X-Box Live Gamer Tags!!!


Melodic Murderer

Whodathunk it.

I play Fable II and Soul Calibur 4. I also have GTA 4 even though I never play it...as well as MKvsDC.


Let's fix it.
Not sure why exactly this thread was closed? Just opened it again to get some activity around here. I'm sure some people would like to kick the asses of their, er, friends around here. ^^

But seriously, if you want to play against me: GA Aurora
I'd like to play with some people who actully know how to play with other people, instead of just talking trash and camp all day. Currently playing Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2, but that should've been obvious, eh?

So yeah, let's give it a go. Kinda interested in seeing how well I do against other bf members.


Let's fix it.
Man I'm tired. Been playing Bayonetta all day.. Probably going to play some Halo 3 tomorrow. :)


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I play Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3. I also play NCAAF 2012, Avatar, GTA IV, and Minecraft. My gamertag is Brinq RipL.