Diablo Clone Hunting Guide


Guide to Annihilus Charm Finding
How to Kill the Diablo Clone
By: Hoarshade
(All Credit Goes To Him- www.diablo-trader.com)

There is 4 parts to this guide:

1) Introduction
2) How to make a character that is able to kill the Diablo Clone
3) How to find Diablo Clone
4) How to kill the Diablo Clone

Item setups will be this : Colour

Part 1: Introduction
You first must understand a few basic things. The unique charm called the Annihilus charm is only dropped by a character that is named the Diablo Clone (known as Uber Diablo by some, but for this guided I will refer to him as Diablo Clone, or DC). Many people have no clue how to find this monster, so therefore have no idea where to get their own Annihilus charm (or as I will refer to it, the Anni). It is not very difficult to do this, and on average, depending on time spent hunting the Diablo Clone, should be able to find anywhere from 2-5 Annis a day. At first it might be confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily find DC, kill him, and get your very own Anni charms. This guide will tell you how to make a character that can successfully find and kill DC.

Part 2: Make a Diablo Clone Killer
Some people wonder if a specific type of character and equipment is needed to kill the Diablo Clone (DC), and the answer is yes. You must understand that some characters that are good at PvP (playerVSplayer, duels) or MvP (monsterVSplayer) may be terrible DC killers. I can tell you that the character I use for killing DC is very good at it, but gets destroyed in duels against other players. This is due to the fact that DC is unlike any other monster you have faced before

Before I talk about what character and equipment to make, you know about DC:
DC has the following resistances:
-95% to cold
-95% to fire
-95% to poison
-95% to lightning
-50% to magic
-50% to physical.
-About 650,000 life
-Monster level of 110
-Very high attack rating and defense
-Does high amounts of physical, lightning and fire damage

By just looking at these stats, you should be able to figure out a few things:
Notice DC has 95% resistances to fire, lightning and cold, making any sorceress virtually useless against him. You may have the best sorceress ever, but it will not be an effective DC killer.

The best way to kill him would be to make a character that either does lots of physical or magic damage, since those are his two lowest resists.

There is however, a third way to kill DC quickly and effectively.
This third way is the way I chose because it not only kills DC quickly, but also doesn't require expensive or elite gear. This third way, and in my opinion the best way, is using gear that adds the mod Crushing Blow.

Crushing Blow works like this:
"Crushing Blow gives a % chance of reducing a monster's remaining hit points by a certain %. It removes hit points based on the monsters current hit points, not maximum hit points.
Normal monster: 1/4 Melee, 1/8 Ranged Attack.
Other: 1/10 Melee, 1/20 Ranged Attack."

For our purposes, we need to look at the melee part of other, other includes other characters in duels and boss monsters, and DC counts as a boss monster (others are Baal, regular Diablo, Duriel, ect.). You may be thinking that 1/10 (10%) of DC's hit points isn't very much, but remember, he has about 650,000 life, and 10% of that is 65,000, and 65000 damage is probably way more than any of your current melee characters can do. Also, you must know that Crushing Blow (CB) stacks, so if you have lets say 15% CB on your armor, and 15% on your weapon, it adds to 30% CB, so 30% of the time you will take 10% of DC's life away. This is why CB is extremely powerful against monsters with an insane amount of life, such as DC. Because CB stacks, the goal is to get a total 95% CB when CB is added together from all of your gear. (note: you cannot have 100% crushing blow, it caps at 95% like everything else in the game, notice you cannot have 100% or 0% of anything, even with a level 99 character with a high attack rating, you sill only have 95% chance to hit a quill rat in normal, and also if you are level 1 with 0 defense, hell Ball will still only have a 5% chance to hit you, so because of this, anything over 95% CB still acts as 95% CB.)

There is one problem with CB, if you read the definition of it carefully, you will notice it said: "It removes hit points based on the monsters current hit points, not maximum hit points." This means that once DC gets very low on life, CB will become less and less effective. (I've noticed that once he gets to about 1/3 of his life, CB isn't much of a help anymore) This is why you will notice it that while using CB the first 2/3 of his life will go away quickly, then that last 1/3 is the hardest part. This means you will need to do a decent amount of physical damage to finish him off

Now to the part about building your character
Lots of people have different opinions on this. I can only tell you what I have experienced, and the character I have can kill DC in a little over 1 minute. There is, in my opinion, 3 kinds of characters that will kill DC the quickest. The three are a Frost Zealot with Crushing Blow, a Concentration Barbarian with Crushing Blow, and a Hammerdin. The first two concentrate on using Crushing blow, obviously, as the main way to do damage to DC. The Hammerdin does massive amounts of magic damage, so is also an effective DC killer. How should you pick which character to make? Well, it will depend on what type of character you prefer, melee for the 2 crushing blow builds, and a caster for the Hammerdin. Also, Hammerdins can be quite expensive to build a very good one, and the crushing blow builds, especially the frost zealot, can be successful with a lot cheaper gear. It really just depends on your personal preference and what gear you already have.

One other important thing to think about is the use of a prevent monster heal weapon. DC has a very annoying ability to regenerate his life, so if you cannot kill him quickly, you will he find starts to replenish his life. You can either put a weapon with PMH in your weapon switch, or put on your merc (bonehew is a very nice merc weapon for this). You would only need to hit DC once with your PMH weapon, and then as long as you don't leave the area, he won't be able to regenerate.

Build 1: Frost Zealot with Crushing Blow
This is the type of character I use for killing DC. Like I said before, I have found it very effective. This is a Paladin that's main attack is Zeal, and uses the Holy Freeze aura as its main aura. I also like using a paladin better than a barbarian because CB works with smite, which means you can use smite to get DC down to 1/3 of his life very quickly because you will always hit.

What skills to get:
20 points into Sacrifice (adds bonus to zeal)
20 points into Zeal (main attack)
20 points into Holy Freeze (used to slow down DC)
1 to Charge (to get right next to DC quickly)
All extra points into Holy Shield (increases blocking and defense)
You can choose to put a few points into salvation if you need resistances
Notice, all of these skills, with just 1 into Holy shield and all pre reqs, you can get to it by about level 67, but depending on gear requirements you should finish your character and could start DC hunting around level 80. (mine is currently level 82 due to req on my weapon which I will talk about later)

What stats to get:
Strength: enough to equip your gear, for me this was 158 on my armor, remember to factor in +strength items on your gear
Dexterity: enough to get max blocking when you have holy shield on, for me this was 124, so just wait till you get holy shield, and then keep putting points into dex until you have 75% blocking
Vitality: everything else goes here
Energy: none

Gear Setup: (ideal gear first, then other options listed afterwards)
I have found that the best weapon to use is the Stormlash, unique scourge. It has fast attack speed, and also has 33% crushing blow.

Depending on what realm, ladder or non, this weapon could be hard to get. If you cannot find or trade for one, I suggest you do the following: make the Black runeword out of a flail, scourge or knout. (it is cheap to make, requires the Thul Io and Nef runes, in that order) It has 40% crushing blow. Don't worry about the physical damage on it, since CB is an independent damage source. Once you get DC to 1/3 of his life, switch your weapon to one that has higher physical damage. Weapons that I would suggest would be Barnar's Star, Death Cleaver (ladder), Demon Limb or anything with decent damage and more importantly, fast attack speed. Remember, use your Black weapon first, then switch when DC is at 1/3 of his life and finish him off.

I use the Duress runeword; I put it in a boneweave for the high defense. The reason for this armor is that it has 15% CB, and also adds bonuses to your resistances and faster hit recovery.
This is a very nice armor, and shouldn't be too hard to get, it requires a Shael, Um and Thul runes (socketed in that order).
Once again, if you cannot get this armor, the only other armor that I would say to use is Rattlecage, the unique gothic plate. This armor is very cheap and will be easy to get, the reason to use it is because it adds 25% CB.


I use, and really like Guillaume's Face, the helm from Orphan's set. It adds a very nice 35% CB.
It also adds bonuses to hit recovery and strength. Overall, this is a great helm to use on your DC hunter, and shouldn't be to hard to get. I really cant think of any other helms with CB, so try very hard to aquire this helm.

The best boots here are Gore Riders, the unique war boots. These boots are very popular for lots of types of characters, but we are most intrested in the 15% CB. They also add nice bonuses to faster run/walk as well as some other nice bonuses.

If you cannot get these boots, the only other boots I would suggest are Goblin Toe, the unique light plated boots. These boots should be easy to get, and are nice because they add a 25% CB, but not much else. These add more CB than Gore Riders, but only 15% is needed from the boots to still reach the 95% CB, so Gore Riders are a much better choice.

The shield's basic purpose is to add to blocking, and add resistances. The best Paladin shield, in my mind, will always be the Herald of Zakarum, the unique Gilded Shield. Some may say to use Stormshield, but this shield is a lot harder to get, and I the Zakarum is a lot better shield for a Paladin anyway.

Other shields you could use are like I said before Stormshield, but this shield can be hard to get and Herald of Zakarum is better anyway. You could also use an Alma Negra, the unique sacred rondache. Basically, you want to look for bonuses to % blocking, and also bonuses to resistances.

There is two gloves you could use here. One option is Laying of hands, the gloves from the Disciple set. The main reason is that they add 350% damage to demons, and DC happens to be a demon. Using these gloves is like adding a 350% enhanced damage jewel to your weapon against other monsters. This is very important when finishing off his last bit of life when CB no longer helps. They also add 20% increased attack speed.

The other gloves you could use are Dracul's Grasp, the unique vampirebone gloves. The main reason for this is the life tap charges. This can be very helpful when facing DC.

I like to use the Thundergod's Vigor belt, the unique war belt. It adds a very nice bonus to both strength and vitality, and also has lightning absorb, which is nice because one of DC's main attacks is lightning based.

Other belt that could be used String of Ears or really any belt that would add to life, resistances or has life steal.

-Rings and Amulet:
This is the part where you need to test yourself and see which you like better. I use two rings from the Angelic Set, and the Angelic amulet. The reason for this is that they add a HUGE amount of attack rating, which is so very important because DC has very high defense. If your attack rating is ok, or you have low fire resistances or take a lot of damage when he uses his fire attack, you could go with 1 angelic ring and the amulet, and then use a dwarf star, for the fire absorb.


Charms should be used to make up for whatever you didn't get from your gear. This could be +strength, +dexterity items, or +resistances charms. +life charms are also always helpful. You can also add paladin combat skill charms to get a higher level of zeal, but I don't use them and don't see a need.

I have never needed a merc with my zealot, but I guess a good one would be the combat merc from act2 nm. It would add extra damage with might, making it easier to finish off DC once your CB doesn't work as well. Equip your merc with items that will add damage reduction, life leech and life, since the main goal of the merc is not to add damage, but to stay alive so you can use its aura. Tal's helm and crown of thieves are good helms, and a shaftstop is good armor to use. You could socket everything with a perfect ruby to add more life to your merc. Also, be nice to your merc, if he is almost dead, just use a potion on him, you want his aura so keep him alive.

If you use the setup of Duress, Stormlash, Guillaume's Face, and Gore Riders, this will add up to 98% CB, which is perfect. If you cant get one of these items, try using one of the others I suggested in place for it, but try to get to 95% or more CB.

Build 2: Concentration Barbarian with Crushing Blow
This character is similar to the frost zealot, in that its main way of doing damage to DC is with crushing blow. If you can't decide on whether to make this or the zealot, just pick if you like barbarians or paladins better, and if you like using shields or not, since this build wont use a shield.

What skills to get:
20 to Maul Mastery (adds damage)
20 to Concentration (main skill)
20 to Bash(will add bonus to concentration)
20 to Battle Orders (will add life, and also adds a bonus to conc)
1 to both Iron Skin, Natural Resistance and Increased Speed
Note: That is 88 points if you add 20 to all of those and the pre reqs. You can have 88 points by level 76 if you get all of the quests that add to skills. You will however need to get to level 85 to use Cranium Basher, so put all extra points into Natural Resistance if you need resistances, or you can put them in iron skin or shout if you want more defense.

What stats to get:
Strength: enough to equip your gear, this will probally be the cranium basher, which is 253, remember to factor in +strength items on your gear
Dexterity: enough to equip your items, since you have no shield, you cant get max blocking, so not much dex is needed
Vitality: everything else goes here
Energy: none

Gear Setup: (ideal gear first, then other options listed afterwards)
There is one main weapon that this build uses. It is the Cranium Basher, the unique thunder maul. The reason for using this weapon is simple; it has 75% CB on it. That means you only need 20 more CB to get to the 95% CB max. So if you added 1 more item that added 15, you would be at 90% CB which is fine, and then you can use any other gear that you want.

Note: Just about every barb puts 2 echoing weapons in their weapon switch. I highly recommend this because you can get +6 to warcries when you switch, and you can cast your battle orders, giving you more life.

Armor choice depends on your boots and gloves choice. You can either pick Gore Riders for your boots to get the extra 15% CB, and then use whatever armor you want, or use the Duress runeword for your armor, then use whatever boots and gloves you want. Also, you could use Steelrend, which gives 10% CB. There is a lot of options here, so pick what you feel you like best, or use which every equipment is easier for you to get.

If you choose to use Gore Riders for boots or Steelrend for gloves, the best armor choice would be the Chains of Honor runeword. Put it in an armor with high defense, since the strength requirement should matter since you should end up with high strength anyway.

Other good armors I would suggest are an Arkaine's Valor, or a Steel Carapace. If you cant get either one of these armors, you could always settle for a Shaftstop, which I know is really cheap to get on at least on useast.


Arreat's Face would be the best helm to use for this build. It offers very nice stats for any barb and is a very good helm. You could also use a Vampire Gaze if you wanted, but an Arreats would be a better fit here.


Best choice is to use Gore Riders to pick up the extra 15% CB. If you choose to use Duress as armor, then no more CB is really needed, so some other boots you could use are Sandstorm Trek or Waterwalks, or the boots from the IK set.

Once again, using Gore Riders is really the best choice here, because you need an extra 15% CB, and a combo of Gore Riders + Chains of Honor is a lot better than Duress + any other boots you would use.

No shield will be needed, because you will be using the Cranium Basher.


There are 2 gloves you can go with here. Dracul's Grasp, the unique vampirebone gloves and Laying of Hands, from the Disciple set. The reason for using Draculs here is that they have life tap, and if you get it to cast you wont really need to use potions and it will be very helpful. It also has life leech which is always nice, and high defense. Laying of hands has the very important 350% damage to demons, and DC happens to be a demon, and also has 20% increased attack speed. Whichever one you choose to pick is fine, I guess it just depends on personal preference.

If you want, you can use Steelrend, the unique orge gauntlets. They offer 10% crushing blow, which if used with just Cranium Basher you would have 85% CB, and that should be sufficient enough.

Other option is to use the gloves form the IK set, this works even better if you chose to use the IK boots or belt, but even if used by themselves the IK gloves would be ok.


For the same reason listed in the Frost Zealot section, the best belt to use is Thundergod's Vigor. This belt offers very nice bonuses to both vitality and strength, and also adds lightning absorb.

You could also use a Verdungo's Hearty Cord, the unique mithril coil. It offers faster hit recover, damage reduction, good defense and a bonus to vitality. This belt is harder to get than a Tgods, and in my opinion isn't as good, so I would suggest using tgods over this.

Other cheaper options are a String of Ears, unique demonhide sash, and also you could use the belt from the IK set, this once again works well if you chose to use the IK gloves or boots.

-Rings and Amulet:
There are many ways to go here. Using concentration should allow you to hit DC somewhat easily, so angelic rings and ammy are not really needed here. You could use a rising sun amulet for the fire resistance and absorb. You could also use 2 dwarf stars for again the fire absorb. Other good amulets to use are a Mara's Kalediscope, if you need more resistances, which you probably will, or a Highlords Wrath. In my opinion, the best setup here would to use 2 Dwarf Star rings and a Maras for the amulet, because I've found that using two dwarf stars and rising sun is overkill on the fire absorb.

Charms will be used to fill in what you need more of. With this build you will probably want resistance charms since you won't be using a shield, your resistances will probably be lacking. +Life charms are also very helpful here, as are faster hit recovery charms. What charms you use will depend on what you have and how much you want to put onto this character.


This build can really benefit from a merc. The best merc to get would be the act2 defensive merc in hell difficulty. It adds the Holy Freeze aura, which is very helpful for making DC a lot slower. Equip your merc with items that will add damage reduction, life leech and life, since the main goal of the merc is not to add damage, but to stay alive so you can use its aura. Tal's helm and crown of thieves are good helms, and a shaftstop is good armor to use. You could socket everything with a perfect ruby to add more life to your merc. Also, be nice to your merc, if he is almost dead, just use a potion on him, you want his aura so keep him alive.

Build 3: Hammerdin
This is a very popular build; so many other guides have been written. I am far from an expert in making a Hammerdin, so I will just point you to a guide that I found helpful when making mine:


Part 3:
How to find Diablo Clone
**My part i made of the guide* If you wish to find D-Clone Just gather up 40 soj's and sell them to merchants, make sure its in the same ip then go and kill...**

This part of the guide is probably the most confusing part, because most people have no idea how to find where DC spawns or how to find him. I can tell you that there is a reason he spawns, it is not random, and also it will take patience.

First off, you must understand that when you create a game, it is made on a random IP address that is hosted by the Battle net servers. These IPs start at .30 and go to .180. DC walks on a specific server, and all games that are created on that server, so if DC walks on server .55 and you are in a game that is on server .55, you will get the message "Diablo Walks this Earth" and the ground will shake. When does DC walk on a sever? Well, it has to do with selling SOJs (stone of Jordan rings to merchants). DC will walk on a server any time between when 75-150 SOJS are sold on the same server; it is random and always different.

Note: IPs on the Europe realm is different from uswest and useast. They range from to 100 and 211 to 241.

Now, you all may be wonder well how do I know what IP server he will walk on, and how do I get onto that one.

The first question is easy. There is an organized DC Hunting chat channel on the mIRC network. For those unfamiliar with mIRC, you may download it at http://www.mirc.com/ (it is for free, and they will say you get a trial, but once the trial is over, you can keep clicking continue and connect.) Then, set the server you connect to, to the following: irc.dclone.org and then once you connect, join the following server depending on what realm you are on (being on ladder or non, hardcore or softcore doesn't make a difference):
#useast-dclone for useast realm
#uswest-dclone for uswest realm
#europe-dclone for Europe realm


Once you have joined the channel, people will probably be chatting about whatever, but notice the topic of the channel. It will look something like this:

""""" ( Renegade: 8 pm est ) ( HOT:None ) ( Active:None ) ( SLOW:65) ( WALKED: 39, 53) """"" (type !hot to review topic. Other sugested channels: #trade #Chat) Please type !help to view all of the instant info

You can type !hot at any time to see the topic of the channel

There is 5 parts to the topic that you will notice.

First, it says "Renegade 8pm est." This is refering to what is called a Renegade run, or commonly known as rene. It is an organized DC Hunt where you must pay 7 softcore, nonladder SOJs to get in. Once they have everyone together that wants to join the rene, they tell you an IP they are going to pop (pop is a term that refers to when DC walks a server, such as ".51 just popped!"). Once all donors have a game on that IP, they then sell all their SOJs at once and the server is popped. The public, people not part of the rene, will be given a 15 minutes notice and the IP will be posted. They then have 15 minutes to find a server on that IP, if they don't then they are outta luck. Usually 15 minutes is not nearly enough time to get into a server, so just hope you get really lucky.

The other 4 parts are Hot, Active, Slow and Walked. Walked means the server as just popped, and it's done. Slow means the server has had some SOJS sold on it, but nobody is selling now. Active means SOJS are currently being sold on it, and should pop soon. Hot means lots of selling of SOJS on it, and it will pop any minute. If you get in a active game, you will see a count come up that says "xxx Stones of Jordan have been sold to merchants" where xxx is the current count. On average, anywhere from 2-6 servers could be popped. The only trouble is that sometimes you cant get onto the right server in time.

Now onto how to get onto a server where DC will walk.
When searching for a game, its a lot easier to have your Diablo running in Window Mode. To do this, find the shortcut to Diablo, right click on it and go to properties. Look at the target, and you will see it says something like (depending on where Diablo is on your comp) C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe. TO make it run in window mode, put the current target in quotes, and add a -W to the end of it, outside the quotes. When edited, the previously mentioned target should now look like this: "C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -W. This will cause Diablo to run in a small window, and can be easily minimized so you can easily search for the correct IP.

Then, follow these steps:
1) Create a game (always remember to password it so nobody steals your Anni)
2) Go to the start menu, click on run, and type in "cmd" and then press run
3) A black command box window should come up
4) Type in the following: netstat - n
5) You will get a list of a whole bunch of numbers; each one is a different IP address.
6) Look for the one that ends in .4000, that's the Diablo one. It will look something like xx.xxx.xxx.xx.400 (the x's are random numbers)
7) Look for the IP, it will be the 2 (or 3) numbers directly to the left of the .4000, so if you get something that looks like xx.xxx.xxx.86.4000, where the x's are all different numbers, this means you are on server .86
8) Keep creating games and typing in netstat -n until you find a game that is on the IP you want.
9) If you make more than 3 games a minute, you will get a temporary IP ban, and you wont be able to connect to Battle net for 10 minutes.

Notice: There is no way to force yourself onto an IP address. You must keep creating games until you find the right one. This is where patience comes on, remember, servers range from .30 to .180, that's 150 different servers, so essentially each time you create a game you have a 1 in 150 chance of it being the right one. Its completely random and takes patience. Sometimes you get lucky and get on the right IP in 3 tries, sometimes it has taken me 200+ games. Also, DC only spawns in Hell games created on the IP; he will not walk on a server that is a normal or nightmare game.

You mat notice that if you are in a game for a while and have not moved or done anything, Battle net will kick you out. The trick I like to use is the act5 stairs trick. Go to act5, and go up the first flight of stairs to the left of your stash. Don't go all the way up to where Malah is, stop on the landing after the first flight. Go stand in a line above the torch that is next to your stash. Then click on your stash, if you did it right, your character will get "stuck" and will move back and forth by himself, making the game think you are constantly moving. To get out of it you can just click behind.

Note: DC will only spawn in a game created in hell difficulty. Even if you have a normal or nightmare game created on the right IP, DC will not spawn.

Part 4: How to kill Diablo Clone
This, believe it or not, is the easy part. If you made a good character, and got on the right IP, and finally get rewarded when you see the message "Diablo Walks this Earth," you have done the hard part. To find DC, you must know that he spawns as the first new Super Unique Monster you come across. You can find a list of all the super unique monsters here: http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/monsters/super.shtml but I like to use Act1 because the surrounding monsters will be weak and won't get in the way. My favorite places are to spawn him in the dark wood, as Treehead Woodfist because he is by the big tree in dark wood which is easy to find on the map, and it gives you a big open space to fight DC.

If you made a frost zealot, you just want to find him, use charge to get right up next to him, and then use zeal to keep hitting him. Make sure your belt is filled with health potions, you will need them. If you use Black, keep attacking until he is at about 1/3 his life, then switch to your 2nd weapon and finish him off. If you use Stomlash, just keep attacking until he is dead. Once you have killed him, he will drop a unique small charm, the Annihilius Charm.

If you made a concentration barb, use the same strategy as the zealot. Get right up next to DC and keep attacking but make sure your merc stays alive because you want his holy freeze aura.

If you are using a hammerdin, try to keep your distance, but also get close enough so your hammers always hit. You will want to get in a position where you are blow DC and slightly to the right. This way, the hammers have the best chance to hit DC.

BTW:There are bots that you can use for hunting diablo clone it creates checks ip and stays on the right one...

hope this helps someone...

Didnt see a smiter guide so heres my build this is not as good as the other guide with the merc and explains why too use the gear and all that but thats takes alot of time.....


Up'd HoZ
Raven Frost
+4 Asterons


Holy Shield

Left over skills i put in charge

(hope you guys like -brandon)


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I've tried a fire sorc 21k fb and 42k meteor with 2x dwarfs, rising sun amulet
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