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Oct 2, 2002
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This thread is for submission of all characters to be used in the RPR.

First mine:

NAME: Ryu Amerese
RACE: Dragonoid
AGE: 26
APPEARANCE: Red, spiked hair with dark saphire eyes. Scar 1.5 inches under right eye proceeding to w/i 1/2 inch of ear. Black Armor w/ Black (red inlined) Cape. Blue Clothing seen under Armor. Sword with Dragon shaped hilt and Shield with a Dragon crest. {Sword and Sheild are no longer apparent}
CLASS: Plantinum Dracolyte -- Mage/Fighter Dragon
ABILITIES: With dragon heritage he is able to use all his magical mage skills while in armor. He is able to transform himself into a dragon, and further into a dragonoid. When in his dragon form, he doesn't gain his equipment bonuses (except for resistances). AC in dragon form is based on level and stats. He looses ALL physical attacks as dragon. They are replaced by breath, wing, and tail. Breath relates to the Dragonoids primary elemental affiliation (based on mage skills learned) or ground standing on. Resistances are based on primary element of Dragonoid. His dragonoid form looks human, except he retains his wings, horn, and claw like hands. He also has learned Lighthawk Wings as his ULTIMATE skill. He learned SoulLore upon becoming a Soul Avenger which allows him to alter an ally in some way, permenately.
ELEMENT: Unique to Dragons and Dragonoids. Dragonoids, however, chose their element by their mage skills. Ryu has chosen the path of the white or "holy" dragon. This grants him resistance to all elements. He also is weak to black or "bane" dragons or spells. He, however, is immune and grants immunity to "instant death" to everyone w/i a 30 ft radius.

STORY: Disliking his violent heritage, Ryu went off on his own to master a more peaceful existance. This, however, turned out fruitless. He has, though, been able to accomplish one of his goals. He has become a legendary "white dragon," which he tends to enjoy. He is able to grant protection to those around him, and often hides his true power even from the mightiest of foes. He has carries with him a legacy that he does not like. Fear follows his name, so he avoids giving his name to anyone unless it becomes necessary. He bears the Dragons' Crest to remind him of where he comes from, and, oddly, where he wants to go. He knows that being a "white dragon" doesn't admonish him of evil, for only the greatest can rise to "holy dragon." He only hopes to avoid falling to the path he abhors. He finds himself oddly drawn to battle, and often likes the magnetism of a challenge.

~EDIT~ At around the age of 30, Ryu recieved The Shard of The Light from Trias. It causes him to either sprout angelic wings in his human form, or enable any wings he has to use The Light (one of Trias main abilities). The Light harms enemies while healing allies.

NAME: Darz Amerese
RACE: Dragonoid
AGE: 30
APPEARANCE: Black, spiked hair flaring red eyes. His right wrist and upper arm is covered with black scales where an injury scared over. Black Armor w/ Black Cape. His bare skin is seen under the armor. His sword is flaming red with a hilt bearing skulls and bones and his shield matches.
CLASS: Mage/Fighter Dragon
ABILITIES: With dragon heritage he is able to use all his magical mage skills while in armor. He is able to transform himself into a dragon. When in his dragon form, he doesn't gain his equipment bonuses (except for resistances). AC in dragon form is based on level and stats. He looses ALL physical attacks as dragon. They are replaced by breath, wing, and tail. Breath relates to the Dragonoids primary elemental affiliation (based on mage skills learned) or ground standing on. Resistances are based on primary element of Dragonoid.
ELEMENT: Unique to Dragons and Dragonoids. Dragonoids, however, chose their element by their mage skills. Darz has chosen the path of the black or "bane" dragon. This grants him resistance to all elements. He also is weak to white or "holy" dragons or spells. He, however, is immune and grants immunity to "undead effects" to everyone w/i a 30 ft radius.

STORY: Hearing that his brother went with an infamous trainer (infamous to evil being like Darz). He decided to draw him out. He went on a killing rampage. He destroyed village after village. He would leave nothing but fear and death in his wake. Anyone who dared come after him or to challenge him ended up dead. Even the most powerful of opponents fell to his awsome abilities. He looks for his brother to kill him and gain even further power. He, however, has heard of Ryu's attempt to gather allies to take him down. With this information, Darz waits for the day to come.

Name: Makor Halfwind
Race: Meadow Elf (better known as Grass Runners)
AGE: 123
Class: Bard
Hieght: 4'3" (tall for his race)
Appearance: Greeen Clothe Armor with a mithril undergarmet (cannot be seen). Blonde with Green Eyes and a scar on right hand (he's VERY annoying). Carries a husk lyre.
Abilities: Immune to poison. Knows limited amount of spells.
Annoying. Beautiful voice.
Nickname: Makor of Stupitity

He got his nickname for a very good reason; he made the wrong people mad. He tends to find a heroes name and, well, write a song that portrays them in a...less than noteworthy way. He once sang of a warrior king, telling the entire kingdom that he had once run from a battle crying like a baby (from kobolds no less). Not only was it a falsehood, but the king did not find it humerous. Rumors spread by his mouth, and most cannot be trusted.

Name: Aphra Hiborn
Race: Half-Elf (father is High Elf, mother is human)
AGE: 15
Class: Cleric
Height: 5'3"
Appearance: She has the natural beauty of the High Elves. Her hair is a stunning strawberry-blonde, and her eyes are the same color as the crystal clear sacred water. She wears a simple clerical gown laced with elven mithril. She has no visible scars since any injury will heal perfectly. Plus, she is a lovable individual.
Abilities: Natural elven attatchment to nature. Clerical prowess. Elven infravision.

Though she does not share the name or blood, she is Ryu's sister. When Ryu's mother left his father, she did so in great haste and bravery. She eventually found a safe haven, when Ryu was around ten years of age. The place they found was a High Elf settlement by the name of Deephaven. The patriarch's son took a liking to Ryu's mother, and that is when Aphra was born, just a year later. Aphra and Ryu often adventure together, and they are a tough match. They have killed several dragons on thier own, and rarely venture to human settlements that hate the name Ryu.

~EDIT~ At around the age of 16, she met with the famous Trias. He gave her a piece of his gem. Of the shards, she recieved the Shard of Faith. It grants her greater clerical abilities, among other things, when it comes in contact with other shards.


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Nov 30, 2002
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In my field of paper flowers..
Eloanneo got revised. Much. And she got a makeover.
Teehee. I've converted to the new character sheet. And please, whatever you do, don't mind the random notes in brackets I keep throwing stuff in all the time. ^^;;
A character desc. like this coming for Kender soon.

Name: Eloanneo [El for short, just 'cause Eloanneo is too long to type out. ~.~]

Age: 240 [Will be explained, don't worry.]

Race: Grimi

Class: mage/shapeshifter

Species: Grimi

Gender: Female [Of course it's female. Did ya know I never RP for male characters? =_=;;] )

Likes: Cats, Kylaani, Revenge, [at times] arguin/bitching, [What? It's true.] winning an argument, water, magic, forests, sleep, climbing trees

Dislikes: War, death, too much blood, Drakens ['cause they destroyed her village, killed her parents and separated her from her brother.] people who try and out-do her at bitching/arguing [believe me, no one can. ~.~] loosing an ally/friend, flirts

Mate: Are you kidding? It'll be another 100 years before she finds someone, being the anti-relationship person she is. ~.~

Appearance: El is a typical Grimi pretty girl [That does NOT mean you can hit on her. I've had this happen, believe me. Try and do something and you will have your eyes scratched out, especially *cough*DARK BLADE!*cough*] Like every other Grimi, she has furry, cat-like ears and tail, which is her case is dark brown in colour. The colour of skin is cinnamon and her hair is raven black and shiny. Her eyes are the colour of emeralds - and their pupils are slitted, so whenever you look into them, you can't help but me reminded of a cat. She's quite slim and looks agile, and she is -.-

Eloanneo wears a cut-off, sleeveless shirt of aqua-green colour made from some sliky, stretchy fabric. Her leggins are made from the same material, but they're dark green in colour. She wears boots made from black leather, and sometimes she'll put on a traveling cloak made of Ikki fur, which is also black in colour and can disguise her completely. El also wears a pendant with an emerald stone in it around her neck.

Leap [Teleportation spell. She never gets it right. ~.~]
Tri Element
Ice Orb
Lightning Hose
Elemental Claws
Claw Slash
Blood Fury [Let's just say you don't want to see that. El can go practically crazy, destroying everything she sees, regardless of if it's an ally, or an enemy. Yup.]

--Object Oriented--
Eagle Orb
A bag of holding
Chain mail [she rarely ever wears it. -.-]

Flight [And her wings can fade.]
Extremely keen sense of smell, sight and sound. [And I means very extremely.]
Tremendous agility
Shape-shift [She turns into a snow leopard! Yay! =^-^=]
Morph [No need to explain, if you'd want to see, you'd see.]

Personality: Eloanneo is sort of a quiet, brooding figure when you first meet her. She can be quite lazy and will spend a whole day just laying in grass, thinking. She might get confused easily [Well, sometimes, don't ask. -.-] She generally dislikes too much violence, but if there's a fight/argument between people, she's sure to have a part in it. But don't get her near too much blood. Especially not of someone she knows/values. Or she'll go crazy and destroy everything she sees. No kidding. And yup, she can get pretty bitchy. [I've received the 'Bitch of the RPG' award once. Don't ask.] But she can be serious, too. And once she has her mind on something, she won't let go. She's been called "unbreakable" before. So, to sum this up, she's a little piece of chaos. Moody, crazy, and all over the place.

Genealogy: Why would you want to know? Not even she remembers.

History: El is quite a tragic. When she was young, her entire village save a few individuals was slaughtered by a clan of Drakens. She lost her parents and was separated from her brother, but, well, maganed to survive. [Somehow...] She's made a quite a few friends along the way, received magic lessons from another friend, and kinda traveled around, a solitary wandered. Until Kylaani came along that is. So yup. El still wanders around...[...and that's all you need to know. I won't bore you with the details.]

~Knick Knacks~

-El was born in the month of may.
-El wears an emerald around her neck because it's her birthstone.
-Kylaani (the fox/cat/something demon critter) is her best friend
-She can never master the Leap spell properly
-El was my first character ever
-Guess where I got the idea for her name? Eloanneo was originally the name of my Neopets peophin! ...And it still is.... *shock*
-Eloanneo has many things in her bag of holding. She even has mithril [it was a gift from a friend] but she can't find it. :p
-Eloanneo went through so much development. ~.~ I had a hard time defining her race. She's already been a cat-demon, winged feline, part vampire etc.
-Eloanneo's wings are insubstantial, but she still can fly. Likewise, they can fade. They look like...think Tyrael style from D2.
-Eloanneo has a brother, named Ice, which I still have to introduce to the RPR
-The only Draken El doesn't hate is Reo. He's my brother's char, and part of an agreement we formed. -.-;;
-Eloanneo is a character in my comic now. Yay!
-The first good picture I ever drew was of Eloanneo. Because of that picture, I moved on and improved at drawing, and later, I joined Elfwood. ^^
-Since I draw a lot, I draw my RPing character's too. That includes Eloanneo. I was never properly satisfied with appearance however, so I regesigned her about 10 times. Or more.
-Her favourite colour is green.
-If had to match her to an element, I'd say she was Earth.
-I didn't explain the spells because if you RP with her, you'll see what they look like, really. ^_~


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Feb 18, 2003
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Well this is annoying. I just poseted my character two nights ago and now it's gone, so here goes again...

Name: Joe
Race: Giant Wild Aardvark
Class: [CENSORED!]Aardvark Champion Warrior Prince
Gender: Male
Appearance: That of an aardvark. You guys want pictures or what?

Story: Joe woke up one morning and decided that his life really sucked. So he went out into the world to kill stuff. That is all.

1) Invisibility - Can become invisible whenever he wants.
2) Insubstantiality - Can become insubstantial whenever he wants.
3) Hand of death - Can kill anything just by touching it whenever he wants.
4) EMP death sparks - can emit magnetic pulses from his eyes...again whenever.
5) Heal - Self explanatory. He heals at alarming rates. Alarming rates being that he heals so quickly that it appears he is never injured.
6) Evolve - He can evolve any ability that he doesn't have. The evolve takes approximately one tenth of a second and he is able to use the ability that has been evolved as soon as it is finished evolving.

That's about it. If I need to include anything else for my character please tell me. This is the first one I've posted, so I hope it's good.


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Feb 18, 2003
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Ok, guys. You've convince me with your expert ideas. I'll play along. However, I'm gonna play it like actual D&D. Anyone who understands gets the "I'm an actual Role-player" award.

Name: Balthazar Skullhaven
Race: Drow
Class: Fighter/Ranger/Arcane-Archer
Appearance: Just like all other drow. Grey skin, grey eyes, white hair. I'll go in to his clothes in the "Equipment" section.
Bio: This section is dumb. If you knew his bio you would have out of game knowledge that your character is unlikely to know. Why don't we try to make this like a real RPG?

1) Track - Can track stuff with a successful wilderness lore roll. It's just like the D&D feat.
2) Favored enemy (Human) - It's the D&D ranger skill. Roll plusses when dealing with Humans.
3) Divine spells - Can cast 3 level 1 spells and 3 level 2 spells a day off the standard Ranger spell list.
4) Enchant arrow +5 - All arrows released from his bow get an automatic +5 bonus to hit and damage.
5) Imbue arrow - Can imbue his divine spells onto an arrow. The range of the spell is then determined by where the arrow lands.
6) Seeker arrow - Can release one arrow per day that travels around corners to seek his target.
7) Phase arrow - Can release one arrow per day that travels straight, passing through all cover to reach it's target.
8) Hail of arrows - Once per day Balthazar can make an attack on every available target. This counts as one action.
9) Arrow of death - Can enchant an arrow of death that will cause the target to die without a successful fort save (DC of 20). Balthazar may only have one arrow of death in possesion at a time.
10) Weapon proficieny/speciality (Might composite longbow) - +2 attack bonus when using mighty composite longbow.
11) Two weapon fighting/ambidextry - reduces the normal penalties for fighting with two weapons.
12) And of course all other feats that were necessary to become an arcane archer - point blank shot...etc.
13) Craft - The same as the D&D skill. Balthazar's craft is used for making new arrows when he runs out, and for crafting small traps to catch game.

Mighty composite longbow
Masterwork arrows x 40
Black leather armor
Elven cloak (+10 to hide checks)
Elven boots (+10 to move silently checks)
Rapier and maine gauche

Okay. I hope this character is more acceptable. Again, Bam, feel free to comment on it/suggest revisions.

Abominable Pamma

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May 17, 2003
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Hacker deleted my char AGAIN! Ok, my char:

UU=Unlimited Use for ability
Appearance: My avatar (Sheild, cloak, sword and all...)
1)Pamma stomp. Immobilizes enemies around a 10m2(or 3 foot) (metres squared) radius. Enemies immobilized for 20 seconds, but this ability does small damage. (UU)
2)Hooves of Haste. Increases Pammassassin's speed by a substantial amount. Lasts for 3 turns. 20% chance to be missed on next attack, but pammasassin's damage is reduced by 15%.(UU)
3)Healing Wind. Heals Pammassassin for 1/4 of his current Hp.(UU)
4)Stampede. Pammassassin calls upon the Pamian god, and a million pammas run wildly at the enemy. Can be used once per day. This damages all of Pammassassin's enemies.
5)Cold Knife- Throws a knife that adds cold damage and slows the enemy.
6)Blizzard- Pammassassin summons a storm, dealing large amounts of damage to a single enemy. Can be used 10 times a day.
7)Tempest- Clouds fill the sky, and it rains bolts of lightning. No affect against Rock-type enemies. Can be used 25x a day.
Weapons- Dragon-tooth dagger, Dragon-Claw throwing knives.
Armor- Dragon-Hide cloak, Glacier Gauntlets(add cold damage to melee attacks, slowing the enemy), Steel-Webbed-Feet (Fast swimming). When wearing his cloak, Pammassassin takes 50%less damage from elemental attacks.

Story: Born a Necromancer, But raised as a mage/assassin, Pammassassin Can summon raging storms, and use powerful melee attacks. This is a very well-rounded character. He is very weak in armor, medium in attack, and has high HP.

I will add more abilities soon, but i need to think of some...

torrid mind

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May 17, 2003
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under the sea
weeee i wana play!
ok mine is:
Name: rowan
race: elf
class: druid
appearance: pale milky skin green almond shaped eyes red waist length hair fairly tall and slender. Long narrow face. Wears mostly green cloths loving sympathetic personality.
animal empathy-can understand how animals are feeling/thinking
calm animal- exactly what it says.
Tree shape- you look exactly like a tree (lasts 15 mins.)
warp wood- bends/moves wood
bark skin- grants +3/4/5 natural armor bonus (lasts 30 mins.)
Obscuring mists- fog surrounds you
cure minor wounds- cures 1 hp 4 per day
cure light wounds- cures 5 hp 2 per day
animal friendship- creates permanent animal companions (fat chance it will work :))
create water- creates 2 gallons of pure water
flare- dazzles 1 creature (-1 attack)
awaken- animal/plant gains human intellect
command plant- plants animate vegetation entangles
herb lore- can recognize plants and there abilities
composite ash bow
leather armor
green woven cloak
leather boots
wolf companion (raised from birth)

is that good??
Oct 25, 2002
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Edmonton, Alberta
Name: SaVaGE
race: half elf
class: ranger
appearance: somewhat dark skin good complexion and about 5’7, wears mainly green clothes..styled for jungle


animal empathy
calm animal
cure minor wounds
cure light wounds
create water
herb lore
escape artist
move silently
wilderness lore


long bow
studded leather armor
green cloak (somewhat camouflage)
leather boots
falcon companion(lawful bird that saved life)


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Aug 2, 2002
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A place where there is no dark

Name: Tacitus
Class: Gunslinger
Race: Tech Demon
Age: Old... Very old
Description: Looks alot like Baal, but with guns and armor, and with 2 legs

Weapons: Pulse Rifle: "The Typhoon", Plasma Swallow, "Final Judgement"

Skill: Mega Pulse, charges his pulse rifle and either unleashes several regular blasts or a huge one, also vast knowledge of history

Weakness: Almost no melee combat abilities, relies on rifle

Alignment: Evil

History: Was once the Historian Tacitus, but when he died, his secret life could not be hidden from the divine, and he was cast out of heaven into hell, there Dis(or Satan or Pluto) saw his true potential, all his knowledge would be useful, so he transformed Tacitus into a Demon. Over the long years, he kept up with technology in order to better record history, and defend himself. His demonic powers aren't much, only improved strength, a huge memory, and the fact that he is insanely smart.

Name: Oelden (pronounced elden)
Race: Chaos Elemental
Class: Cleric

Appearance: His body has almost no definte form, but he can stabilize it at times. Most times he takes roughly the shape of a human male, though completely black with spots of color swirling in it. When he is not concentrating on stabilizing his body, all sorts of wierd things can happen, collors seem to shift around on him, so he looks different everytime you look at him.

Weapons/equipment: Doesn't melee too often, but when he does, he usually forms his hands into crude axe-like weapons, which are not very powerful

-Chaos Hammer: a large hammer of pure chaos forms, and smites his enemies
--Storm of Chaos: A large storm gathers, striking thing erractically, hail, lighting, acid, fire, whatever is handy
---Elemental Swarm: A small portal opens, and Oelden is joined by his Chaotic Brethern (more elementals), and they swarm the enemy
----Aeon of Chaos: The area is enveloped in Pure Chaos, in such a raw form that resistances or immunities count for nothing, deals massive damage to enemies and heals Oelden

(-: at will, no energy drain --:takes some time and energy ---: huge energy drain, takes a bit of time ----: must be in extreme dange, major enrgy drain)

Spells: Clerical spells, but nothing Lawful, and only some good, weaker healing spells, concentrated more on power

upload: complete

Name: Neryul *Permanently Slain*
Class: Barbarian
Race: Ogre

Apearance: Basic ogre build, except his head is devoid of skin, all that can be seen is his skull, but he usually doesn't take off his hood (hes a bit stupid)

Abilities: Extremely exceptional melee abilites, weak magic, Reveal the Darkness: takes off his hood, and his skull rises off his shoulders, powered by the god of death, and lets out a deafening wail, if the target doesn't die, he is deafened, permanently. (cannot be used in one on one combat)
Duelist: His skin gains the ability to deflect weapons better, gains strength, has a much better chance to hit (may only be used one on one)

Equipment: Death Scythe (vorpal, severs head on crit), several small runestones

History: He sacrifeiced his life along his people, leaving his life behind in order to gain strength that seems to be fueled by the god of death, almost being his arm, or scythe, in the mortal planes. He seems to have a calm temper for an Ogre, and reacts well with others


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Feb 6, 2003
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Wow, the RPR is demolished! Anyway...

Name: Prator (the frake)

Race: Wild elf (more specifically elven frake)

Class: Fighter/ Sorceror/ Arcane Archer

Lvl: 8 fighter / 1 Sorceror / 10 arcane archer

(So I'm basically dim witted, ugly killing machine)

Equip: Icebone (long composite longbow 1d8 +2d6 of ice damage +15 for bonuses) It is impossible for me to miss with it.
Soluafeign's plate (direct mental link with Prator's creator Solaufeign. Unremovable from Prator. Any attempt to take the plate mail off Prator will result in Prator absolutely going bug****. In otherwords he goes crazy and attacks everything in site. The plate mail can meld into normal clothes for sleeping purposes.)
Full helm of Mind deflection (Prator is not subject to mind control)
Ring of telepathy (I don't know if that's what it would be called but it lets me freely converse with my friends Urek and Iornwolf no matter where they are. Kind of like a midieval wlakie talkie) :D

Companions: (Sometimes you may see me traveling with these folks :))
Race: Grey Elf
Class: Assassin
Lvl: 26

Str: 12
Dex: 29
(So basically Urek is like Arkansis Gath from Baldur's Gate 2)

Race: High Elf
Class: Druid
Lvl: 14


Race: Blue Eagle
Class: Nothing really
Lvl: ...

Anyway, he's a familiar and he's pratically a messenger to those I don't have a telepathic link with.

Anything else you would need to know

I own a town, Greymore, and I also own a barren island (will be used for construction soon.)


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Feb 2, 2003
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name: dark kension

class: evil samuri

wepon: norm samuri sword

sp abilites:

dark slash: surronds dark kensions sword with a dark aura
lighting blade: shoots a lighting bolt twords the enemy
fire shot: shots fire at the enemy

when i think of more i will post them


May 25, 2003
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The Abyss
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Ok, here goes

Race: Knights of the Abyss
Adept at: Dark Magic
Additional Information: Unaffected by fire, Dark magic gives him life.
Black hole- Enemies under 20% Hp's are sucked into this hole and destroyed. Enemies 21% Hp and above are not affected. Once per battle.
Dark Bomb- Expels Spheres of dark mass at an enemy.
Shadow Sphere- A shadowy sphere, inflicts massive dark damage, stronger than dark bomb and it hits all enemies. Drains more energy than dark bomb..
Unholy Shield- A sheild surrounds AbyssKnight, Giving him a defensive bonus. He gains Hp when elemental magic is done to him.
Firestorm- Fire falls from the sky, incinerating AbyssKnight's enemies. 5x a day.
Dark Storm- Shards of dark energy rain onto his enemies. Does small damage to every enemy. Heals all friendly allies by 10%.
Energy rain- Rains energy, restoring most of AbyssKnight's energy back. Can not be used on his allies or foes.
Abyss sword- A sword of great damage, able to penetrate all armor types.
Venom Gloves-Adds a poison-damage to all physical attacks.
Abyss cloak- Lowers physical damage done to him by 20% (only receives 80% damage.

High life, energy, magical attacks
Low attack, armor, small arsenal of equipment

AbyssDragon- A small, black dragon, with a strong physical attack. Can breathe fire, and has a poison attack added with his claws.


Dec 29, 2002
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44 Francis St Marrickville Syd
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Ok fine, here goes......

Name: Minister Drake Von Chow(the one i use for Dominion)
Race: The underground Assasins(I am 1 of 3 surviving)
Appearance: Tall, blue shirt with the blood of my victims. Red Hair, black pants.
Class: Greater Assassin/Merc

Assassin's slash: Deals instant 1000 dmg, after next consecutive slashes deduts 10% of enemy life.(Ultimate)
Super-souped up slashes: Deals *3 dmg to enemy( where * is how may attacks you deal to enemy.)
Morph: Morphs so you look like enemy.(does not affect skills.)
Summons Assassin Ancestors: Summons an assasin just like me.only 1.

Equipment: The bloodied Assassin's spear: Just sounds good. deals 5%dmg to enemy, depending of your current total life.

Assassin's cloak. Shows the victims of the blade of Drake.
The Assassin's boots: Sppeds up myself by 15%.

Bio: Since the destruction of his species, Alan, Quoc and Muli (they're my friends names, except Quoc. Thats mine.) have parted and gone their seperate ways, finding out who destroyed their marvellous race. They have not found out yet, but Alan is the closest, killing the Dragannian Guard imself, about 5000 men, in one night. NOt in bed. The Dragannian guard was part of the group that attacked their settlement that fateful night. He found out the the perpertrator was King Simon Zhang, leader of the Valeient kingdom. Lusting for revenge, Alan moves on to his target...........


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Feb 19, 2003
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Don't you wanna know
name: Ice
gender: male
age: 15
race: Mirin (ability: immune to cold because his race is born in the cold)
height: 5'6'
class: mage/assassin

appearance: by the looks of Ice he's a young boy that smiles and is quick to be friends with, but he will slit your throat and still be smiling. brown hair, the deepest blue eyes that many females fall for, wears frost-hydra's hide armor, boots, and gloves, dual daggers at his side, and he wears no helm. Ice has a scar from a frostwere that scratched him in the chest.

frost-hydra's hide armor: all frost-hydra hide is blue with a hint of brown and is light as air. the armor has the ability to cloak the bearer for 5 minutes then the armor is
drained for a day. this armor is also very hard and can withstand arrows
frost-hydra boots: these boots give the bearer the ability to walk/run with complete silence.
frost-hydra gloves - these gloves give the bearer to light objects that are 5x their weight.
frost-hydra daggers: these daggers are actually the razor sharp teeth of a frost-hydra. anything the dagger touches is frozen within a inch of were the dagger strikes causing the muscles in that area to slow down to an extremely sluggish movement

spells: (each spell can only be used twice per day unless specified) (1 round = 5 seconds)
chill touch: a touch from my hands will cause pain and will make u hard to move. (the round it is casted it takes effect)
cone cold: i spray an extremely cold air from my hands that freezes anything (including flames) in 20 seconds and any living thing caught within for 20 seconds is dead (2 rounds to cast)
enthrall: i have an opponent spellbound for 30 seconds and they may not move. (takes 1 round to cast)
icestorm: i can call huge pieces of hail (10-20 inches) down from the sky striking an area of 15x15 yards (takes 3 rounds to cast)
otiluke's freezing sphere: think frozen orb (takes 1 rounds to cast)
ray of frost: a thin stream of cold air freezes a small object (instant) (5 times per day)
wall of ice: this spell creates a barrier of 25 feet long, 20 feet high, and 10 feet of depth (lasts for 20 min) (takes 1 round to cast) (1 time per day)
water breathing: i am able to breath in water for 2 hours. (1 time per day)

background info: as a child Ice mastered his schooling by age 6 and mastered the dagger by age 7. born a genius he was able to learn over 15 languages. at the age of 10 he began training to be an assassin and at age 13 picked up the "hobby" of spellcasting to assist his assassin career. growing up in the northern lands of frozen mountains he can track on the most barren terrains. he is now roaming the world in search of a place to learn more and gain experience. everywhere he goes young ladies chase him because he looks so good.


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A place where there is no dark

had to take her out of other post, ran over the limit

Name: Lady Alimorel
Class: Psioniscist
Race: Humanoid, but it is hard to determine exactly

Appearance: Extremely beautiful except for a hideous tatoo on her back, that she usually keeps hidden, eyes that seem to pierce your soul, yet seem oddly distant

Abilities: Strong Psychic abilities (everything it entails as well, mind reading, slight future sight, etc...), very weak melee abilities, Call of Time: opens a portal and calls one of several allies from her past. Psi wave: the brains of any of those whjo wish her harm literaly implode, but she must have all her Psionic energy for a day, and use it all in the attack.

History: No one knows, she keeps her past to herself, like she is trying to escape a severe sorrow, this is evident when she stares off into the distance. Trained under the psioniscist master, Lord Davros, even surpassing him.

Name: Therdiana Serpenthelm
Race: Elven
Class: Arcane Archer

Appearance: Many scars and tatoos cover her face, one for each enemy she has slain, they seem to form themselves for each sin. A little plump around the mid section, and wears glasses, odd for an elf...

Abilities: Acclaimed the most accurate, and deadly, archer to have ever lived. Several spells relating to the use of a bow, and a few extras. Fury of Bows: her bow splits and she fires arrows carrying magics of all the elements with them, dealing massive damage.

History: "Left" her city to train under a sorceror, but found his ways a bit unethical, and killed him one night while he was atempting to assasinate another mage, used the powers the gained from her mage training to enhance her abilities with her bow, named the "Oathbow," quite a plain looking thing... she has vowed to take out any evil sorceror she come across. Likes to insert herself into other people's business, and usually has to make a run for it afterwards.


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heres another character..........

Name: Muli
Class: Warlord of Darkness
Race: The underground Assassins
Age: 19
Appearance: Basically the same as Alan

Skills: VERY strong dark skills, VERY strong melee skills, VERY slow.
Warlord's darkness: All enemies are no longer stronger than you are (very useful when versing very strong enemies)

History: Since the destruction of his species, the three remaining have parted. Muli travelled to the Mountain ranges, and was taught the Dark Arts by Warlord Grandcore, most powerful of all Warlords of Darkness. After a while, both of them got into a fight. Grandcore was killed. Muli, shunned by all except evil, travels around the realm, finding jobs, and when not, finding his brothers.


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Finally for me....

Name: Kaldaris
Class: Wizard
Race: Drow Lich
Age: 873
Appearence: For the face, look at my Avatar. Otherwise, the rest of his body is cloaked in an unremarkable gray robe.

Skills: Knows every spell in existence, highly intelligent, very wise. Kaldaris would become a Demi-Lich, but claims he would miss the feel of movement with limbs too much. Kaldaris is the only known crafter of Soul Knives in the world. Soul Knife, cuts straight past the armor, and straight to the soul.

History: Since the destruction of Menzoberranzan by Chad'Nasan, Kaldaris has lived his life in the Underdark, a cold menacing place, where even the strongest rarely survive. By using his knowledge of magic, Kaldaris went through a 50 day ritual to make himself a lich, thus rendering many of the monsters of the underdark, ineffective against him. Kaldaris is a neutral lich, otherwise referred to as a bealnorn. His knowledge of magic causes younger ambitious drow from Chad'Nasan to seek him out, only to be utterly destroyed to a pile of dust, or if the Kaldaris is feeling particularily hungry, a cave crab.


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Can't edit the other post, have to post here...:fwink


Name: Raela
Class: Fighter/Mage
Race: Draken
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Spells/Skills: Fire bolt, Blade of fire, Firestorm, Fissure, Speed burst, Damage Increase, Retrieve, Reduce Size, Shape shift, Inferno (shape shifted from only)
Natural Abilities: Immunity to fire
Appearance: tall, athletic, dragon wings, tail, and ears, flaming red hair, teal eyes, scar on right cheek
Equipment: two katanas, huge belt, magical backpack, boots
Bio: Raela is a wandered of sorts. She searches for answers as to why she is the way she is, and why did her transformation go wrong. She likes to help out while doing it, and so she earned a reputation as a sort of a hero. She has a rebelliuos and emotional nature, which often gets into ways of things. At times, she can be cynical and stubborn.



Draken: An ancient race (I made it up :rolleyes: ) These beings look like humans, however, they have the power to transform into a dragon. Raela is different, however, because her transformation went wrong. She is stuck between and cannot look fully human.
Blade of Fire: The power to enchant any weapon, as long as it is a blade weapon, to do deliver heavy fire damage.
Firestorm: A powerful storm that delivers meteors to smash Raela's opponents. 2x per day.
Fissure: Opens volcanic vents beneath her opponent's feet, delivering fire damage.
Fire bolt: Self-explanatory
Speed burst: A temporary burst of speed, 5x per day.
Damage increase: Calling to the element of fire, Raela's and her allies' damage will increase greatly. 3x per day.
Retrieve: The ability to return a weapon to its owner. 10x per day.
Reduce size: The ability to reduce size of any weapon, making it easy to hide of carry. 10x per day.
Shape shift: The power to shapeshift into a dragon. Lasts 10 minutes. Loses all other meele and spell abilities, however, gains greater damage and the Inferno. 1x per day, may fall unconcious up to 30 min afterwards.
Inferno: A devastating fire breath attack, shapeshifted form only. 3x per day.


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Heya all,
my first time here, so please dont hurt me.
...much. <grin>
Name: Caléwiel Phoen
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Class: Bard/fighter
Race: Drow/Dark Elf
Appearance: like most drow, black/navy skin, depending on the light. Crimson eyes in a seductive face. Shoulder-length white hair that's cut to frame the edges of the face. There's a tatoo of a phoenix spreading it's wings along her back, and it glides when she flexes her muscles. If she shows you; mostly hidden.
Skills/Abilities: Track, dual weild, Rain of ice, Fire tempest, Binding Thorns, Earthquake, Beguile Animals, Protection of Seasons.
Equipment: ringmail coat and leggings, boots, scimitar and a mace *both 1hndrs*
Bio: Caléwiel has never been a people person. Never been, never will be. Sarcastic, witty, enchanting, and more of a waylander. Talented in Music, scorned from her home village, she's an emotional rollercoaster- at one point smiling and helping you up, the next ready to bite your arms off. May sometimes travel with her companion, a summonling named Luukias, a small gray-skinned figure with a scar through its head and hollow eyes. A long cloth shirt with the red symbol of the Arts is what Luukias wears, with overly large shoes and a long useless tail.
And yes, Botch is my bodyguard.

Spells, you say?: Track: an uncanny act of a sense of directions, or finding people and animals.
Rain of Ice and Fire Tempest: both AOE's (area of effect) that have the damage of ice or fire, depending on which one cast.
Binding Thorns: a targeted root, or a spell that binds you in place over a period of time, perhaps causing slight damage- depending on magic resistance and strength when cast. Can only be cast twice a day.
Beguile Animals: a simple charm on animals only. Will not work on undead, spirits, etc..lasts a limited time.
Protection of Seasons: another time-limited spell, PoS can be self cast or on others- brings up magic resistance in the four elements.


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Name: Vesquire
Age: 367
Race: Elf
Sex: Male
Equip: Elven Long bow, Large Quiver full of (40) barbed arrows, Dual Sabres (Only used when needed)
Special: Multi overdraw: 3 arrows pulled back farther than usual, capable of pircing medium armor.
Bio: Little known wood elf, Excellent with the bow and learning how to use a sabre
Name: Galfire
Age: 29
Race: Mage
Equip: Light lethar armor, Long sword, and a long wooden staff
Special: Sword illlusion: Fierce attack makes 25 swords appear but only two are real, swords are "Thrown" at enemy
Bio: Known to a few wood elves including Vesquire

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heres my newest
Name: Mordrid
Race: elf
Class: appears to be a bard but he is also a bit more... mystical than just that. Does all his spells by playing his harp.
Appearance: light long hair goes to about his shoulders just a bit longer. (VERY NICE HAIR!) Very defined chin. Light skin. Well built but not very musically. Green eyes that seem to go on forever. Wears light clothes mostly wight or light green or blues. Never goes ne where without his harp.
Ablates: you never know what he can do. He is very mysterious. (He can only do bard type spells)
cloak that changes colors to the match environment
battle bow
a bag. it has many things in it but he will never tell ne1 it has something to do with the vows he took for his goddess
he has a small pouch he caries around his waist. It contains herbs and things of that sort.
Other: he is to attached to his harp to have a pet sometimes he detaches himself from others. No one knows why he does this either. He is very mysterious. Kinda shy and quiet.

edit------- new char
Name: Sola
race: elf
class: druid priestess
appearance: long white wavy hair. Very red lips pale skin. Slender. Always wears a crescent moon somewhere on her body. Has a crescent moon tattooed on her ankle. Has a long staff with a crescent moon on the top.
Abilities: god do I have to do this part again.. Blarg... she has had many years of training in druidry. She knows almost every druid spell. However due to certain circumstances she can only do 10 spells per day.
Equipment: don’t like this part either...
She has the normal stuff the normal traveler should have. She uses her staff more than ne thing else.
got a lil lazy on her;)

edit new char------------
Name: Kira
Race: elf
Class: druid
Appearance: seems very small and frail. A very loving but shy person has sympathy for all people and things. Loves music almost more than anything else except nature. She can become quite angry if anyone/thing pushes the right buttons (i.e. killing something helpless) chest length almond crippy hair. Very beautiful deep blue eyes. Tattoo on both sides of her forehead. Some symbol no one seems to know about. Wears blue clothes
light- object shins like a torch.
pass without a trace- uhhh... makes you pass without a trace...
Barkskin- grants +3/4/5 natural armor bonus.
Flaming sphere- ball of fire (throwable)
speak with animals- communicate with natural animals.
Cure serious wounds- exactly what it says
control plants- takes control of all natural plants
flame strike- smites foes with divine fire.
Awaken- animal/plant gains human intellect.
Death ward- immunity to death SPELLS/EFFECTS (doesn’t mean I cant die!)
Ice storm- crates a storm of hail which deals damage to foes.
Find the path- finds most direct way to a destination.
Scrying- spies on subjects from a distance.
Animal empathy- you are able to tell what an animal is feeling.
Foresight- 6th sense warns of danger.
Herb loir
long bow
quarter staff containing 10 random spells
small harp (has no magical effects she just loves music)
small cloth with a crescent moon on it.
Bare companion
look just found a pic that matches her description
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