How to make WoW Classic gold via Dungeons


Sep 28, 2021
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To get yourself enough wow classic gold, farming is important. Farming in the open world, to some players, is very competitive as you always have to worry about someone snagging that Thorium node before you get there, monopolizing the enemy spawns, or engaging in PvP combat. Farming dungeons, on the other hand, could be trickier, as not every class is equally viable or even able to comfortably do so solo. Also if you are able to comfortably cut a path through dungeons, you can obtain some profession items which can sell well in the auction house. There are also benefits including a large number of mobs who are always in the same locations, allowing you to create very predictable and repeatable farming routes.

The following are two dungeons suggested:


Unlike Scarlet Monastery, Maraudon can't be run by just anyone; it is typically only attempted by ranged classes, primarily those with pets who can tank bosses which are still dangerous even for well geared level 60 players. That said, it can be incredibly lucrative for players who master it, with a short loop of several bosses that can easily average 10 gold per run or 45 gold per hour.

Scarlet Monastery

Low level dungeons aren't often worth running for gold, but Scarlet Monastery often finds itself an exception which remains worthwhile even in the late game due to the four dungeon wings proximity, high mob density, and low difficulty. Although the boss drops vendor for a pittance, the main benefit is that it can be easily farmed by virtually anyone at level 60, and mid-level materials such as Silk Cloth can still sell well on the Auction House, even if at a low price per stack.

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