Zerg is weak overall.


Kaison said:
Its actually Archons < Guards...
Agreed, that is the typical situation result, but add shuttles, and arch/shuttle are an effective counter to guards (whether cliffed or not).

I have not followed this argument that much, but this part was imo important to add.

Also, competitive BW lies in the world of non-money. Money maps are not for competitive play, yes even BGH. There is a ton more strategy and timing involved in a non-money game compared to a money one - just my 2 cents...


-Azrael666- said:
yea i 4th.. zerg is the only race i play with and as far as i'm concerned it owns.. battlecruisers? lmfao i make 6 cheapo scourges and see how long you have a battlecruiser, especially if you throw in acid spores and plague, a couple groups of scourges can easily wipe out any massive scale air invasion completely and utterly.. ultralisks are a waste? i'd like to see your archons stand up to my 4/3 ultralisks, while they are being plagued and ensnared to boot.. i don't know if you're aware, but just massing powerful units with no concept of micro is one of the biggest newb mistakes there are.. and makes any race useless, including zerg

I LOVE THIS GUY, U ROCK! Just so u know, there is not one unit that is crap, not to mention a whole RACE, Zerg has amazing abilty to producce, reproduce, and even if u kill them, theyll just reproduce again. DS rocks...but i cant say protoss and terran suk...


I like fully upped hydras with 2 groups of guards over head.
And the best part is i can have max units in like 8-9 mins.
20nr= LOL
Throw in a good bc/carrier partner and its all over.


wreckinball said:
I like fully upped hydras with 2 groups of guards over head.
And the best part is i can have max units in like 8-9 mins.
20nr= LOL
Throw in a good bc/carrier partner and its all over.
were not talking about fastest map possible here you know...
the only money map we barely talk about it bgh because snagg insists on it sooooooo much
and no rules 20 is completely gay and faggy
might i add for noobs

secondly please let this worthless thread die... i beg you sincerely


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>.< whoever posted this topic is obviously a noob. if u have food micro u can probably own terran/toss.... and all i play is zerg and right now im

norm: 78-73
so obviously zerg is good if u can get 28-2 in ladder with them and no i wasnt vs noobs


Honestly, b.net ladder is a bullcrap.
Not only the maps are imbalanced, weak competition, and no one hardly plays it.
It used to be VERY VERY competitive and very active in the old days, but now it's just meaningless.

BGH is a very imbalanced map, and it is made strictly for 3:3, 4:4's, so it'd be pointless to talk about 1on1 bgh games.


It's not even balanced for 3:3 or 4:4. Nor is it a real map.

The real melee players (Lol) play legit maps, Snagg. Sorry.


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Zerg is weak overall.


anyways~ Zerg isnt weak overall.


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On 3 on 3 Bgh zerg is weak overall.

And it requires even more thought because macro becomes even more important.


Hm, let's see, same openings for every single game, same builds, same gameplay, and same story in the end.
How long have you been playing BGH hunter for, is that the only map you play? Just 1?

Macro is something everyone can do, but micro is not.
If you ever bothered to take a close look at BGH, the design is very very simple even a monkey can adapt to the map without even looking at it.
Just because you think you're so 1337, play bgh all day and win all games vs noobs, it doesn't make your opinions to automatically become facts.

Stop this shit right now because it isn't even funny anymore, seriously.
If I was a mod, the first thing I'd do is close this thread and ban your ignorant ass.

Go back to where you came from, because you have "US East" stamped all over you.


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Please resort flaming to the asylum.

So this thread has concluded that zerg is weak overall in bgh?


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zerg is fine.. u just need to learn how to micro
and most times at least one person doesnt have ne defense for their miners and thats where mutas come in handy


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Yeah, mutas, or, I dont know... the loving ability to move and drop your entire and usualy massive army with your infinite supply of overlords? This is precisely the ace of spade of the zergs, in my opinion; the ability to transport your units wherever you want with merely two upgrades, making static defences usless and scaring the shit out of the opponent when he knows you have that capacity.



Ever have 36 Zergs swarm through your base? 36 Zerglings can wreak alot of havoc.

I used the Zerg online once. I attacked my opponents base with 12 Guardians and 12 Ultrlisks. They eventualy did get wiped out but by that time I had taken down I would say about 1/3 of his base and quite a few units.

He sent a few air units and his remaining ground units to counter attack but it was a waiste. I wiped them out and sent my own air and ground units to his base and inflicted some more damage.

My opponent was using Protoss and all I did was wear him down unit by unit. Building by building.

The Zerg are not weak. I would say their greatest weakness is they have no long range ground attack unit to counter siege tanks or Reavers. Other than that, you get 2 or 3 dozen Zerglings along with a dozen Hydra's and Mutalisks, and you can cause some damage.

6-8 Guardians can repell even large scale ground attacks. 8-12 preferably if it's Protoss. Just keep some anti-air units around to protect them. All 3 races can be tough when used right.

Im more defensive so I build my bases and units around that. I primarily use hit and run tactics. Not much of a startegy I know but for the most part it has worked.