STARCRAFT what race do you mainly use?

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Anytime, Bucko Johns. Anytime. Your hollow bravado doesn't fool me.
Just so you know, my vengeance can be enacted later in the evenings and late at night, which is when I'm usually on.

Bring it on, Bucko Johns.


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It'll be tomorrow night. Meet at the dusty pass north of here, and we'll duel. Old fashioned. WITH GAUSS RIFLES BLAZING!


For newbies and intermediate, i think people flock towards Protoss and Zerg.

Protoss has powerful beginning game (honestly, Zealots OWN)...

Zerg has a good rebuild speed and just mass units really fast.

Protoss needs 1 Probe to build with.

Zerg just builds with a Drone and forgets about it.
Both races are easy to defend with, (cannons, lurkers, whatever)

Terran is honestly quite difficult. Terrans have to either wall up with Depots and tech up to Factory really fast, or just make alot of M&Ms (good, but crap against Lurkers, even Zealots). Terran has to keep repairing their Supply Depots, and managing SCVs for Refineries and building and all that stuff. They got to micromanage their M&Ms and build Tanks and siege them, and micro their Vultures and Its JUST TOO MUCH WORK. Personally, I love Terran, but I just lack the concentration and reaction to control them. Terran has a beautiful variety of units, but its just easier to mass with the other races...
Yeah, I have to agree with you, Terran is probably the most difficult race to use to maximum effect, but potentially the most powerful. Science Vessels? My God, they're devastating . . .

One thing I've noticed, though (or maybe it's just me), is that the Zerg, ironically, are the most difficult to effectively rush with. Beginning portions of the game are a struggle to balance economy with defense for the slavering beasts, especially with the advent of M&M. Lurkers are really the Zerg's only saving grace against M&M. (And Lurks + Dark Swarm are the shiznit, yo.)


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I was halted from the battlefield by my internet. :(

Now I'm online. :D

M&M never seemed so devastating to me until...well, recently. D:
I was halted from the battlefied by my internet.
Lies and blasphemy!

By the way, what is you current race of choice, Darkmatter?


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I haven't gottyen a chance to ry Zerg (my mom steals my PC whenever I want to play, go figure) I'll try Zerg, then probably make my final decision. :D


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I usually play Humans or protoss.


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I tend to use zerg or toss most of the time
terran seems too weak to me


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straight up either toss or zerg


24 gateways, 12 robotics facility, 12 stargates


as many hacheries as possible, early hydralisk rush, with fully uped lings, later on i go with muts and gaurds, unbeatale nucca!!


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TOSS, this way I can MC and play all 3 :)



Protos-Hard hiting units. 12 Zealots can be tough to stop. Expensive units though.

Zerg-Good for resource war. Can wear down opponents easily. Siege tanks and Reavers cause problems for them.

Humans-Good for a defensive battle with bunkers and siege tanks. Battlecruisers rule. Nukes! Micro-managing can be a pain.

I mostly use the humans. They dont have the punch of the Protoss or be able to mass produce units like the Zerg. But to me they're more fun to use. Plus they have nukes!

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i use protoss, but their starting to get boring, i wanna learn zerg is getting boring overall

terran is awesome, marines and medics with tanks and a vessel or two are good.


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IMO nukes aren't used most of the time. Unless...nuke rush :O.