone but i couldn't. So i went in channel and I said the gamename so someone will come and help me. Of course I couldn't go back in the game cuz it got full in secs. When I finally got in the clone was dead right next to Trist red portal.

So my question is- is there a place where this clone spawns or it is in random act and part of it?


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he spawns at the first uber unique you see, here is a good place many people dont know he spawns to go to if other people are in ur game:
Arcane sanctuary, then go into portal


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Well I find the zealot uhm Cheap yet effective...but Im using my hammerdin since Im lazy to build another character....good job on this guide