STARCRAFT what race do you mainly use?


go back to the asylum... you suck at non-asylum...

In melee, which I rarely play, I use Terrain or Zerg, depending on my mood.

I usually play ums games, but sunken defense kicks ass, so I guess zerg

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I played Terran. My father is a much better Zerg player than I am. We both aren't too great with Protoss. I mainly play terran because I find the units available for the race the easisest for me to use. I can't micromanage Dragoons at all, and the resource strategies for Zerg are quite different from that employed by Terran players.

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lol just as planned
terran player i am i go BOOM TANKS and htey go :(


I usually go random to increase my skills(if I still have any) of all races. I like playing with Zerg because of the potential blood bath the Zerg race can create or be in.


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i like the protoss the zip in with carriers then they get wiped :(


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zerg = horribly bad at it, so bad, you'll laugh your ass off..
protoss = best with it, picks it usually in teams
terran = uh.. ok i gues, but still suck

Overall - I still suck.


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I think Terran is a difficult race to get used to but if your apm is enough,it 's a great race


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I tried RTerran yesterday. Just played my cards wrong. :(

Maybe it's Toss? Only way to find out is to keep playing heh.
I draw my lot with the Zerg. Lurkers are so darned lovable, especially in early games against Terrans without substantial siege back-up and especially without science vessels.


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Meanie. I had a force of units that couldof stopped you, but Nuke killed them. :p

We'll play some today if you're on! =D