Heroes of Newerth Beta thoughts, questions, and answers


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I wish i have to beta key to try the game .From the video at youtube, i think the game nice to play .


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HoN has a perfect graphics and effects..but rylai and lina became male, it makes me disappoint :(... but still I need to play this game. Buying an items is more convenient..^_^ i love it


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Will dota close because of this ?? and its lagacy will be continued by HON ??

Yey another hero came out the hero version of death prophet awesome but when I saw the new look of blood seeker aka blood hunter it looks frikishly brutal but frikishly ugly I like the old look better cool and deadly not like Mad and angry


How do I nexus?
I never played much DotA to begin with. Though I really do like HoN in it's current state, even though I'm a horrible player.


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The new hero Scout is basically my favorite :D i enjoy playing him (though its sometimes hard and u will be killed a lot), but usually it all works out with him..

This is my last game on HoN. 15/1 score :p



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what happens to HoN when it turns closed beta?
will it be free to play or it will have a monthly basis...?
please reply THANKS!


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"NDA Lifted!
All testers are free to not only talk about HoN, but post all the screenshots, media, and movies they want. Have fun!
Posted By: Fielding @ 9-08-2009 02:05:01 AM"

Just to make it clear with admins/moderators that modded my post to remove the screen and gave me the warning ^^ :)


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HON= faster paced dota, with better graphics and some new heroes o.o
I like it, the interface and options look nice it just takes a few games to learn it.