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Nov 30, 2002
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In my field of paper flowers..
Eloanneo got revised. Much. And she got a makeover.
Teehee. I've converted to the new character sheet. And please, whatever you do, don't mind the random notes in brackets I keep throwing stuff in all the time. ^^;;

Name: Eloanneo Kirimaya[El for short, just 'cause Eloanneo is too long to type out. ~.~]

Age: 16

Race: Grimi

Class: mage/shape shifter [By profession, I'd say she was a pirate.]

Species: Grimi

Gender: Female

Likes: Cats, Kaylaani, revenge, "debating" [Otherwise known as bitching. :B What? It's true.] winning an argument, water, magic, forests, sleep, climbing trees, running, play fighting, treasure, her "family", Ice, music, singing/playing the harp, climbing the mast of a ship [she fell off once. ~_~] wind, swimming, chases, etc.

Dislikes: War, death, too much blood, people who try and out-do her at bitching/arguing [believe me, no one can. ~.~] loosing an ally/friend, flirts, flirts when they're trying to flirt with her, ignorance

Mate: Are you kidding? It'll be another 100 years before she finds someone, being the anti-relationship person she is. ~.~

Appearance: El is a typical Grimi pretty girl [That does NOT mean you can hit on her. I've had this happen, believe me. Try and do something and you will have your eyes scratched out, especially *cough*DARK BLADE!*cough*] Like every other Grimi, she has furry, cat-like ears and tail, which is her case is dark brown in colour. The colour of skin is cinnamon and her hair is raven black with a sort of strange green lustre to it. Her hair used to be longer, but recently, she cropped it to be slightly above shoulder length. Her eyes are the colour of emeralds - and their pupils are slitted, so whenever you look into them, you can't help but me reminded of a cat. She's quite slim and looks agile, and she is -.-

She wears an aqua green shirt with a high collar. The collar is hemmed with yellow-gold fabric, and is held together with a single pin. Her pants are made of two parts - the bottoms of the pant legs are removable, in case she wants to have more freedom. They are a sort of a forest-green. She does have a cloak, somewhere. (Very dark green, of course.) Her boots are the same aqua green as her shirt, and they are lined with gold as well. ('Tis not real gold, but she'd be willing to some there.) She wears three pairs of earrings (yes. If I had big furry ears, I'd take advantage of the size and pierce the hell out of them.) and birthstone around her neck, and some other jewellery, which is really insignificant by now. Also, and this is where you can be really sure it's her, she wears a dark green bandana with light green sort of speckles. She loves the bandana to bits. :B

Leap [Teleportation spell. She never gets it right. ~.~]
Tri Element
Ice Orb
Lightning Hose
Elemental Claws

The only problem El has had so far is that she missed her Choosing ceremony - and she wasn't actually meant for spell-casting in general. She would have been more proficient in some earth-magic, singing, or shape shifting. So she's not that great at casting these spells. She'd prefer to fight in her leopard form, but in case something more powerful was needed, she'd do it.

--Object Oriented--
Eagle Orb
A bag of holding
Chain mail [she rarely ever wears it. -.-]

Flight [And her wings can fade.]
Extremely keen sense of smell, sight and sound. [And I mean very extremely.]
Tremendous agility
Shape-shift [She turns into a leopard! Yay! =^-^=]

Personality: How do I describe El? She's sorta cool and aloof, on the outside, but not shy. She's a thinker, with a calculating mind. She likes to procrastinate - if she could, she would lie around. Forever. She is -sorta- a dreamer...but she's very pessimistic about achieving those dreams. When she's struck in a place it hurts, she gets aggressive. And once you get her into an argument - oh my god, ohmigosh, on MY gosh, she will not stop until she either wins, proves her point to the rest of the party or the other person gives up/is persuaded. Otherwise, she is quite peaceful, and almost easy to get along with. She is also aggressive towards affection from the opposite sex, of any kind. Never being exposed to those kinds of relationships, she cowers in fear of getting hurt again. That leaves her with a very few friends, unfortunately for her. That's why she's adopted a pet (Kaylaani) and she hangs on to the critter with her life.
Because of this, El can sometimes be lonely, but she tries very, extremely hard to be optimistic, and so far she is doing well. She loves doing anything that takes her mind off things (swimming, play-fighting, running, stuff like that.) She doesn't like blood since the incident in her childhood, but she'll enjoy killing the crap outta evil people. :B

Alignment: Because she grew up with pirates, but is actually a kindly soul, I'd have to say she's chaotic/good. [The kooky pirates only steal from pirates, or otherwise filthy folks, and leave the victims of the raids tied to the masts of their own ships. They sometimes donate some of that treasure to those who desperately need it.]

Genealogy: Why would you want to know? Not even she remembers.

History: El is quite a tragic. When she was young, her entire village save a few individuals was slaughtered.She lost her parents and was separated from her brother, but, well, maganed to survive. Confused, lost, and scared, she reached the shore, where she was picked up by a bunch of pirates. The captain's assistant, Vameha, a kindly mage, taught Eloanneo some magic, and helped her discover her Grimi talents. She spent the rest of her childhood with the pirates, who were not exactly the best example to live by, but they could be respectable. She became a part of the crew and a part of the family, and they love her to bits. It's also where she developed her love for treasure, hunts, and stuffs like that. She learned the secrets of controlling a ship, and she adores the sea now as well. She is looking for her brother, Ice, whom she was separated from aaaaages ago. When she finds him, or is completely sure that he's dead, she plans to either take over the ship [when the captain retires] or to settle somewhere in a nice mountain hamlet and become a harp-maker.

~Knick Knacks~

-El was born in the month of may.
-El wears an emerald around her neck because it's her birthstone.
-Kaylaani (the fox/cat/something demon critter) is her best friend, right after the mage that was sort of a replacement for a mother.
-She can never master the Leap spell properly
-El was my first character ever
-Guess where I got the idea for her name? Eloanneo was originally the name of my Neopets peophin! ...And it still is.... *shock*
-Eloanneo has many things in her bag of holding. It's little stuff and knick-knacks she collected over the years...sea shells, jewellery, even armour.
-Eloanneo went through so much development. ~.~ I had a hard time defining her race. She's already been a cat-demon, winged feline, part vampire etc.
-Eloanneo's wings are insubstantial, but she still can fly. Likewise, they can fade. They look like...think Tyrael style from D2.
-Eloanneo has a brother, named Ice, which I still have to introduce to the RPR
-Her favourite colour is green.
-If had to match her to an element, I'd say she was Earth.

So, this is her, when she was younger. The staff was a present for her 12th birthday. :B I know, I know, it sucks, but hey, it gets the message across.


And there's another one, so now you get what I said about the pants. Lol, does anyone actually read these things? XD

Sorry for posting it again, but I can't edit that old post. :doh

Final Warrior

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Nov 9, 2002
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In you, of course.
I'm re-doing the Final Warrior
Name: Raphael Griffinhart (Only select people know this, and those that know Raphael don't know the Final Warrior)

Alias: Death Incarnate, Deathaven, the Final Warrior

Race: Griffin Warrior (Humanoid, but usually taller and more muscular. Also much better at casting non-elemental magic, and have same comprehension of elemental magic as humans.)

Class: Apollyon Knight

Age: Unknown (looks to be about 23) (28 in KoE because of 5-year advancement)

Height: 6' 00"

Appearance: Appears in one of five forms:

Mortal: This is Raphael's mortal form. In this form, he has unchangingly cold steel-blue eyes, silver hair with blond streaks, a few scars down his arms and chest, along with one across his forhead in a diagonal down-right jag in bewteen his eyes on the bridge of his nose (came from dueling his Father) In this form, Raphael is usually known as the Final Warrior. He is usually seen in a full suit of Godsteel, wih four swords, but he has been known to wear a simple leather suit.

Angel: This is Raphael's Angel form. He takes on after his brother, Tyravael, in this form. In this form, he has the same cold blue eyes, but a bite paler. He has white hair. and wears a tunic. Raphael has two wings protruding from his back, large and white. The feathers can be used as a Holy-based weapon. In this form, Raphael uses one of two swords: Angel's Fury or Godsrage (The Ascended form of Angel's Fury). In this form, he is known as Angelkin.

Demon: Raphael's Demon form. In this form, he takes on after his brother, Razael. In this form, Raphael has black and flame-red hair, with a halo of flames and horns proturding out of his head, and flaming red wings coming out of his back. The feathers can be used as a Dark (or Evil)-based weapon. He has dark, red eyes with wite pupils. In this form, the Final Warrior uses either Demon's Rage or Devil's Pleasure (sorry Sage!). In this form, Raphael is known as Demonchild.

Death Incarnate: This is Raphael as Death Incarnate. Raphael has this form because he is the child of Life and Death. In this form, Raphael may use one weapon, Dea's Passion. In this form, Raphael has raven-black wings whose feathers may be used as Death-based weapons. As Death Incarnate, Raphael has black and silver hair. In this form, Raphael is known as one of two things: Death Incarnate (in the past) or Deathaven (now).

Final Warrior: This is known as Raphael's true form, although he has stated that it isn't, because it is so weak. In this form, Raphael is encased wthin a suit of Godsteel, forged by the bare hands of Lord Apollyon and blessed by the Gods and Goddesses, as well as the Griffin Lords. In this form, Raphael can use any of the follwing swords in any combonation: Godsrage, Devil's Pleasure, Deaths' Passion, and/or the Grifffin Blade, Raphael's most powerful weapon. When Raphael takes off his helmet in this form, then he looks like who he is in his Mortal form.


Raphael Griffinhart is one of three children born to Life and Death. He was trained by Apollyon and blessed, like his brothers, by the Gods and Goddesses. His brother Tyravael, became an Angel (later Fell, is now a Fallen Arch-Angel of Death). Razael, his second brother, became a Demon Lord (now Exiled). Raphael himself was given unto the Clan Griffinhart (where he and his brothers' surname was given to them) of the Griffin Warriors for further training. Right now, Raphael resides as King of Evers'ilance, the current Harvester of Souls (although he does not like being called Death), and is on a quest to stop Lord Apocalypse (brother of Lord Apollyon) from destroying the entire Multiverse.


- Because of his Ascension, Raphael is now much, much stronger (his abilities are still unknown)

- Raphael is the current king of the Kingdom of Evers'ilance

- Raphael is not one for jests or idle chatting

- He is well-known to the more powerful, outer realm beings.


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Nov 30, 2002
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In my field of paper flowers..
Name: Nika (And/or Kitty/Neko)

Age: 5 (I kid you not. ~.~ She looks to be about 16 tho.)

Class: Hunter (As in "Tell me who to get for you, and I'll bring them to you alive. Unless they give me a better deal/I trust them more/I feel for them more than you.")

Species: Cat (Shut up. I kid you not. ~.~)

Gender: Female

Likes: friends, water, sunsets/sunrises, painting, running, food, milk, shiny things, the colour purple and blue, having hands, books, magic, cats

Dislikes: unjustified death (or what she considers unjustified) loosing friends, being human (being in her anthro form as well, it shall be explained), ignorance, stuck-up people, being threatened, being
ripped apart by someone you love, werewolves, cold mornings, hot nights

Mate: None


Mostly-human form: sort of a quiet, reserved girl is what she appears to be...she's mostly shy, though. She's incredibly guy-shy. She's very friendly, though. She can be very lazy sometimes and will sleep
randomly during the day. (She is a cat, after all.) She is inquisitive, and loves figuring people out - the more mysterious a person is, the more she is intrigued and she'll want to know more as well. She hasn't
been human long enough to understand many things, so while it may seem strange to others, she will often look at things, and the world, with childlike wonder. She's a bit insecure, and very confused...about
everything, it seems, but that does not mean that she isn't intelligent. Like most young people, she's an emotional rollercoaster. It isn't unusual for her to be bouncing one minute, then weeping her heart out
just because someone gave her a crooked eye. That's probably one of her main flaws - being too sensitive. It mixes up inside of her - as an animal, she's used to killing, but her human mind would have liked
to say otherwise, she's sort of torn up between that. I would like to describe her viewpoint as an optimistic realist. She tries to be an optimist, and since things are usually going good, she looks on the positive
side. But once things start looking bad (or she's just in a mood) she starts thinking "Hmmm, maybe it won't be that easy at all..." etc. She can be relaxed around company, she just needs to get to know
them...if they just seem to be "her kind of people" and she feels comfortable and welcome, she can be REALLY loud, and hyper, and maybe even annoying, she means well. She goes through weird states of
trust and distrust, meaning once she'll be completely naive, then she'll be paranoid. She's a bit of an eccentric, yeah...but get over that, and you'll find a kind soul.

Anthro Form: In this form, she's wilder, more animalistic perhaps....she's much more outgoing, happier...In this state, she's more likely to get into trouble. She can't deny or repress or whatever her curiosity
and her animal instincts as well as she can in her more human form. She's much more likely to fight more feistily (if you insult her or anything) and she'll want to both prove her point and/or get the last
word...it really depends on her shifty moods. In this form, she's also much more prone to complaining about humans and how illogical and stupid they can be... :B But she means it well. No, really. I swear. o.o
[There's really not much more to add...she's still the same person, but she's a bit different still. Hard to explain, I think it's a pretty minor shift.]

Cat form: She tries to be something she is not. That's why she attempted to polymorph in the first place. She's very resourceful, and self-assured...very quick to act, but even quicker to think. She can be sly,
and she likes outwitting beings dumber that she is. XB Ain't she lovely. Other than that, she's like the typical cat.

Appearance: Mostly Human Form: A 16-year-old girl, about 5'8", slinky and lean. She has an oval face with high cheekbones, which create a feline-ish appearance. Her eyes are slited and glowing, as if
they held some sort of mischievous secret inside. The right one is yellow, the left one is green. Her hair reaches halfway down her back; it's straight and silky. Normally, it's a blond/brown colour, but she
dyed it red purple...because she likes purple. She does not have human ears, nor human feet. Her feline features include: her fluffy, cat's ears, a cat's tail, paws instead of feet, elongated, claw-like nails,
and slightly pointed teeth. The ears, paws, and tail are the only places on her body that have fur. Otherwise, she has the same amount of body hair in the same places humans do. 'Course. Since in her cat
form, she's sort of a Siamese-coloured cat, her skin colour follows that pattern: her tail is brownish crème/tan with a dark brown tip; her ears are dark brown, as well as her paws and hands. Those ears
twitch often. XD

Anthro form: This form is obviously more animalistic. Her height shrink down to 5'5". She doesn't have fur on all the places on her body; only certain ones. Her eyes shape is slightly leaning towards that of a cat. She does not have a human nose, rather, she has a little kitty button nose. =^_^= Mew! She has small, barely noticeable whiskers. They are very thin, so they're practically invisible. She likes twitching her whiskers, too. Her fingers are missing a joint in this form, so while she can't write, she can still use a weapon, or a paintbrush quite effectively. She has hair the same places humans do for the most part - her hair [on her head hair] remains purple, and she has fur collecting on her elbows, knees, paws, and a bit around her tail. Her colouring is practically similar to the colouring of her other form - but her skin is the same colour of her fur, so the bits of fur she has really blend in. Her nails are even more claw-like, her teeth begin resembling fangs as well.

Cat form: A skinny Siamese-like coloured cat. Her fur is silky and smooth; it's not short but not too long. The fur on her tail is thicker and longer than on the rest of the body, so it resembles a bottle-brush.
Her eyes are, of course, green and yellow. Her fur is the aforementioned crème/tan colour, with dark brown ears, the tip of the tail, and her paws. (Image as if she was wearing socks. ^____________^)

What she wears: -In the link-




-Firebolt. She can cast small firebolts, but not really well. Most of the time they just sorta...explode where they're not supposed to. ^^;;
-Dimness. She can't become invisible per say...it's more like being dim. You know when you're walking down the street in the evening, and something brushes against your shoulders? By the time you look, and
you feel like you're being watched, but no one's there. That was most likely someone who has dimmed themselves. You sort of fade, blend into the shadow. People can't see you unless they look closely, and
this gives a creepy enough feeling for them not to try so hard. Those with keen eyesight can definitely spot you, unless you're hiding in the shadow. It allows you to slip by unnoticed. Based on the Dimness
spell from The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King.
-Hiss. This is meant for scaring enemies, or to create a diversion. It works
better in her anthro form.
-Enchant claws/weapon. She can enchant her claws, or someone's weapon to hold some sort of elemental power, including elements combined. (Lightning is a combined element, for example.) Most likely, it'll
be fire or ice.

--Object Oriented--

-spear (Her favourite weapon. It looks like it's gold, it's that colour at least. I have no idea what it's made out of, but it must be some kind of magically imbued alloy or something.)
-slingshot (She uses it to only create diversions. If she wants to piss somebody off she can fire spiky balls...and if someone needs cover she can fire a smoke bomb. Wheee. ~_~)
-very light leather armor

*Non magical*

-leaping ability. Due to her cat genealogy, she has very strong muscles in her legs. She can leap pretty high and far is she tries.
-advanced eye sight. She cannot see when its completely dark - no one can. But her eye sight is much better than that of a human...she has a cat's eyes, after all. They adjust from thin to thick slits just like
cats' eyes do according to the lightness in a place.
-extremely sharp and strong claws. Cats have actual veins and nerves in their claws. So if she'd break a nail, it'd bleed. Fortunately, they're incredibly strong. They're the strongest in her anthro form.
-increased sense of smell and hearing. Cats have keen senses...her senses are stronger than that of a usual cat. They get weaker as she adapts forms that are more human. Cats are picky eaters, also...yeah,
she's a picky eater as well XD It's 'cause her sense of taste is pretty keen as well. ^_^;

Genealogy: Erm..she never knew her father, only her mother, and she left as soon as she was 4 months old - I mean, do cats even have a genealogy? She was basically an alley cat...

History: -In the link-


Though this character is not a very old one (she had her first birthday in September, the oldest one was born around April/May) she is definately a character I'm very attached to. Not only she's my ideal character, she's sort of a portrayal of who I'd be, if I could. Or something like that. I'm not getting too deep here, am I? :p I have never really defined her race too well or anything, but I ad to set up a definite character sheet s I could actually play her. If she reminds you of someone, yes, she's based off of me. And dang, she's mighty fun to draw! ~_~


Kay, if you didn't fare too well with the descs, here's a piccy:

^_____________^ Dang she's fun to draw.


You can find her full decs there.


May 19, 2003
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The Hotel California
Reno Crow'Entair

Age: 24
Race:: Half-Elf
Alignment: Started from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Good (When he falls in love with the elf maiden Katarina)


Group Picture of his comrades. (He's on the left)

Him and Katarina

After he loses Katarina, he beomes a Ranger

His death


Weapons: Dual Elven Katanas (gift from his grandfather)
Armor: Simple leather armor with lots of pockets and folds

Reno was born in a port town full of pirates and cut throats and into a family of the local assasins guild. During a raid on the elven borders, he met a woman named Serena. They both fell in love and ran off together to escape Reno's bloody past. As the months went by, they were to be wedded but the assasins caught up to Serena while Reno was gone. All he found was a burned campsite and a broken blade. From then on, Reno decided to be a bandit hunter to ensure that nothing like this will ever hurt anyone else.

Along his travels he meets a group of bounty hunters who call themselves the Night's Eye, a very ominous group that is widely misunderstood. During his time with them, he meets a woman named Katarina who helps rebuild the man Reno once was.

Story Excerpts

I walk in almost a drunken state swaggering side to side with a burning pain in my head that just wont go away. I enter the woods...wait! I hear footsteps!

I know im being followed so i draw my blades and disappear behind a tree to see if i can catch a glimpse of my pursuers.

*a twig snaps*

A gruff heavy goblin barks "Stoopid Ferghat! The tallfolkens are closen to..."

*three 'thumps' are heard*

What could have killed the goblins and what were the "tall folk" they were after, because I dont believe I have done anything wrong to them.

*four cloaked figures with red hoods appear out of no where behind the corpses*

"Raeth, you shouldnt have killed them, now we have to hide the bodies before He sees them" whispers a deathly familiar female voice

"They were making alot of ruckus, im surprised He hasnt seen them yet" says the one designated as Raethe.

"Nevermind that now, we have lost his trail, lets keep looking" says another coldly.

*the four men leave but the woman takes a look around before she leaves*

Dammit, the Scarlet Blade is after me. How could they have found me? I made sure to cover my tracks everywhere I, hell no one save a few know my name isnt Leon.

What is this pain I have? I feel as if it is burning me alive! Samia isnt far off, maybe i should go there. The guards will probably help me get away from the bandits, if not i can probably get a good disguise there. And hopefully I can rid myself of this pain.

*Reno staggers past a goblin camp and into the Starlight Woods when he sees a shadow flicker*

"Show yourself!"

*Reno unsheathes his katana and his bloodshot eyes dart around*

"Reno....it has been a while"

*Reno turns around to meet the woman and a tear rolls down his scar"

The world was a dark vortex pulling me into its epicenter where an endless scream nearly shattered my ears. I felt as if i was suffocating, every breath i took seemed to be the last one I would have on this world. The wind on my back was colder than any Volsk winter which made me shiver uncontrollably and I couldnt help but wonder why she did this. I vowed to give my life to her in servitude before, I loved her. I remembered clearly our decimated camp where the three volsk barbarians came and pillaged, i remember her corpse.....wait, did I? It pains me to think of this, this betrayal, was she just the lure to bring me in and into the Blade's hands? The truth hit me harder than any sword ever would.

"Malleh, Malleh, get up!"

Those words! They sound so familiar. Yet so distant

*squints and sees Katarina's slender face and tears running down her cheeks*

Kat! Her face was a beacon of hope for me. Yet the similarity between her and Serena is uncanny. Even if I do survive this, can I trust her? Is she not the same as her? I was blinded by love once, I'm not sure if i can handle another heartbreak. Yet her tears and sadness seem sincere...

"Quick we need to get him to Sea Grove, Fast!"

These people, my friends. I now know in my heart that they wont betray me, they won't hurt me. They will never abandon me as well.

*Reno looks up slowly to see Katarina manage a small smile while choking back tears*
The salty air of the port permeated the atmosphere of the abandoned house that served as a makeshift hideout to a small group of bandits. Four no, five of them were in the middle of the room, three at the table and one doing a sup-par job at hiding himself in the corner of the room with a magical veil that made it harder to see him. An elven figure carressed a man no younger than 35 at the head of the table and spoke quietly into his ear that only made the man snicker.

Serena, the whore, she lives and quite well i see. I didnt want to do this but her crimes shall be paid in blood.

Nadrith the man who was at the head of the table took a big gulp of his wine and the moment he put the bottle down, two of his companions lay dead with arrows penetrating their skulls.

"Show yourself, you are a dead man!"

An azure blur leaped from wall to wall until it reached the woman and promplty slit her throat before she even screamed for help.

"Nadrith" the man said after he pulled down his hood, "It ends here!"

"Crowe" Nadrith snarled and in an instant the assasin reached for his daggers and he sprinted after man in blue. Thrust after thrust countered by precise parries and dodges wearied the older man until his companion at the table sprang into action with darts flying across the room. Of the seven daggers thrown, Reno dodged four, leaving two digging into his side and one into his left arm.

Reno staggered for a moment and only smiled as he snapped his fingers and the other man's shadow rose from the ground and proceeded to choke him. The man, Raeth, was familiar with conjurations such as these because at one point he knew how to control them. So he fled through the window and cast a simple light spell on himself. Reno laughed at the simple tactic because he knew that his shadow would be stronger, what he didnt realize was the glass that was broken all over the man's cloak which reflected the light stronger. The shadow's screech of agony could be heard all over the Cove until it burned to ash. Raeth limped all the way into the alleys and wasnt seen again.

I have to finish this quickly until the rest of them come

At first Reno considered coming in with his katana and his dagger to offset the swashbuckler style of the bandit. In the end he decided to with the style he knew best, and with the weapon he loved best.
Reno exploded into motion, rushing up the back side of the room, brandishing sword and dagger as he came over the table, as if he expected Nadrith to meet him there. The bandit didnt move, out of fear of determination it is not known.
They stared at each other for a long time, the tension and anger building up on each other. They broke as one , both charging for the middle of the room, both seeking to get the first hit. Reno gained a step advantage, perhaps because he was much younger than the aging man and not under alcahol's effect.
With a quick feint Reno grabbed one of Nadrith's poisonous daggers and did a backflip off the table and threw his katana with all his might at Nadrith. With a malicious grin on Nadrith's face he quickly moved aside and caught the katana and lunged for Reno.
Nadrith impaled his opponent in th shoulder and with a triumphant smile he yanked the katana out.
But he couldnt, in fact he couldnt move at all. He glanced at his hip to see the dagger that Reno took from him oozing poison.
Reno kicked him onto the floor after he took his katana out of his arm and sheathed it.

"You should have left me be" Reno spat.

In another blur he pulled the other dagger and drove it through the man's chest snapping ribs and smashing it through the man's black heart.

Reno walked outside the house and put on his hood again and wondered to himself if his heart was as black as Nadrith's.

How am I going to tell Kat

Much later on, Katarina and Reno split apart. The Elf that used to be Katarina's fiance gets into a fight with Reno (with Reno the victor) over an arguement of whether or not Reno was worthy of Kat's affection. In an ironic twist, Katarina leaves Reno in favor for the Elf. With no purpose left in life, Reno turns to a suicidal state of mind and abandons all contact with the outside world.

Much later on, he is found dead on a beach. Murdered by the same bandits he used to call family.


Feb 1, 2004
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Name: Baha ((if i must have a last name...)) Dragoon

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Specialty: Tri-Magic ((thunder-element, fire-element, and earth-element))

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130

Equipment: knife and Staff of Fireball

Appearance: Blue Robes, Straw hat, classic black mage look


Nov 20, 2004
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I'm not at liberty to say.
*Deuce Irae: His name means, "God's Wrath."
*Class: Slayer
*Race: Fallen God
*Gender: Male
*Age: as mortal, 100 years; as a God, infinity.
1: Deuce Blade: A blade forged from the remaints of Mjolnir, Thor's Mythological Hammer.
2: Valhalla Emblem: a rune engraved on his chest that grants him great strength.
*Skills: Highly skilled with blades.
He has no blood.
Grows stronger when attacking someone that has killed people.
+Reflect- 50/50 chance to reflect the magic attack of someone attacking him, back at the attacker.
+Phase Out- Attempts to dodge an attack by temporarily warping to another dimension and returning again in a split second.

Story: Spawned from the Greek Furies, this warrior is the personification of poetic justice.

Vincent of Fire

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Jan 2, 2005
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Hemet, California
NAME: Vincent Colbini

RACE: Fire demon/Hell Angel

AGE: 153 (appears 24)

APPEARANCE: He's Caucasian with eye length fire red hair, falling down straight into face and eyes. Red eyes that are normally covered in sunglasses. He tends to wear alot of red, normally long red button up shirts and black sleeveless shirts under that, plus black jeans and old israeli combat boots. He has a full beard, which is neatly trimmed, and is brown, for some odd reason. He always tends to wear either a cloak or cape, to hide his one red wing (on his left side) and his one shadow wing (on his right side).

CLASS: Epic Elemental Warmage

ABILITIES: Pretty much anything you can think of with fire, plus some other goodies. Epic magic is a good plus to have in there. Not to mention Mind Manifest. Mind manifest is a primitive form of psionics, ranging from small use of telekinesis to spectral images to creating weaponry. His fire magic will often be used in unison with the others, to create new forms of unique attacks, such as sending flaming pieces of matter towards his opponents. The most often used is the protection using fire, which will quickly either disentigrate the opposing material, or use it's magnetic properties to slow it to a crawl and deal with it in a different way.

PERSONALITY: Not a particularly entertaining man, Vincent can often seem like an ass at times. He tends to act cocky at times, which isn't one of his better characteristics. Alot of time you will see him either playing with some form of fire, or smoking a cigarette. One of the most common things you will see him do, is sit in a corner. Though alot of times he seems mopey, Vince is rarely ever in a bad mood; just don't piss him off.

STORY:Vince was born to a family of poor peasent like people, in the heart of America. At the age of five, his parents were brutally murdered, and he set out to find them. On February 18th, 2004, he met a fate which presented him before a god figure. The Godly figure charged him with wiping out an entire race of people, and gave him the powers to do so (not to mention a snazzy set of wings). Of course, when he returned to what most people call Earth, he refused, just moving on with his life. Since that time, he has come to pass with alot of experiences, which he keeps written down in assorted books. Why even at this moment he writes of an old tale between two star crossed lovers, an oddball using their house, and a couple of others coming together to defeat supreme evil.


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Russellville, AR
Name: J'kar Drachenfeuer

Race: Draconian (similar to Dragonoid)see my sig pic;that's one of my concept sketches of him.
Age: 23

Appearance: See pic below. That's about his usual mode of dress, although he's been known to wade into war wearing his traditional Draconian war armor. I'll draw up a pic of that sometime.

Abilities: Flight, extreme proficiency with his scythe, pictured below. In a later expansion of the storyline he's actually from, he gets possessed by an elemental weapon of the gods and gains full control over deathlike practices. basically necromancy and spectral energy manipulation. Since he's practically a god at that point, I've entered him before that happens. At this point, he has very limitted pyrokinetic abilities. He can summon fireballs and the like, but that's it.

Personality: Jovial and a bit perverse, J'kar goes after just about any humanoid female. He's a certified smart-ass, and will crack jokes in the manner of Spiderman as he flies circles around his enemies. Although he's a good guy and a joker at heart, he can instantly knuckle down and put to work the innate rage of his species. Take it from his enemies, a pissed-off Draconian is NOT something you want on your hands.

Bio: His mother was a human-dark elf hybrid who was raped by a demon in dragon form, so his lineage is complicated, but he's essentially a Draconian. His pyrokinetic skills are splashover from his demon heritage, and his inherent inclination towards darkness is explained by his dark elf relation. Being a quarter-breed, he's rejected by all his bloodline societies, so he wanders around in search of some purpose, some destiny.


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Name: Juli Carai

Race: Shadow Human

Age: 15

Appearence: Dark, but somewhat pale skin, Black hair, Blue Eyes, His Black hair looks longer on the Left side, covering his left eye, and he wears a gray tunic which has some mithril imbued into it. For pants, he wears some old fashion jeans. He wears a glove that is says in elvish, "for the light". He carries his sword in his sheath(the thing that carrie the sword) in his left hand is his shield, made out of mithril aswell.

He wears nothing made out of iron, he always has his hude over his head, making a shadow to be unable to see his face.

Abillites: Shade-Able to fade in with the darkness when in the dark, everything, but his weapons fade with him.
Regeneration of Health: can only be used when in darkness.


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Name: Juli Carai

Race: Shadow Human

Age: 15

Appearence: Dark, but somewhat pale skin, Black hair, Blue Eyes, His Black hair looks longer on the Left side, covering his left eye, and he wears a gray tunic which has some mithril imbued into it. For pants, he wears some old fashion jeans. He wears a glove that is says in elvish, "for the light". He carries his sword in his sheath(the thing that carrie the sword) in his left hand is his shield, made out of mithril aswell.

He wears nothing made out of iron, he always has his hude over his head, making a shadow to be unable to see his face.

Abillites: Shade-Able to fade in with the darkness when in the dark, everything, but his weapons fade with him.
Regeneration of Health: can only be used when in darkness
Zeal: He has the speed up of all his powers
His powers get stronger when hes in the darkness, but he is the same as a huan warrior when hes in the light.

Personality: He is very serious about things, and barly smiles. He always seems to ignore people, and think most people are ignorant. Has a short temper against elves.

Bio: He just wakes up one day, he just has dreams of his past that seem very unclear. One thing is for sure, it has something with vampires.


Dec 17, 2004
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The center of Chaos, my house
Name: Ian Silverwing
Race: Dragonoid
Class: Monk

Abilities: Touch of Winter - on making successful melee hit, causes frostbite in a localized area on the opponent for a short time; the opponent is unable to use that part of their body for the duration of the effect (doesn't affect undead or constructs)
Cold Affinity - makes Ian immune to effects of cold
Dragon Breath - able to blast those in front of him with intense cold; damages oponents and freezes them for a short time
Flight - able to fly

Appearance: Tall and muscular, but with a slim build. Wears a pair of black silk pants. His feet are dragon-like with silver scales and black claws, with two frontal talons and one to the back. His hands are also claws, but resemble human hands more. They, too, are covered with small, flexible, silver scales. His fingernails are claw-like, also black. The scales extend down his arms and stop near his elbows. He has a tattoo consiting of odd, unreadable runes runnining from his right shoulder across his chest to his left hip, and around to his back, circling his body. He has strong human features, and no facial hair. His eyes are a pale grey, with no pupil. His long black hair is tied back in an oddly plaited braid that is bound with blue, black, and white threads. Sprouting from his back are a magnificient pair of silver wings, spanning at least 10 feet when spread.

Bio: Even Ian doesn't know his own age. He awoke roughly fifty years ago with nothing but the memory of his name and his ability to fight. He joined a mercenary guild to pay for his life. But slowly, he seemed to remember that he had been searching for something in his past, forgotten life. After gathering together a small amount of gold that would take care of him for a while, he set out into the world, trying to remember what was forgotten.


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The South
This is my main character for most RP's. I modify him slightly depending on the senario though so that he'll 'mesh' with the story. But his primary attributes are as follows:

Name: Arodion Grazznic, 'The Lightless'
Age: Timeless, but appears between 21-24
Race: Fallen Angel
Class: Dark Paladin with Canabalistic tendencies
Height: 6'
Weight: 152lbs.
Hair: Black, long locks.
Eyes: Pitch black except for silver pupils
Skin tone: A greyish white, similar to the color of dead skin.
Body structure: Slim, but with exceptional muscle tone

Fighting Attributes:
Katana 'Namara' - A singing sword, given to Arodion while he still dwelt in Paradise. Has a mind of its own that borders on Sentience.
The gauntlet of Sara'dun - A massive metal gauntlet on his left hand. Fused to his very flesh by the fires of Hell, this gauntlet has the jeweled Eye of Sara'dun, the Demon who made the gauntlet for Arodion, in its palm. Sara'dun's eye grants Arodion sight in any enviroment, putting a picture of the surrounding life force into the Angel's head. It also empowers the gauntlet and the hand within it with unnatural strength.

Elements: Unholy, powers of darkness and the void. Also has an affinity for blood based powers and spells

Armor and Clothing
Darkened Veil - A creation of Hell's darkest depths. A material made of the physical incarnation of shadows. The material mooves of its own accord, regardless of wind or motion. It melts and blends in with other shoadows, granting its wearer a form of cloaking.

Arodion's other attire is purely mundane. He wears a chainmail shirt hidden beneath a mass of belts strapped across his chest and forearms. His legs are covered in scale mail which is also masked beneath layered belts. High hardened leather boots adorn his feet, they're bottoms steel plated with short round spikes. An assortment of chains hang from the belts, some attaching to the sheath worn at his side, the others hangin freely at various lengths.

His wings stretch from his shoulders and half way down his back. The protude through his cloak but no tears or holes in the fabric are ever visible. Their black feathers rustle over the massed muscles. Metal daggers are buried in the flesh on the tops of his wings and lodged deep into the bones. All of them protrude just slightly above the feathers except two on the very wing tips that stretch out nearly a foot.

Arodion, like the rest of the angels, was created at the dawn of time, before earth, or humans or anything was brought into existance. Arodion was one of the Keepers, Guardians of heaven even though there was nothing to guard against. They stood their posts about Paradise and watched and learned more than any other of their fellow angles. Arodion was content with his existance, loved God and worshiped him with his fellows. When Lucifer rebelled Arodion was at the head of the charge to throw him and his followers from Heaven.
Soone after Lucifer's expulsion Arodion was appointed to guard Heaven's gate. From there he watched as God created the rest of excistance and then, slowly, watched Human's being formed. He didn't resent their favor with God, but he became fascinated with their frailness. Watched with wonder as Cain slew Able, shivered as he watched the masses drown in the great flood. Soon he found ways of escaping his post to travel to earth and test human's limits. He became the first of what humans called 'Demons'. His actions inspired Lucifer to unleash his followers upon the earth, an idea he had never thought of.
Arodion's ecstacy in sufering turned to a morbin lust. He would find dying human, lost in deserts or strving in the wilderness, and test the pure physical limits their body could take before dying. His actions would be unknowingly copied years later as the Romans, Chinese and Frech looked for new means of Torture.
He never considered his actions wrong, since human's were inferior to angels, but God's anger was growing agaisnt his rebel child. As Arodion was systamaticaly extracting a young man's organs one day, God's anger exploded before him. Arodion was knocked onto his back and pinned there, while God stripped him of his physical immortality. He was left on earth, never aging, never dying, but physically suseptable to pain and injury.
Hatred at The Father filled his essence, turning his eyes black, and tainting his wings with time. As bands of humans sought his destruction he turned to the only ally he could find, Lucifer.
The Fallen One adopted Arodion, brought him into Hell where he found new forms of torment, new items to aid him on earth, and a new found taste for human flesh. He returned to earth and began a personal war against God. Tormenting the innocent and slaying saints, only to feast on their flesh and spit their blood at God.
But with the centuries passing Arodion's hatred mellowed, he killed just for killing's sake and began a true life. Selling his aid to kings, traveling the world, seeking someway back to the power he once had. . .

Nicholas The Slide

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Name: Kakur Nashali

Special Abilities:
1. Ability to summon one dire wolf that does 3d6 (3-18) damage and lasts for two rounds of combat. If an attack is succesfully hit upon the wolf it goes back to the nether plane. This skill has a two round cooldown.
2. Ability to create a magical Sword of Storms, that deals 1d10 (1-10) lightning damage and is unblockable, however it only lasts for one turn. This skill has a two round cooldown.
3. Magical Barrier: it takes one turn to cast and one to tak4e full effect, but when it come into play, this barrier gives the summoner 50% damage reduction.
4: Magic Missile (D&D ripoff!): fires 4 magical missiles that do 1d4 damage each. has a one round cooldown

Origion: Kakur is an enigmatic half elf from the deep southern kingdom of Shrank'alia. This "barbaric" kingdon, as seen by some if the more "civilized" northern kingdoms is not the olace that you would normally see a summoner, or any type if spellcaster for that matter. the kingdon was a hive for thieves and barbarian warriors. Kakur, demanding respect because of his prowes with the magical arts, became the leader of the most respectable, and exclusive thieves guild.

Hair: Prismatic, depending on which way you look from, its a different color.
Skin: Steel Gray
Eyes: Mood Oriented (color chages with his mood)
Height: 6'2"
Build: slender, but deceptively strong.


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Joe's Garage.
Name: Il Duce
Occupation: Hired Gun.
History: After taking a certain delight in seeing his uncle die by his father's hand he began to learn the ways of a hitman. His father was one of the most well known assassin in their area. But when he was killed in retaliation for a hit he had pulled off against a rival family to his boss Il Duce left his hometown of Yorksher. He was 19 when he left his town and started to get more into robbery and common theives work. He joined up with a group called "FastHoof."

Never looking for revenge because he knew in that business it will always happen at one point, he left FastHoof to go as a solo killer. He now travels looking for work.

Abilities: Cleared eye- Increases his long ranged accuracy with firearms.
To arms- Summons a sword when in need of close combat.

Appearance: Stands tall with a trenchcoat covering his body and a hat sits atop of a head of white curly hair. Usually seen smoking a cigar with sunglasses and a thick white beard. Is equipped with 6 pistols strapped to his chest.
((see pic))

Personallity: A quite man who gets his job done with little problems. When on the job lives by two simple rules, no women, and no children.

torrid mind

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under the sea
might as well get back into this :)

Class: unknown
Age: 31
Appearance: she has the ability to change her appearance twice daily at will that will last up to 3 hours.
Usually she has a 2-foot pink chelseyhawk (Mohawk with little fringes all along the front and down the back. Purple eyes, short (about 5’1) red red lips, dark eyeliner, pink eyeshadow. Slender, slightly tanned,
Clothing: tight pink plaid pants, patches all over, boots that go up to just below her knee (armor), pink laces, tight black tank top, showing zebra bra straps, studded up leather jacket (also acts as armor). A chain hangs to her side. Large forest cameo backpack. Usually wearing headphones (she says the music helps her fight) pink leopard print gloves with studs (armor) pink sparkly large round sunglasses (look very 70’s)
Abilities: PICKLOCK
She is also very skilled with her smiley (chain with lock on it) and a crow bar.
Equipment: SMILEY
TWO DIFFERENT DISGUSES (quick and easy to put on and remove)
SMALL BAG OR RANDOM GENNERLLY NEEDED ITEMS (safety pins rubber bands etc)
LARGE BLACK RAT (raised from birth)
SMALL WHITE DOG (raised from birth)
Personality: she is pretty rowdy, always looking for a fight, it gets her in trouble sometimes. She loves to party. She tends to entertain those around her. It’s a little hard to get close to her but once you do you can be sure she will be there for anything you need, she is very compassionate to those close to her.
History: all she will say is she has been homeless since she was 16.
Feb 18, 2004
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Age: 18
Race: Human
Class: White Priest(but can let his values dissapear in the eyes of oppurtunity)

About 5'11" 150 very slender...Long elegant white robes with a red border over the hood. A white staff with a white chrystal inside of a dragons mouth. blondish brown hair, very, very light blue eyes with a hint of green and red. Very tan skin almost dark.

Coming from a middle class farming family, Omnislash has always wanted to travel and see the world. When his 18th birthday arrived he set off at once in search of adventure. He has been trained by the master magician of his village. The master magician also happens to be the village priest/healer.

Omnislash has great skills(hehe napolean dynomite) in the art of magic and manipulation. Although Being good, he does have his darker side.(hence greed,anger,lust and everything else that comes with being human)

Manipulation - Omnislash has a powerful ability that he was born with that he is not afraid to use. Since his upbringing was so pure he will only use it for good. Although there has been times when he has used it for his benefit.
He can twist others mind to do his bidding or flood horrible images into there head causing the victim to go insane.

White Magic:

-Holy- A crippling spell, a bright white light decends from the heavens and stikes his enemy.
Usage=As long as he is concience

-Heal- When cast, a warm presense travels throughout your body in your bloodstream. When the warmth comes across a cut or internal injury it cures on contact.::. Cure does not work for psychological problems.::
usage=about 5 times a day depending on Omnislash's health.

-White Blind- causes the his staff to burst into a bright white light that blinds everyone in a 40 foot radius except the caster. It can also be used as a signaling device.

-Esuana- Cures any Status effect like poisen, sleep, silence, etc.

-Protect- Casts a invisible shield that surrounds him and his allys.

This is all of Omnislash's spells he is hoping to learn more on his adventures and become a master of the art.


~Black Eternity~ This is the one dark spell Omnislash wields. He has be taught this by his father, and his father learn it from his father. A black knight fights by his side untill Omnislash dismisses him. Black Eternity has a Apocolypse sword which deals a massive amount of damage.
usage=Once a day

~Bearer Of Light~ This cures all who Omnislash wishes friends,or even himself.
usage-5 times a day

Omnislash is hoping to find a teacher of the summoning art, he wishes to learn more complex summons.

Companion- A glorious Phoneix named Paradise. Paradise is a lifetime companion who would/will follow Omnislash to the death. Omnislash found Paradise in the woods near his house when he was a young boy. He found that Paradise was injured and cast cure to try and heal hoping for it to work.(he was very weak at the time. Magicians still ponder of how he was able to cure Paradise) The spell worked and since Omnislash saved Paradise, Paradise vowed to stay by Omnislash untill the death. Over the years a deep
bond has connected Paradise and Omnislash mentally.(they can combine there magic to conjure tough spells, and add effect to the white magic spell cure. In rare cases when paradise is injured to the point of cure wont work, he erupts in flames and over nigth reborn from his ashes. If you ever see Omnislash you are sure to see Paradise right above.

Because of Omnislashs curiosity and will to learn, he can learn spells and abilities more easy then most Humans.


Jan 31, 2005
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NAME: Malice
RACE: Archangel
AGE: Unknown
APPEARANCE: His face is ever-changing in the eyes of mortals. He has a sword made of arcane light slung across his back. He doesn’t blend in very well because of the light that still radiated off of him but a cloak or too could do the trick. His wings when fully extended span his body height.
CLASS: Battlemage Angel
ABILITIES: Being impervious to disease or sickness he has a real weakness to other status effects.

Arcane blast: Malice can summon up arcane energy and send if flying at his enemies.

Teleport: Malice can teleport him and his allies touching him short distances.

Holy shield: Brings an arcane shield around Malice and his close by companions.

Hammer of Gabriel: Malice uses the hammer of Gabriel that does a respectable amount of damage and momentarily stuns his enemy.

Arcane Rain: Now being mortal this spell greatly zaps Malice of energy but does significant damage to his foes leaving his allies un touched. It is also rumored that those pure in heart or of the light magicks will become healed or revived. (This spell can only be used once a day or Malice will dissipate into nothingness)

STORY: Once an Archangel now an exile Malice is now in search of a way to redeem himself in the god’s eyes. Malice has been thrown out of the realm of the gods for attempting to steal the book of Knowledge. In addition to be thrown from the realm of the gods he has been transformed into a mortal being. It is said anyone who learns his real name will have full control over this Angelic being.


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first off i should note that "spiritual strength" refers to things such as a character's dedication to magic or religion, and "spiritual integrity" refers to alignment, a weak integrity being someone who is evil or corrupt

NAME: Azrael (name is not self-imposed, as it finds no use for a name, although it is what those who can detect its presense have called its)
AGE: over 8 millenia
CLASS: Spirit
RACE: Wraith
GENDER: N/A (was male in life, but has long moved on from its pre-spirit form)
LIKES: Suffering, pain, anguish, death, torture, and causing all of the above.. also enjoys happiness and life as it makes the eventual suffering to follow more enjoyable
PERSONALITY: Not so much a personality as it is a desire to cause and enjoy all that is painful and suffering
APPEARANCE: This ravenous entity has no appearance to mortal man, although it is not invisible. It exists on an entirely different plain, the spectral plain, which overlaps that of the commonly known corporeal plain humans and the like reside in. Existing on the spectral plain, it cannot be seen by any means by anything from the corporeal plain, although those with great spiritual powers can detect its presense, causing them very slight nausea, they can feel the presense of something horrid and dark on the spectral plain nearby. Those of the spectral plain, the souls of the dead, lack sight, but can feel what Azrael looks like.. a pure black essence darker then the void of death.
HOME/ABILITIES: The spectral plain is home to Azrael, which gives it some advantages and disadvantages. As stated above, it cannot be 'seen' by any means, but rather can be detected by certain beings. It can also not physically interact with anything on the corporeal plain- it passes through walls and solid objects like they are not there, and gravity is non existant. Spells, abilities, etc on the corporeal plain are completely null on the spectral plain and can not transcend the invisible barrier which seperates them, allowing Azrael the freedom of having no fear, and making it invincible.
ABILITIES- Azrael's abilities are not magical or physical, they are spiritual and draw their power from the spectral plain, which abides by its own set of rules.

Detect: Azrael can detect the spiritual integrity and strength of corporeal beings, allowing it to know when it is in turn detected by them, and how well, if at all, they can resist its will.

Teleport: Not so much teleporting as it is simply moving to it, the spectral realm allows it to move very freely in comparison to the restrictions corporeal beings suffer on their plain.

Absorb: Can absorb energy from the souls of the recently deceased. Doing so can not extinguish the soul, but if the soul is revived back to the corporeal plain at any time afterwards, the vessel it inhabits is rendered entirely void of all spiritual power for a short time as it grows stronger from the energy of life, especially magical abilities and resistances, although it leaves the soul integrity intact. Souls are unable to move, see, or resist anything, as they are completely powerless in the spectral plain regardless of their power before death, so there is no way a soul can counter anything it is the target of (as how it is unable to avoid being revived and such). Souls are, however, able to 'feel' in a sense, despite if they experienced emotion in their previous life.

The following abilities require some amount of spiritual energy to have been absorbed first to use, and that spiritual energy is released when the ability is used (Note that Azrael starts with no absorbed energy, and abilities which are cut short by whatever means simply sever Azrael's connection to the victim)-

Syphon- Using a small amount of energy and taking a few seconds to start, it allows Azrael to absorb spiritual energy from corporeal beings who are too weak to resist it. This usually means someone who is on the brink of death already, or so incredibly sick they cannot move. This ability will always make their condition worsen, although it cannot cause premature death, and it also allows the victim to see Azrael in its pure form.. a terrifying, ravenous void darker than the deepest black. If the target is somehow pysically healed enough to strengthen their spiritual energy after Azrael has started, but before he cuts the connection, the target regains all their spiritual energy back and Azrael loses what it used to start originally.

Whisper- Using a moderate amount of energy, Azrael can speak into a person's mind, making them hear voices beckoning them to do something. Those who have even moderate spiritual strength and integrity can pass it off as a trick, and those of great spiritual strength can easily tell it is Azrael speaking. Those who are of weak strength or little integrity, spiritually, can resist it, and those who are of both qualities will find it almost impossible to resist or be driven mad.

Beckon- Using a moderate amount of energy, Azrael can speak into the thoughts of a mindless creature for a second or two, forcing them to do what he says during that time, if it is basic enough they understand, and they are able. This does not work on intelligent or trained creatures.

Possess- Using a large amount of energy, Azrael can force himself upon another being for a few moments. This does not work on any being of great spiritual strength. Those of moderate strength can only be forced to speak what Azrael commands, but aware they are possessed by a dark presense for a few moments. Those of extremely weak strength can be entirely possessed for this time, being forced to do and say things against their will, and thinking it is their choice to do so.

Darkness- Instead of absorbing the extra energy from a soul, Azrael can instead force it to revert into its most basic form, darkness, which in turn makes the general vicinity become slightly dimmer in the corporeal plain; however, one soul's reverted energy cannot even be noticed. In order to affect a decent sized area with even near pitch black darkness, there would have to have been a massive slaughter, a bloody war battle, or something involving countless deaths.

Torture- After absorbing the energy from a soul, Azrael can further torture the soul with unbearable agony. This has no effect on the soul besides the unfathomable pain and suffering, and if the soul is revived into a vessel at any point afterwards, it usually retains an undying hatred for Azrael, and the being always remembers the horrors inflicted upon it, often instilling a fear of death in them that never fades, which pleases Azrael.

WEAKNESSES- Being bound to the spectral plain, Azrael cannot directly interact with corporeal objects. It can move instantaneously from point to point, but only does so when drawn to something (suffering, dying, death, pain, misery, etc), otherwise it has no way to know where other beings are that are not near it. Any being with great spiritual power and integrity can concentrate on their strength to easily hide these emotions and events from it (except for death, once a soul has completely crossed over it is impossible to hide), and those of great spiritual power but weak integrity can focus on their stength as well, although it has the opposite effect, making the person like a spiritual beacon Azrael would be hard to resist.. also, Azrael is left completely powerless without the absorbed energy of souls, and it uses up the energy when using an ability.

HISTORY- Almost nine thousand years ago, there was a human whom had a seemingly unlimited potential for the dark arts, surpassing his teachers and even the highest ranking mages in the land.. the ease at which he absorbed the most complicated spells like they were child's play frightened the high mages who forsaw him one day being able to overthrow their rule.. so he was dragged from his home at night by a band of elite mages, and taken to a nearby cavern where he was sealed off from using his powers.. he was constantly tortured.. mentally, as they made false reports he had been a criminal and fled the city, then came back to tell him how much he was hated.. and physically, over and over again with the most unthinkable methods, as they tried to break his spirit.. but it did much more the opposite.. consumed by rage, hate, and vengeance as he finally passed on months later, his soul was too dark to be consumed by the void of death.. it was darker than even death itself..


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inside my psyche
Damien Zarkovski

Name: Damien Zarkovski
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Human (genetically fused with vampire powers)
Class: Assassain
Weapons: .45 revolvers (2x), Serrated hunting knives (5x), Throwing Knives (5x)

Magic: Transform - Change into bat shape.
Fire shot - Ignites a bullet and turns it into a flaming shot.
Lightining shot - The bullet is supercharged with static electricity and changes the bullet into a bolt of lighting.
Self destruct - Ignites himself with fire until his whole body is engulfed by flame and then explodes for a radius of 100 yards.
Shadow - When it is dark where Damien is standing then his in invisible.
Physical: Wing sprout - His coat splits in two and turns into wings (Takes about 15 sec).
Blood sucking - Can drain the blood from and arteries.
Vampire immortality - Cannot be killed by anything other that stakes, holy magic, or a weapon with holy magic. He can be hurt to the point of death, but will not die.

Weakness: Sunlight: Unlike regular vampires, Damien doesn't get hurt by direct sunlight because he is half human. Sunlight does lessen the length of time that Damien can use his powers, though.

Appearance - Medium black hair. Medium blue eyes that are always covered by black sunglasses. Wears a blood colored trench coat with a split on the bottom. Wears one glove with metal piece over his right hand. His left hand is a gold metal robotic hand. He wears black boots with straps. Wears black baggy pants and a black long sleeve t-shirt.

History: He used to be a regular human. He was captured and used for illegal government testing. After 12 years of being on the lab table, there was a lab accident. The research was declared a failure, and the test subjects were thrown out and were to be disposed of.

After hearing of this from a guard Test Subject 218 (Damien) was outraged. Later that night, he snuck out from his holding cell and strangled a guard. After taking his handgun, he snuck out of the facility. Out in the city of Shar'tara, he was unused to all the people around him. He turned around to see the guards running after him. In panic he ran across the street never to be seen by the guards again.

Now with only one goal in mind, to get revenge against the head of the testing facility, he sets out to accomplish this goal.


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Jun 15, 2003
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Name: V'Kleta Und'rvachen
Race: Demon Ancient
Affiliation: Himself
Occupation: Mercenary

Appearance: A shapeshifter, he usually takes the form of a Centaur, with the part that would be a horse on a normal centaur being instead dragonlike. he is five feet tall at his foreleg shoulder, and about 9 1/2 feet tall overall. He is dressed in formidable war armor that deflects most blades.

Weapon Proficiencies: He's very good with the myriad weapons that are slung all over him. He mostly deals with scythe variants.

Spells: He mostly works with dark energy and his shapeshifting ability.

Bio: A bored demon with a thirst for violence, he traverses the realms in search of those who require an army slaughtered or a war won. He takes down entire enemy legions singlehanded, and on occasion takes assassination missions. Not exactly a team player, he tends to work alone, but has been known to attract people who follow him around and enjoy watching him work. He is very rude and abrasive, and has an utter lack of respect for the surrounding scenery. Generally the first time an employer meets V'kleta, he is first aware of a large hole in the wall that didn't used to be there. Then V'kleta comes in, lays out his willingness to kill, and gets his job.

The money he makes is usually split between his teammates, if there are any.
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