Heroes of Newerth Beta thoughts, questions, and answers


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May 30, 2003
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unlike most of the responses here im not going to complain that its a dota knockoff. they dont try to hide it, they openly admit it, you know this going into the game.

anyone who has a problem with that shouldnt bother in the first place, why play it if your just going to complain about the obvious concept of what it is?

"i dont like first person shooters. lets go grab a FPS and then complain how it sucks because its a first person shooter"

-The graphics are very nice compared to WCIII dota, very vibrant and crisp
-The gameplay is much more fluid and responsive in my opinion, some have said they dont think so but i deff feel a better response
-a few new heros and items (i think items? havent gotten that deep into it yet) to add a bit of newness to the game
-anti leaver system seems to work wonderfully. this probably wont help so much once the game becomes public but its working GREAT in a closed beta. this by far makes it totally worth it to me. I hated WCIII dota for the simple fact that half the players leave before the games over -every time-
-the rejoin feature is awesome.

-its so similar to dota, that while playing your drawn into your dota habbits of knowing where everything is and how everythign works, but its just different enough to COMPLETELY mess with everything you try to do because of it. i think this has a larger learning curve than new games simply because your not only playing a new game, your trying to play an old game but cant and have to break old habbits. i constantly looked in the top right to view my gold, or the bottom right to assign skills. Constantly reading every hero i can during hero select to try and spot a "familure dota hero". I spend forever at the shops trying to distinguish what items are what. there should be a better sorting, maybe instead of by shop like it is now, change it to by type (Agility, Str, Mana, Misc, etc etc for example) which i see they have attempted to do a bit but I havent fully grasped it

Other thoughts:

id like to see a couple new features to make it more "fresh" fromt he original dota, maybe just a few new heros / weapons or something. Afterall, since it IS a duplicate, you shouldnt have to spend so many resources on the pre-existing character roster, giving you the ability to make a messton more imo

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Jun 9, 2003
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After ~50 games you get used to the shoping, the general UI, and youll learn most of the heroes if not all of them within the first 100 games.


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Jul 27, 2012
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One of the best MOBA games I've played. I don't care that it's a remake of DotA. Who said that there can only be one MOBA game out there? Sometimes gamers just don't understand competition.

Why else would S2 Games blatantly say that the game IS based on DotA?