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Today, I will be giving you a question and feel free to answer it.
Do you think technology tools are important in learning second language?
As a student, experience in studying languages to both face-to-face and online settings, what pros and cons you see in both ways, that what you think might be done to improve it.
Freadrec Derain
In face to face I noticed that when it comes in using technology some teachers are not that skilled because they don't have enough seminars to learn how to use different technology in teaching while in online settings the all are lack of resources to maximize the use of technology in Learning language.
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For today, kindly share your opinion regarding this question:
Did the pandemic hamper technology integration in education or did it pave the way to its increase and utilization?
Mark Anthony Tumbaga
Mark Anthony Tumbaga
In my own opinion, technology did it best to helped the educational systems of the whole world to be successful despite of the pandemic. It offers teachers more opportunities to explore the use and proper manipulation of technology for the sake of their teaching skills. And so with the student, we became knowledgeable somehow in using technology.
Camille V. Villegas
Camille V. Villegas
I do think that this pandemic increase the use of technology since we are now in new normal technology really helps a lot especially in education. It offers many platform that we can use to continue our learning and develop our skills interms of using different technology which we can use in the future.
Carmela Joyce Balenton
Personally, this pandemic contributes a big help in the current education system wherein it provides a good platform to exercise both learning and teaching. This provides various learning modalities that will encourage the students to continue despite the struggles of having this pandemic.