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The graphics are a lot nicer, that's pretty much it.

Don't really like having to figure out which hero is which and which item is which in comparison to regular DotA, not to mention half the people who play are baddies. It was a nice switch for awhile just because of how boring DotA had gotten, but it lost it's novelty value pretty fast.


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Tried 3-4 games -its really confusing for me - most heroes look the same(prob just me) and hard to really figure out the items and the recipes. Gonna stick with Dota.


Scout is definitely my favorite character.

And Pandaren, there's a guide on the official HoN forums that outlines the similarities item for item and hero for hero.


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Hon FTW :D

Its like a dream come true. Dota with awesome graphics! :D

i wonder if icefrog approved it

I heard theyre making a hon-like game called league of heroes but HON is betterr

i cant wait for the HON strategies to come out. itl be so fun!

dont critisize Hon so much. i mean like, someone finally had the guts to pull out a standalone dota game.

it would be cool if Hon got help from icefrog, i mean, icefrog has been our grandmaster and creator (dota of course) and has been updating the game.

I recomend everyone to try out Hon its a good game guys!

League of legions doesnt look bad, but it doesnt look too good either.


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i rlly like formt he videos in HON how you just go hey thats like rhasta or jugg etc, and it just looks amazing and love all the additions to make it so emersive. i like the idea of multiple maps so things dont get to repetitive. overall for dota lovers this game just says addiction put into overtime.


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I played a little at my friends house today. It was pretty sweet, I cant lie. I really want a beta key so I can get into the action. Better graphics, and a lot more controlled fighting styles.


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I played a little at my friends house today. It was pretty sweet, I cant lie. I really want a beta key so I can get into the action. Better graphics, and a lot more controlled fighting styles.

agree 100% but the number of heroes just......... whatever


is ....listed
just asking

is the secret shops still back at its original places?
Are the heroes/heroes abilities pretty much the same, or did they switch things around a bit
There are a few unique heroes like the Electricutioner and some newish heroes like Arachna whish is basically Drow Ranger with silence replaced with temporary magic resistance and her ultimate replaced with a weaker version of Viper's ultimate. Then Kraken/Leviathan ported over except Kraken Shell was replaced by a move that does damage and charges forward and his Ultimate is no longer an AOE stun, but a spell that he casts and it forms a pool at the casting location and then after 5(?) seconds anyone around him at his current location will be sucked to the cast location with him.

What heroes have been added that are from DOTA (more are still being added) are relatively unchanged save for a few.

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I just heard about this game recently even though I've been playing DotA (and sucking at it) for a good year now, and even though I suck at it, if it is DotA with better graphics and hopefully better controls then I can't wait to have a chance to try it out. Problem is I need a beta key and need to make 15 decent posts before I ask xD. Surprisingly, I found out I've had an account on here since January 2003 that I wasn't even aware of, probably joined back when I was playing Diablo 2.


this is 80% similar to DotA.... zzz.... 20% is items name, hero name and model >.< i played 1 game and felt like a newbie :(( it took me 15 mins to find the recipes and the required items :)) lolz ... and when i figured out the way... the base has been destroyed -.-

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Hmm, so the shops aren't in the same place? I've seen a couple of pictures and it seemed that map was pretty much identical to DotA. Are any of the heroes different and what heroes have been added?


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I have one question, when I played Dota there were Orb effects and i am interesting is there anything as orb in HoN ???

because here you can combine some items that you cant in dota


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Their game mechanics can allow multiple orbs, unlike WC3's engine, however orbs don't stack in HoN for balance issues.


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i saw some vids on youtube, and damn it really does look like dota.
does anyone have like a log of wht is different? O=