Zerg is weak overall.


Zerg is a very good race... they can pwn terran and toss with using the right strat and the dependency of the players skill. Its not just unit vs unit there is microing involved... zerg can take toss early game... lings + meta + burrow... dont forget zerg can also regen.. 12 lings being used by a good microer can take out a tosses base in about 4 min in the game wich is cosidered erly. Toss isnt goin to hav obs that erly and wit the lings u can easly attk and burrow and harrass thier units while doing that makin hydra and lurks and do a drop on the tosses base = GG


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Do you realize how old this thread is?
(sigh) You probably didn't know.

We need to get the SC/BW strat forum up and running again. The good old days.


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I don't see how zerg can beat anything. protoss and terran completely overpower it.

Zerglings? I once killed 5 lings with one zealot.
Lurkers? By that time people will have detectors unless you're newb. Tanks kill it. And basically it dies very quickly and very expensive.
Mutalisks? Costs a lot. Dies by a few turrets or cannons.
Hydralisks? Can't beat tanks and marines and medics... or dragoons and dts and zealots
Guardians? the protoss/terran was a newb to let you get so many guardians... and can be countered with anti-air.

The only thing that I can think of that's good is defliers with Dark Swarm. And even then by the time you tech that high. Terran and Protoss has powerful units like battlecruisers and archons etc.

Ultralisks btw are a waste of money.
Maybe you just don't know how to play Zerg, Zerg units really depend on each other, Some combo are very strong offense and defense. :arf::spin:


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I play terran mostly but still respect the zerg.
YOU just need to play them more and mabey look at some strategys for them I would not say that unless you have sheer hard proof. Or really good examples, for instance dont you think someone else would have noticed that. There wouldnt be pro korean zerg players if they were weak they would never be able to win.


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this thread is only old and inactive because ppl have moved on to other games.

i play zerg. they have excellent map control ability. their units are quick and cheap to manufacture and quikc with the exception of guardians. this is not to mention the defiler who is prolly the best spellcaster in the game. from my experience i find that zerg gets weaker as more people are in a team.


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I'm not gonna read this entire thread, but I'd just like to say agree that Z r slightly underpowed. They have less build options in ZvT and ZvP than do the T and P.

The OP however is completely wrong wrong wrong. 3 lings can kill a zlot with :/


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This is why I love Blizzard and how far they came to making the races equal as ever... There is no TRULY overwhelming, powerful race, they all have their flaws and goods, thats what makes it fun, so stop bickering..