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Jun 15, 2004
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OG From '02
Name: Alecks
Race: Dragon-Slayer
Class: Paladin
Age: 21 (yay he can drink :))

Alecks was born in the city of Rohania. This land was king of the dragons until the Dragon-Slayers came. He is 6 foot 1 inches. Has long black hair and red eyes. He is well built with a tattoo of a Dragon on his back. Black cape with a yellow shirt that's coverd with a black vest. He wears leather pants that have a sag to them and brown boots. He carries a heavy crossbow and 2 short swords. He also has a sling thatis kind of a last resort hilted on his belt. He has a quiver or 300 or so bolts on his back right next to his crossbow. He has 5:00 shadow facial hair and his bangs are moderately long. If you saw him you would run away basically.

Background: He was born in Rohania and isn't pure Dragon-Slayer. He was actually an orphan and the Dragon-Slayer's, unlike many of there customs, kind of picked him up and raised him. He doesn't know he isn't pure but he acts like one and in fact more of a Dragon-Slayer than most others. He is one of the most well-known and repsected of Rohania. He is part of the DSSTS or Dragon-Slayer Special Team Squad. He is the leader of DSSTS. He is also a mercenary but goes under the alias as Fronter.

Skills: All the normal skills a Paladin or a Dragon-Slayer has :).


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Nov 30, 2002
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In my field of paper flowers..
Name: Kender. [That’s what she’ll say when you ask her.]

Age: 15 [Looks that way]

Class: Thief

Species: Human [Looks that way I say ~.~]

Gender: Female



Mate: Terran…an insane half demon half elf…but let’s not get into that. >.>

Personality: Well, she's mostly sweet, and kinda sensitive and even though she is a thief, she is very careful about who she steals from. [Like, more from rich stuck up people than from poorer peasants...I mean, poor people don't have that much money for taking anyway :D] She acts very innocent, but there is something a bit darker beneath that facade. She's nice for the most part, but quick to retaliate with snarky comments if you insult her. She's perky and quite the optimist. She loves fighting because she thinks it's fun. She also adores children and animals, because they're cute. She can be sly is she feels like it. Sometimes, her perki-ness can get on people's nerves...but she means well, really. She's adventurous and fun loving, and a bit of a tomboy.

Appearance: We’ll, she’s really, really tiny. Only 4â€9’…heh. Kinda frail looking, and a bit skinny, too. Though she's surprisingly quick on her feet...kinda reminds you of a slinky. XD Her is plain brown. It's cut very unevenly, with two longer strands that hang in the front and the rest of it much shorter. It's too smooth. Her eyes are a brilliant hazel with little green specks here and there. She's kinda cute...like, little kid cute. Especially that little button nose... ~_~ She looks kind of innocent, but who knows.

She wears a leather tunic with some sort of a high collar. It's black, except for the said collar which is dark red and has a golden pin. She wears short leggins made out of dark brown canvas fabric. Her boots are red-brown leather, and they're very soft so she doesn't make much noise while sneaking around. She has a big belt, with what appears to be a amber jewel at the front. The belt holds a shawl in place - she can wrap it around herself of she's cold, used it as a towel, rope, blah blah. The belt is also where she keeps all her money and tools.



-Speed Burst [(She can run faster ^_________^]
-Shadow Cloak [She can manipulate shadows to form a barier around her. This either helps protect her from harm, or lessen her visibility. She can't become completely invisible though.]
-Traps [She can set up little booby traps, they either shock the victim, burn him, freeze him or something similairly annoying =^_^=]
-Enchant [Hoo-hah! A skill every thief should know in her opinion - the ability to echant a weapon with three elements: fire, lightning, ice.]
-Disarm trap
-Lockpick [Yepperz.]
-Healing [She can heal anyone but herself - and it is exhausting...but she could heal most injuries completely if they're not too serious. She doesn't tell where she got this from.]

--Object Oriented--

-A set of claws [Think D2 assassin type]
-Some daggers here and there. [You know. A lady never tells. ~.~]
-Toolkit [For picking locks and disarming traps]
-Light chainmail armor [Doesn't usually wear it.]
-A canvas bag.

*Non magical*

-She's naturally protective of children and little, fragile things.
-She has a gryffin companion named Leo. He's a snow-leopard gryphon.

Genealogy: Unknown 'cos she never tells.

History: I asked her who her parents were, and she said she never had any.

I also asked her where she was born, and she said she was born in paradise. She claims she's 15, but I kinda doubt it. I mean, I think she knows too much for a 15 year old.

*shrug* Maybe someday someone will get close to her and she'll tell 'em. Well, Terran knows, and that's it I guess...though Eloanneo is catching on...yep she know Elo! Hehe. ^______^

Knick-knacks: Um, Kender was my thrid character I think. She was always the sweet and innocent one but not really, if you know what I mean. ~.~ I recently pinned her personality down, again, because she likes being elusive. *thwaps her* Bah, so anyhow, if you haven't caught on yet, she's not human. I gave enough hints. Figure out who she is and get a cookieh. ^____^ Mwahaha.

BTW - She's not A KENDER, it's just her nickname 'cos she is very short. That's all.


I will possibly add more stuff in the future.


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Jun 15, 2003
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Russellville, AR
Name: Katherynne
Gender: Female (duh)
Race: Naga
Age: 683 (looks about 26)
Class: Assassin/Warrior

Appearance: Think BIG snake...and where the head would start, instead a voluptuous human torso with snake scales begins. She has yellow serpent eyes, dark black lips, long black hair, and an olive-greenish skin tone. For more info and a picture, see the Rate A Pic thread "A free for all sharing of hand-drawn pics." I have a drawing of her in there.

About Her: She's a very slinky seductress who likes to kill her targets in the umm...throes of passion....Yup. Mid-"it" she whips out her custom scimitar and slices them up. She's a fairly jovial character, but she tends to be a little, well, seductive. She toys with male characters a lot.

Weapons/Spells: She uses no weapons save her scimitar and she uses it WELL! As for spells, she has an inclination towards the cold (which is odd because she's half-serpent), but the main of her magic is shifting from full human to half-breed to full serpent. It takes virtually no energy to do these changes, too. It isn't confirmed but it is suspected that she can also manipulate the cold, but she does it rarely if ever.

((Note to female people such as Kitty: I wouldn't mind if someone else used Katherynne, if I was PMed first asking permission. She's a FUN character to play, but to use her to her best it takes a female perspective guiding her.))


Feb 8, 2005
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[glow=silver]Name:[/glow] Valen Ristel
[glow=silver]Race:[/glow] Human
[glow=silver]Class:[/glow] Thief
[glow=silver]Abilities:[/glow] Backstab ability: Grants the thief the ability to sneak behind a monster with low intelect and backstab for an instant kill. When fighting with a large group of monsters, backstab will only be useful once in the battle due to the fact that the other monsters become aware of the thief in combat.
Hide: Grants the thief the ability to hide somewhere in the room/terrain and causes the monster to lose track of him. This enables the thief to perform another backstab when the monster is less un-aware of the thiefs presence.

[glow=silver]Appearance:[/glow] Black hair, Caucasian, scar across his lower back.
[glow=silver]Bio:[/glow] Valen was a thief right off the bat. When he was old enough to walk, he was stealing things: food, toys, sometimes gold pieces. He has learned a lot due to the fact that his parents didn't pay much attention to him when he was growing up. They dismissed him when he called for them. Through this, he has learned to take care of him self through his skills. Valen takes what he needs and then some. Many kings request for his imprisonment for the many valuable things he has stolen from them. Very agile, and acrobatic. His speed is unmatched by most. He's a great thief on any standards.


Feb 11, 2005
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NaMe-JaRsHaDiO KlAnK
AgE-248 (20 in human yearz)
RaCe-HuGoN- DrAgOn/HuMaN strength of dragon quickness of swordzman
SkiLlZ-FlYiNg Blade of dragon breath Jarshadio Chargez up an enchants his sword (gichro) with dragon flame (undestinguishable)[doesnt go out] and flingz it at his unsupecting opponent. energy blast-he slashes with sword n a big blast comes from the tip of it.
( the rest will be posted at a later date)
about jarshadio- He Carrys his indestructable sword gichro (which was forged by the flames of dragons) every where. his is Super strong and has excellent flight abilities, he is also quick on his feet ,being train by the ultimate swordz man(JanGo BoNg). jarshadio has far surpased his master becoming the unltimate swords person and Hides out in his mountain cabin along with a girl named (emily). He comes out whenever he is needed.
he has lost much of his dragon abilites over the years but is able to use his sword to do anything an ordianary dragon or anti human can.


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Jan 19, 2004
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Name: Shivan Shouo
Race: Nightelf
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class/Job: Stealth, thief, assasin

Appearance: He has a very light tan skin tone and is about 5'10" in height, weighing in at about 160lbs. He wears a long white robe that drags behind him as he walks. He has long silver hair, with brown eyes.

Weapons: Handy with dual swords, blades, and dagger, intermediate in bows, but he is learning his way up =)

Skills: [blur]Shadow meld:[/blur] Hides in the background, turns invisible, but cannot move.
[blur]Stealth: [/blur] Suddenly speeds up, without any sound, he stealthes his way to the enemy
[blur]Steal: [/blur] Can steal possessions of others, only usable during stealth mode.
[blur]Fatal Strike: [/blur] Deadly blow Shivan uses on his enemies.
[blur]Backstab: [/blur] Creeps up to the enemy's back and uses fatal strike, only usable during stealth mode.
[blur]Poised shot: [/blur] Shoots poisoned arrow

Personality: Very independant, but when teamwork is required, he will cooperate, not much to say here.

History: Unknown.


Sep 1, 2004
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inside my psyche
Name : Kerushi Rodorigo (translated means: Victory Ship, Famous Power)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Pirate

Two Scimitars strapped to his back in crossing patterns (like an X).
Three Kunai daggers, on his belt.
Four Musket pistols and 1 musket rifle w/ bayonette.
A katana and a Wakizashi(smaller katana) on one side each.

About 5'11" with medium streaked silver hair. He wears very showy clothes that includes a brown/red tunic and large, baggy pants. He wears a red head-band, with one length going to his shoulders and one a little below on his left side. He wears 2 earrings on each ear. Tall black boots and a belt for the guns on his hips and the bullets across his chest.

Pirate's fear: Puts fear in his enemies hearts with a great warcry
Dead shot: He can shoot exactly where he wants in any given situation
Acrobatics: Can jump and run with ease
Luck: Gets incredibly lucky in anything he does

History: A japanese originated pirate, he has sailed over many of the oceans. He is a pirate who follows the pirate code honorably, and does not stray from it. He attacks merchant ships, but leaves the survivors live. His main enemies are other main pirates, and governments. The governments that dispise him the most are the British, the Chinese, and the French. While no other family is know of, rumors have it that his father still survives in Japan. His crew is about 175 trained seamen and warriors, all from different parts of the globe. Among the group are Arabs, Vikings, Danemen, Japanese, English, Koreans, an a small amount of Celts and French

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Oct 14, 2004
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London, Ontario.

[glow=palegreen]Name: Christopher

Age: 154

Class: Mage/Tech

Species: Giant Snail

Gender: Male

Likes: Making things, reading and perfecting his skills.

Dislikes: Fast moving, people smarter than him, people trying to prove him wrong, especially when he knows he's right. people touching his stuff or shell and people calling him Chris.

Personality: He's a bit stuck up but very intelligent. He hates when people know something he does not and when people try to prove him wrong, especially when he knows he's right. Not too patient for others. He's not evil, just a bit proud.

Appearance: Basically a giant snail. About a m and 20 cm long and 2 feet wide. His shell is about a 1 m circle. His eyeballs can pull in like on a normal snail and he can go in his shell. He's blue with dark brown spots and his bottom (not butt) is all light green. His slime is green and glows a bit. You can usually see him on his wheel's (kind of like a skateboard) powered by magic and machinery. He also has no hands.


--Magical-- Christopher controls the power of lighting and he also has the power of telekenesis because he has no arms. He can charge a drained battery, etc.

--Natural-- Very sharp senses and very quick reflexes.

--Object Oriented-- Has some objects, a staff which helps him with his lighting spells. Also can enchant things with lighting

--Non magical-- Can mix potions and make machines/firearms.

Genealogy: His snail people can live in lakes, seas, swamps, mountains, whereever. Christopher is from a mountain which is surrounded by a lake.

History: Not much to say, comes from a long line of Techs but was very interested in magic so he studied both for years. He got bored of living with just one race and decided he wanted to explore.

Knick-knacks: Christopher has a cat called Leon and can also talk to it for he also meows. Yes, meows and talks. Christopher carries around white gloves and a magician's hat (like any sorcerer in a little kid's show) and white gloves (more than one pair). When he uses his telekenesis he uses these white gloves to make it look..... cool. He has a British accent.By the way, he has a library in his enchanted shell, and a lab.

Inspiration: LOTR, Gandalf. SpongeBob, Gary.
Oct 12, 2003
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with the death of rats
Demonic Arua _ allows him to be only be detected by demonslayers or those who have tasted blood of oni's
Goblin Plating-A standard goblin armor

Sword of the elements - when this blade strikes an enemy it produces mana needed for his magic skills
Bola of demons - this will seek out any demon other than him

Alchemy-You should know this he has a strange obbsession with alchemy
Flaring pain - will hurt very badly

Renitheran was exploring a cave in his native land when he stubled accross a group of ogres worshipping thier oni. A strange spell was cast and Renitheran was knocked out. When Renitheran was awake he found out that he was part demon.
He lived in recluse because his tribe wouldnt except him. He found out that his tribe was destroyed by Ogres. In an act of rage and dismay Renitheran went on a killing spree and killed the group of ogres and thier demon. Since then he has scoured planes for ways to better fight his enemies.

Food - c'mon who doesnt like food
Alchemy - he is obsesed

Thats it
Oct 12, 2003
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with the death of rats
srry for double posting


History: Mishra is the brother of urza one of the greatest artifacers to live on dominaria mishra supposedly died in a war between his brother and him. What really happened was he was healed and escaped to another plane called Earth he returned to dominaria after an apocalyptic struggle to stop an invasion of phyrexians

Urza's armor: an ancient and special armor it is made of darksteel its indestructible but it doesnt protect his soul


Staff splitter: a staff with a pointed end it is made from darksteel and part of urza's staff. Carried in one hand

Soul splitter: a weapon of his own invention it is designed to avoid armor and stab the soul of the enemy


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Apr 10, 2005
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Basildon, Essex

Im all up for roleplays :D...but it seems like there are a ton of munchkins :S
Half of these characters seem waaay to overpowered :S


Name : Reverie "Deathdealer" ( ive used this name since 1998 before start saying i nicked it off underworld) Trueheart
Race: Half Elve
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin/Spellsword

Weapons:Self Forged Blade named Trueheart, a slimline handle with an angel carved into the hilt with its wings spread outright, the blade extending upward. The blade weaves in before forming the normal sword shape, a deep turquoise in colour the blade shimmers in any kind of light allowing the inscription upon it to glimmer.

A large kite forged of an extremely light but durable scale of one of the mythical Grand Dragons of Kaelea. It it also a deep glimmering blue but has another angel withits wings spread upon it composed entirely of silver. Its upper edges curl inwards slightly and the right most edge has some dragon teeth forged into it.

A small quiver of enchanted throwing axes, each one said to summon forth the spirit of the wind itself carrying them through the air and onto their intended target. Each axe is weighted and made of the same material as his shield, their edges sharpened.

Appearance:A fairly well built man standing 6 feet tall and fairly muscled. He has long black hair held in place by a silver bandanna worn beneath a crown with a plume of unicorn hair running down the back. His eyes are a deep blue, the colour of the water at the pools of everflow. he has no distingushing features apart from his elven ears which escape the helm at the bottom slightly. His upper torso he wears a blue and white tunic, as all members of his order do when notin battle. It is a simple design with the torso being separted into 4 squares and each square is either blue or white, alternating in colour. His lower body he wears a simple pair of quilted leather trousers also blue in colour, his feet are adorned with a pair of self tanned serpentskin boots, a light brown in colour with leather strings tightening them. Upon all of this he wears a lightweight but sturdy suit of mail and plated armour, allowing good protection along with moveability. His plates are engravedwith the emblem of his order, the angel with its wings spread with an eagle upon her arm. He wears two shoulder pauldrons that attach to the chainmail worn beneath the plates and leads down into his chain guantlets. These are simple in their design. His lower armour consists of plated greaves with chainmail flowing down the legs into the boots.

Healer: Use divine energy to himself or an ally.
Faith: Protect himself and allies from physical damage for a short time.
Sanctuary: Repel undead forces from himself for a period of time.
Call of the Holy: Summon fourth a wave of holy energy tearing through evil forces in range.
Elemental Blade: Entrust an element of the four basic into his weapon.
Smite: Smash enemy with shield dealing damage and stunning them.

History: Born in the fortress city of Everflow of a human Priest and an Elven battlemage, Reverie was an average child. He studied with his father at the monasteryfor much of his childhood and was then enlisted into the everflow guard at the required age. He trained with the sword until he had mastered its use, and quickly rose through the ranks until he was eventuallyordered to serve the King and Queen themselves. As the years went by he became well known among the people of everflow. As he grew older he learned what he could from his mother, and still learning the teachingsof the priests. One beautiful day he learned of the Order..A group of warrior priests who studied under the divine light and mastered its powers. After much research he took all he owned and made the pilgrimage to the Temple at Ionaes, where he learned about the Paladin and their ways. After many years of training and afterswearing an oath to protect all that was good he set out on his Journey. During his travels he met many creatures and people, some whom shaped his life in unimaginable ways. As he meditated atop the summit of the mountain Gradela, a wounded Grand Dragon, a creature long thought of as a myth landed beside him, its wounds severe Reverie interveined and healed the creature forming a bond with it. The dragon old and wise taught the young paladin much and gave him one his shed scales, forging it into the shield he now carries. Reverie now lives in Everflow, teaching the new generations and serving as a liason between Everflow and the Paladin Order.


Jan 23, 2003
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Name: Kriss Copper
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: ex knight, wanderer
Age: 26
Weapons: Dual small crossbows concealed underneath heavy cloak, short single edged blade concealded under his cloak.
Armor: leather armor and heavy cloak

Appearance: Hair = brown, Eyes = dark brown, stubble facial hair, several small scars found on face, 5'11, 160 lbs, body covered with leather, large cloak covers the body. His crossbows are hidden in his cloak latches, a large belt wraps around his waste, which holds several bolts, and a small glass container with snake poison. A sword dangles from his hilt, long single edged falchion.


Kriss was born to a former knight turned farmer and a simple barmaid. After a few years, the farmer helped defeat a giant menacing the local village, achieving fame to the family and was offered a castle. Kriss enlisted in the knight hood, pledging his birthright to serve the knight hood...that was when he was 18...5 years later

a year into his service, war broke out between the knighthood and several warlords that banded together in order to conquer the land. After the war, Kriss was exposed to the corruption and cause of the war. It turns out the knighthood had provoked the attack that killed thousands of innocent lives. He descided to leave the knighthood for good.

Seeing the corruption found in the knightly order, Kriss turned over his birthright vowing to never return to the knighthood. Kriss traveled to the east, receiveing special single blade training from a mysterious order of desert knights. This swordsman style allows for swift well placed strikes against an opponent, as well as training in hand crossbows, these crossbows possess the power to pierce most armors, but not all. A snake poison is applied to each tip before being fired(he does contain antidotes, u knever know! ;)) to ensure a kill no matter where the strike.

during the years between this and his return to the west, Kriss banded with a band of thieves bent on aiding nearby villages by raiding the local warlord's bases and camps. During this time, Kriss learned the way of a thief and became rather clever. The warlord caught the band of thieves off guard, slaying a majority of its members. The remaining few(including Kriss) struck back and dethroned the warlord, returning control of the villages to themselves, the band carried Kriss back to one of the villages, he was injured from several blows. During his recovery, he heard of a rebellion in the west, he made plans...

Returning to the west, Ren discovered the knights, just like evil, had turned upon itself and split up into warlord states all over the country. Evil knights sack poor peasant villages and murder for fun. Kriss vowed to balance the evil with good.
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