Who still plays?


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i play like if I keep playing something good will happen.


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Hi. I still play. :wavey.


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I figure most people are quitting these days, due to whatever reasons they have. Mostly for better games their friends showed them, I think. I quit to get rid of the addiction, and I sure as hell accomplished that.

Can we please shorten the Chitter-Chatter in this thread? Thank you sirs.


i don't :), and its been like 6 months since i even posted on bf. I think playing d2 for 5 years was enough. Now im on to a whole new sucky mmorpg


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I've played for almost 2 years....I still play...I don't know why....I have 2 friends left who still play with me......if anyone plays west, then I need some friends....yeah :(


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i play so much these days, its so fun but would rather play with someone, and help kill hell baal

If anyone play EAST LADDER plz msg me to play, my account name is 'ElectricKoolAid'

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i tend to on and off randomly...

here recently i havnt played in about...2 months *i tend to log on just to keep my chars alive, then get off*


I don't play anymore... I'm a war vereran... kinda... my friend is hooked on it and I give advice and to others.


wreckinball said:
play komodos private 1.10 server --- its fun stuff--- tons of new gear-- he made hell extremely hard so you kinda need groups to kill bosses--- most fun ive had on d2 in a long time
whats this about a private server??? didnt know you can have a private server... is it on classic as well???


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I play online from time to time. I had even formed a party with a few people. but then Something came up and i wasn't able to get on for a week and as soon as i got back on I never seen them again. So now I am stuck going in solo for now. So if anyone wants to play online with a crappy level 20 paladin or a level 1 druid e-mail me lol


Just Wana Say hi to all


i am new here

just wana say hi to all