X-Box Live Gamer Tags!!!


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Currently I don't have enough ethernet cable to hook up my laptop and XBox, however that's coming... very very soon. I've already got the switch in my room, and soon I'LL BEGIN POONING ALL YOU BITCHES AGAIN!!!

Anyway, post up your XBox Gamertags so we can keep in contact.

Feel free to add me, but just remember that I'll be inactive for the next few weeks or so until I get some more money to buy a few more Cat5e cables.

Games I play only include Rainbow Six 3 (New one), and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. That list will grow however.

XBox Live Gamer Tag: coRtALoS


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XBox Live Gamer Tag: Zaku05

Right now I play ESPN NFL 2k5, Crimson Skys, and I should be buying a few more xbox live games within the next month.


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XBox Live Gamer Tag: claxton1337

I got CounterStrike, Rainbow Six 3, and then w/e game comes in from gamefly. :dance
Xbox Live Gamer Tag: Drag0nMage (With a zero)

I only have Mech Assult and Unreal Tournament at the moment...

And I don't play those much either. But I will be on Halo 2. ^_^


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Xbox Live OMG I DIDNT FOLLOW FORMAT: Akule (i think, i'll edit if wrong)

I only really play PGR2, and i will be playing mah halo 2 on it.


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Xbox Live Gamer Tag Vicious101

unless they changed the "you can only have 100 people on your firends list" then i only have 10 spots left ^^;;

i havent played in a while but im waiting for halo 2 well no shit on that but yea xD


Xbox Live Gamer Tag - MissTeeq I don't play XBOX that much though maybe if I'm bored.


Vicious101 said:
why the **** did you password it? :-/
Uh you need to password it. You know that 4 digit code crap...


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Akule said:
i gotta figure out how to get my pass back.

wouldnt it be stored on the save file for your account? just open it up and find the right codeing lol

im sure its in the xbox data net or something call up microsoft im sure they can help

l33t 0n3


I will only play Halo2 for now. Roar. Don't mind if I'm silent outside of the waiting page. My headset is broken and I have to hold it up to my face until I get more ducttape.