Who still plays?


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So, of all the people that browse the d2 forums and are former mods or current mods, who still plays?


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i would play but my disk now says "this disk was intended for this purpose".i used same disks i always have too :(


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I could start playing agan, vbut it sure as hell wouldn;t be on East. My already crap connection sucks even more over there, sadly. :(


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I dont think any of the mods play except Radix.. (im just talking about regular mods)


play komodos private 1.10 server --- its fun stuff--- tons of new gear-- he made hell extremely hard so you kinda need groups to kill bosses--- most fun ive had on d2 in a long time

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i still play any one wana play with me? im on west. kinda got my account robbed of its items/chars so im starting over :/ feel godly buy rushing me :D but if u still wana play wit me i aint to bad i have had skullders tals ammy shako spirit shield and such so i no wat am doing my acc is georgie11-12-04


Yeah i was thinking about kicking my D2 Cd's back in my drive :)