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Name:Rement Varson
Race:Dark Elf
Class:Rouge, wants to be a shadow dancer
Appeerance:He is about 5'8 and has vvisible muscles without flexing. about 2' inch high blonde hair that sticks up, shining light blue eyes, with a silver silk vest and black thin ctton long-sleeve shirt that tightly wraps around his body. He wears gridded metal anti-arrow shielding grid over tight black pants.

Weapon: Banshee darts: darts that have airholes so they can create a specific sound after pumped and launched (from silent to making your opponent think things are closer than they really are) some tones trigger things with your opponent's brain.

Ugashi no Juto Blade: A blade crafted for use in the spell Ugashi no Juto, does more damage when less pressure is applied

Story: Growing up in a normal Dark Elf town, he was raised as a rouge. He studied all the next level classes and decided he will become a shadow dance. He realized that he had to bring 10 people that willingly will go to his village to become a shadow dancer. He soon set out to find those 10 people........


Unami No Jujitso: He can switch places with his opponent to gain the terrain advantage.

Kakashimu Hat: Freezes battle, stopping everything including himself, most common spell used

Ugashi no Juto: Can replace himself with another object/thing.


[glow=yellow]Name:Yuri Gorbov

Type (Pure or Clone):pure



Specialty (explained below):sniper



Equipment (Must match specialty):prizrak2564 stealth suit, two Makarov 8920 silent pistols, one Dragonov 93402 sniper rifle, Sova 5674 night/thermal/ultra vision glasses, a standart issue battle knife.

History:Was the best of the best in the 4th sniper batalion of Russian Armed Forces. For his accomplishments was recommended for the Nagalisk program, and was one amongst the few to survive it.[/glow]


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Nagalisk calling char.----

Name: Rick "Zapper" Schwartz

Type: Pure

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Specialty: Striker (Hit and Run)

Height: 6' 2"


Equipment: 2 uzis, a scilenced pistol (modified to hold poisoned darts and stun bullets), 2 flash nades, 2 stun nades, food rations, and the self-destruct kit.

History: Ron has always been quick for his age. Picked up at age 7 for the DREAM MAKER program, he was recognized for his skills and trained as a striker
Name: Torois'i
Race: Half-Elven
Age: 372
Class: Battlemage
Gender: Male
Appearence: Short white hair and blue eyes, has a long dark-brown coat
Equipment: Oak Longbow, almost unlimited supply of arrows, an oak staff with ingraved runes for protection and stronger magic, plus a bag that lets him carry unlimited stuff.
-Teleport (up to 100 feet away)
-Wall of Flames (creates a wall of flames in a circle around him)
-Elven Shield (uses the forest's power to grow an invincible wall directly in front of him lasts for 30 min.)
-Elemental Bomb (earth, wind, fire, and water combine and unleash up to 50 ft. away
Bio: A lone elf who only travels alone. Was exiled from his home and seeks revenge on the demon who framed him


[glow=red]Name: Vladimir "Kuzmich" Grishin
Race: Human, eastern european
Rank: An enforcer
Appearence: Balck hair, thick eyebrow, strong body.
Equipment: varies
History: was running from Russian police and used his contacts with Russian mafia to get an enforcer job for one of Russian mafia families in US.[/glow]


Here is my character.

Name: Sahaidachny
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Weight: 135lbs
Height: 5 7
Class: Cossack
Appearance: Shaved head except a little bit of hair(color black) on top about 1inch by 1 inch in diameter and about a foot long, being over his right ear. Long mustache (black).Wears cloth white shirt baggy red cotton pants and big leather boots and a big cross made of oak that he wears around his neck(very long red cotton belt holds up pants maybe 12 feet long wrapped around his waist).
Equipment: A beautiful saber which has been passed down for generations and is incredibly battle worthy(all of the items he carries with him clothes everything has been blessd by a monk from his village so even the greatest demons he can kill), musket, rifle, bulova and a spear that his horse carries. And is always with his trusty steed Victor. Victor is an Arabian stallion he is the fastest horse the world has ever seen.(if he is needed to travel great distances he will go their in a flash)


Swordsmanship: He is incredible with any form of sword as long as it isn't too heavy.(he prefers sabers though and he can slash someone about 8 times every second)
Rider: His clan has been riding horses for over 500 years he can do any thing on a horse ride upside down, hit an egg from 300 yards using his musket and 500 yards with his rifle.
Berserk: When he is extremely injured or gets really mad at something, he will charge recklessly like a wild animal without caring for anything, and he wont stop until all of his enemies are destroyed and if that isn't enough to kill them then he turns into a giant bear.(see below)
Speed: He is incredibly fast at anything he does.
Bear: Its like berserk but it's the next level. If this happens he turns into a giant Kodiak bear.
Weight: 2100lbs
Height: 13feet
Weapon: 7inch blunt claws.


He was born in a town called Zaporizhye. This town was located right in-between the Tartars, Russians and Poles, so his people were always fighting for their freedom. That is why his people had to be good warriors. The definition of Cossack is free man in Turkish. Well his people are great horsemen and sailors who can defeat their enemies even if they are greatly outnumbered. And because of these raids against the tartars and Turks he has become an extroidnary fighter. Cossacks believe that their is no need for armor and that all it does is show weakness so they don't wear any armor or shields. And that every man deserves to be free. All Cossacks are is just pirates. They never attack head on unless they now they can win, if they are outnumbered they will devise a plan topowerful ships not because of their fire power but because the mast sits very low and they can surprise their enemies and catch them of guard or have the sun at their back so the enemy cant see them very well. Each boat is only about 60 feet long. And Sahaidachny happens to be their Hetman at the moment. He has led many successful campaigns against the Russians and Tartars both with help of the poles. Also they have sacked many Turkish towns and harbors. The usual raid against the Turks consists of about 80 Chaikas and 2000 men. Every raid they burn the whole city down sparing no one just like the Turks and Tartars do to them. And almost after every raid the Turks try to blockade the mouth of the river with their powerful galleys but the Cossacks either use streams that connect to one another carry their boats overland using big logs underneath the hulls and having men carry the other parts, or just surprise the Turks galleys if they are up for more battle and loot. Most of the land operations happen on the steppes were their incredible light cavalry will out flank its opponent and charge them from the rear wile the Serduiks will hold the shoot them with their long range muskets. Only the great Janisssaries are a threat to them.


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gender: male
age: 17
race: Darkness Creature
height: 5'8''
class: Mage

appearance: His Hair is purple and about shoulder length. he is pretty skinny. He has green eyes and wears black robes. He used to carry a staff but he saved a creat preist and he imbuined the staff inside of him so he can use his magic in his fingers and palms.

Darkness - makes the sun, moon, and stars go out leaving the earth in utter darkness for 5 minuts.

Poison shield - Casts a orb of poison gasses around him who ever touches it with there bare skin will have dammage done. The shield lasts about 1-5 mins depending on the power used to create it. The shield protects against all weak spells, and some medium spells and almost no strong spells. This shield does not protect against physcal attacks

Blast - Sends a powerful blast of magic out of palms twards victum, the more powerful the blast the harder it is to controll. This takes a very big strain on him and usually cant cast another spell for a little while.

Metal Shield - protects against all weak physcal attacks and most medium attacks, and some strong attacks. This uses alot of magic and he can not usually preform any spells after this for a while.

Sword - Can pull a sword out of thin air to use as long as he still has magic to burn. and lasts 5 minuts after all magic is spent.

Burning disk - Can creat a burning disk with magic, the power of the disk depends on the amount of magic put into it.

Fly - Self explanatory

Convert - Can revive creatures ( not players) to fight with him.

Covenent - Creats a very powerful blast - can only be used once every week. after he uses this he can not cast spells the rest of the day and falls asleep afterword.

background info: Unknown , when ever the subject is brought up , he gets quiet and trys to change the subject.


<ima post new characters>

Name: Archamedes
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 42
Class: Mage
Appearance: 5'9, shoulder length brownish grey hair(more brown than grey), 110 lb, semi fit, large nose, high cheekbones. Grey bearded
Apparal: A wizards cap with several moth holes in it, patched cloaks, but signs of great elven weaving can still be seen in the seams. Leans on a large staff with several opaque stones on it that tend to glow a bleak color when the mage holds it. The mage hunches over onto the staff and seems to use it more of as a cane than an actual staff. His footwear is made of leather and come up above his ankles.
Weapons: A staff that glitters with its opaque stones, a pouch hidden under the several cloaks.
Skills: Known-> Fireball, Flame thrower, Jagged Lightning, Poisonous gas blast.

History: Archamedes lost his memory a few years ago due to a very large spell encantation being broken by a false phrase. Instead of making breakfast, the spell made Archamedes lose most of his memory and personality. Now, he appears to be a senile old mage that seldom misfires and casts the wrong spell at the wrong time. Untill his memory awakens, its hard to know what his past was like and wether he was a great mage or not.

Name: Sturm Featherwood
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Class: Knight
Age: 32
Weapon: Jaded-Hilt Broadsword
Armor: Jade armor, a mix between Steel and Jade to create a light but strong armor with a hard to see pale green that shines occasionally from the grey steel of the armor. Also carries a steel buckler, just steel.
Appearance: Dark hair that comes down to mid neck lenght. No sidburns but a signature dark mustache. His eyes are a royal blue color. He stands at 6'2 with a weight of 160 pounds. His weight is distributed perfectly in his body, making a very versatile warrior. Unlike most knights, Sturm preferes to walk on foot. He also carries his family shield, which has an eagle talon on the front.
History: After 15 years in training, sturm has adopted the chivilrous ways of a Knight. Instead of charging headlong into battle with a wicked axe, Sturm relies on his excelent swordsmanship to defeat a foe. After losing his family when he was 10, Sturm was forced to flee to the safety of his cousins castle. His cousin taught him how to fight with a sword and how to treat people, kind and just. Sturm has left his cousin to help the misfortunate.


[glow=red]Name: Vladislav God of War
Sex: male
Age:50000000000000000 yrs.
Appearance: 7 feet high, black orange, orange hair, very strong in appearance, carries, a giant hammer.
History: Became a God during the first war, then first humans and others have started spilling blood of other beings, he started being worshiped, he is cruel, bt wise, then he was a god, everyone inculding over gods feard him

Name: Alexei
Age: 27
Apearance: Red hair, strong body.
Weapons: A flame sword (sword made of purest flame)
Class: Flame mage/warrior
History: Comes from the same village as Igor, was Igor's rival during their childhood. His skill with blade and fire are known through out the land. His sword was made by the beginer of his family, his great-great-great grandfather who was the most powerful fire mage of all.

Name:pavil Bobrov
Apearance: no one seen him without his stealth armor and helmt on
Weapons: AM-823 assault rifle, two makarov silent pistols, and a dragunov-4378 rifle. Also wearing a protective cloaking armor of new generation. Prizrak-8487, makes you invisible to any known radar, and thermal and ultra scans. Two laser wrist blades, for close combat.
History:Was selected for a program called Night Watch, which is a similar program to Dream Walker but was conducted by Russian Empireal Military Forces alone. His current mission is to get info on Nagalisk and Nagalisk/Human hybrids information on which was provided by Yuri Gorbov, a russian spy sent by REMF to make sure that russia's interests are met in Dream Walker program.


Name: Dhrenzen
Class:Tutonic Zweilhandier


Battle: Bleached-looking white hair similar to shoulders, scar running up his left eye. White t-shirt torn at the bottom, and doesn't reach his waist, and has an underarmor type shirt under white t-shirt. Steel armor on his left shoulder, bicep, and elpos. Has a wrist guard on left forarm made of triple-layered titanium, made to withstand any blow. Has a long black cuff attached to his shoulder by string, which covers most of his fore-arm. Wears 5-6 black or brown belts. Grey 'shants' with pieces of metal attached to them at random places and a good deal more metal on the left leg. Attached by chains are the bottoms of the right pant leg that goes to his boot, and the right one attached by chains doesn't reach the ground, but follows the same scheme. Grey boots cover his feet. Has a clip on sword holder on his back.
Regular: Wears a black trench coat over his entire body, except for the face and the hilt of the sword, trench coat brushes the ground barely


Weight:175 lbs.

Weapon:Zweilhander(a very large sword similar to Cloud Strife's in FF VII)

Protect Shield (a shield that can withstand 1 hit of anything-must only be used sparingly)
Statis (a hold spell that lasts 30 seconds, but is also invicible for the 30 seconds)

Sword:Climhazard: Sticks sword in pulls it out of the side, and then severs the head from the legs.


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Name: Koren
Race: Dragonoid (dragon, human, elf)
Age: inknown
Koren carries a long sword, like a claymore. He also carries a dagger, which, when made was made with a venom coming from the most deadly snake known. The dagger, which is rarely used, can kill many, if cut right, but if the prey survives, the poison will reap any health left in the person, slowly crippling them, but not kill, the poison will inch the person closer and closer to death, causing the worst torture imaginable. Koren also carries many vials around his belt, many which heal, many which do mysterious things.

Koren stands at a tall 6'6" and towers over many things. he has dragonhide boots, which were made from the skin of his ancestors. He wears myrthril armor under his tunic, which also came from his ancestors. He has a black cloak, which is on almost all the time.

Abilities: flame strike(claymore glows a dark orange, as Koren channels energy, the darker it is the more powerful the attack is. with a slash of the sword, a large flame is emitted, traveling in a straight path, burning, and causing fire damage to anything that crosses its path for 15 to 20 feet.)

Aura of the Deities(Koren concentrates and emits a soft red glow, which surrounds nearby allies. this raises their defense, and keeps them protected. This drastically lowers Koren's speed, and power though.)


im changing a chracter arond

Name: sturm brightblade
Race: human
Sex: male
Age: 24
Alignment: Good...but fluxes
Class: Dragoon(lancer)
Weapon: Hammer Lance and red tinted blade(not hilt, just blade)+(family heirloom)
Armor: Medium to light
Skills: Accurate spear thrower, uses horses and can jump unusually high(20 feet!) brilliant swordsmenship. But young and brash

History: His parents died at an early age and Sturm was forced to leave with his family heirloom in hand. A sword with a tinted red blade. It is assumed it turned red when his parents died. But anyways, Sturm joined the Dragoon order and quickly rose the ranks due to a brilliant jumping/climbing ability(mainly jump). Yet, with little moral education, sturm tends to be brash and quick to act. but is that always bad?


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Name: BollDock
Race: human
Sex: male
Alignment: Evil
Class: Assassin
Equipment: A vest of Chainmail. An axe with various designs on the blade. A small but sharp hunting knife used for skinning and cutting meat. Also a small shield attached to his arm.
History: Bolldock grew up hunting with his father for food for his family and for selling. After years of hunting and selling the meat he left when he was 17 to go and kill for bigger and better rewards. With the skills he learned from hunting he switched his weapon to a heavy one blow weapon. Now he kills anything if you pay him.
Name: Takeshi Fujimoto
Race: Human
Class: Samurai Warrior
Age: 24
Alignment: Lawful Good
Sex: Male
Physical Traits: Around 5' 9, 167 lb. Long, black hair (i.e. Mtsurugi) greyish, dull eyes (due to blindness)
Equipment: Enchanted "Bushido Blade" Katana, Gi of the Elder Bushido, Bushido's Footwear, Bushido Sash, Bushido Headband around eyes (for he is blind)

History: Takeshi Fujimoto is a renowed samurai warrior from Feudal Japan. He is most known for his acts of lawfulness to Japan and its leaders. He has the legendary Bushido Blade, which he wields with uncanny skill. Like most samurai in his time, he follows Bushido, the code of the warrior. As a child, he lost his sight, so he has been able to master his skills solely through hearing, which is more important than sight to the samurai.


[glow=red]Name: Tel'Kana
Race: Wood elf
Age: 320
Sex: Female
Weapon: Elven bow, poisoned arrows, earth spells.
Class: Ranger
History: She learned all she could from her people and than got bored with stable life of a forest elf. She needed adventure and left her forest without telling anyone, after few months of traveling she started to learn about humans but still didn't know much many things surprised and scared her. Right now she is continuing her travels.[/glow]


Name: Sasuke
Race: Human
Age: 12
Weapon: Chakra- ninja magic ^_^, Kunai, Shuriken, Scrolls
Class: Ninja
History: Sasuke was born with Sharingan ( When in battle, eyes change form to become Sharingan.. look like 3 semi-colons. When infuzed with Chakra, allow user to copy attacks) Having accomplished his only task in life, to kill his brother, Sasuke seeks out something new....


Age 14
Weapon: rare, but if so, a slightly higher than normal agility hand to hand style
Class: Dark Sorceror
Appearance: Like Neo
Movement: Limitless Hovering (except for certain limits to restrict "godmodding")
Abilities: (i'm new to this rpg thingy so if any of this is "godmodding" im sorry please let me know)

1) Complete Spell Knowledge, able to use an stock spell like finger of death, wail of the banshee, mordenkainen's blah, flamestrike(war3 only!), curse(war3 only!) or even ray of frost and magic missle. IT MUST BE ARCANE! for example the dnd versions of flamestrike and curse are divine. Since these spells are being drawn from different universes (dnd, wc3, anime, or if he is desparate, harry potter (ew)) the actual power of the spells can fluctuate, but NOT above that of the originals.

2) Innate Control of Dark Energy, can create streams of dark energy that look like the destroyer attack art. They can be wraped around stuff, or do damage to stuff. THE DARK STREAMS ARE ETHEREAL! THEY CANNOT ACTUALLY BE USED TO ANCHOR OR PICK STUFF UP!

2.5) Dark flame whips, two dark energy ropes come forth from his hands, they become set ablase, and can be used to deal great damage and burn midly! this is the raven's favorite ability.

3) Telekenisis, anything except another major race or animal (meaning you can use it on hamsters but not an adult bear) can be lifted and moved at the whim of the raven. he feels no strain like regular telekenisis unless it is a huge object. situational: he may be able to move lets say a tv stand center or other furniture around in a house, but a huge boulder in the road that is bigger than 3x his size cannot be moved. Telekenisis is a free action and is not considered adopted like in number 1

4) Psionics, can telepathy, mind-read, cause headaches. CANNOT TAKE CONTROL! It can be used to cause mental pain, but free will cannot be harmed in major races. animals and lesser creatures (imps or mephits or dogs) are exceptions, but they still can refuse to allow control. Animals that rely 100% on instinct (mosquitos, flies, dust mites) cannot be controled.

5) Oath against Succubi, the raven has sworn to use his immense magic for the good of the universe, but one thing he has also sworn to due is to rid the universe of succubi. This is teh biggie, teh ultimate. Any succubus unlucky enough to become in a 65ft radius of the raven will a) become instantly identified, and not be able to rediguise herself for 3 days. her wings will show and she will no longer appear as that evil suductress. b) weakened by 25% in all aspects c) stripped of the ability to cause instant death upon kiss and all charming effects will not work d) there is a 15% chance that her casting of summon tannari will fail.

that is my character. my first post ever in this forum. i know he may need adjusting but this is the dream character of mine, as you can see by my name :p


Name: Shosuro Haru

Type: Ninja, Blood speaker

Age: 57

Gender: Male

Specialty: Majik/Combat skills.

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 137

Equipment [indestructible]: a staff that is long and made out of a titanium encrypted with gold mixture, with a mystical jewel never seen before. Harden leather cast around the body. Thick war boots. Warrior worn gloves, and a dagger hidden in a slot in the cast on the right side of his right leg.

History: Not known, by standers only thought of him as an adventurer.


Name: Link14

Age: 14

Type: Dragoon

From: Diablo Realm

Height: 5/2

Weight: 136 lbs.
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