X-Box Live Gamer Tags!!!


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Gamertag = SpAwNtHeKiLlEr

But don't bother sending me a friend request because the dumb parent account thing I have won't let me (should've never made a parent account) and I forgot the password to it. And even if I did remember the password it would keep saying there has been a problem logging in please go to passport.net if this problem continues. I tried to reset the password but I never made a alternate email address and I also don't remember the answer to the secret question. But then again I might have just remembered it.


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Screw you. I made a ****ing mistake so what.

Ok now I got a working xbox live tag, I had to get a new one, with no gamerscore points. But I need to buy a new membership.

Gamertag = SpAwNtHeKiLlEr3

It doesn't have to follow the same rules as everyother account. YAY!!!!!!!


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Spawn, you play Halo 2?

If so, wanna 1v1?

P.S. I've beaten a clan overlord who challenged me 1v1 11-5, he quit.


Gamertag= SunnyPwnJ00

I just recently got live so ive to finish all the games over again, so far iam playing Gears of War and Need for speed Carbon online.
XBox Live Gamer Tag: ShigShag90

Hardly on. if im on...i play Shadow run,Conkers Live And Reloaded, Halo2(Stealth Melee Moves:sly:)

T3h Sorrow

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XBox Live Gamer Tag: Jim DUBya

i only play Gears of War, getting on in like a hour or 2



Games: MX Vs. ATV Untamed (join the 10 or so people currently online!), Rockband (I am ****ty at drums & vocals, and my Strat doublestrums!), I am likely to be getting Bioshock/Halo 3/Mass Effect shortly. I have some best buy giftcards and money to spend.


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II xVaguEx II

My gold membership just expired, I'll probably be playing again this weekend or around there.

Right now I play on lllIIIllIIlllIIIIllll or something like that lol I don't even know what it is.


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gamertag = stoopid7

I play mostly Call of duty 4 but i also have halo 3.


I had to get my GT changed, XBL made "WTF" illegal in names, I think. Or maybe it was just my name. New GT is "KeepItiSquared".


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My Xbox 360 GT: DarkRider911

I have begun to surround myself with Halo 3 but I still play some NHL 08, Guitar Hero III, and the occasional Rock Band.