Giving away 3 free Starcraft 2 cd keys --unused--


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hi i am in the middle of school and do not have much money to spend on games or other things, i would really love too get one of these keys as i have wanted starcraft 2 for about 2 years now.


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Hi! I'm really poor please help me to forget for a little time all my problems by permitting me to play Starcraft 2, I'm still doing the demo again and again and it's really getting boring at least. Thank you to be generous with us, peace :acclaim:


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U should give one to me because i bought the game and then my older bro then took the only account u can make and thats bs. he never bought me one or thought about it he just gave me the guest cards that is all


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I dont have money to buy StarCraft and i have been playing the starter edition for a looooong time. and everyone i play with online is a protoss or zerg. i cant be one of them because i need the full version. Please give me one although i kinda think you dont have anymore.:acclaim:


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For past few years I've been playing Blizzards games since I was able to use computer. I got all those games from my uncle since I was 7 years old, I always love to discover those great lore in every single game made by Blizzard company. Which are Diablo I, II and III, Warcraft I, II and III, Starcraft I and Starcraft II in starter edition, and World of Warcraft.... etc. Playing these games enriches part of my life (apart from learning), as we all can see Blizzard's fantastic work on game designing and background works like musics, stories or even artworks. Sometimes I provide suggestions on these details while playing beta version or retail version in my mail to blizzard. Discovering, learning and feedback.
I'd like to explore more about SC II lore and you can have the choice of making me able to, if you really do I'd be grateful.
Hope these reasons are good enough for you :)
This is my Email Address: , either you're giving it or not, I'd like to be a friend of yours seems you're a generous person.

Neki :)


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I actually am in Iraq working for my ambassador. We've only been here for 2 months. I bought this game from a street vendor here but there's no game key there..I tried to download the update but since my connection is lousy it always disconnected at certain point of download (in Iraq internet connection fully wireless. no land line here).

Please good sir, be kind for me by giving me your game key and advise to play this game. My only entertainment are books n internet/games. So again please be kind and I 'll pray God will bless you for your kindness.

Thank you.


If this is not allowed, would an admin pm me and I can work something out, otherwise I'll just take my generosity to another forum.

My friend's dad runs an advertisement company and they advertise for companies like Blizzard and EA. I can't give you his name due to privacy issues.
Anyways, I get free games all the time from him for promotion reasons. His son is in my Boy Scout troop and we are very good friends. He is in his 50's and doesn't have time for PC games (lol) so I get them free from him. These are retail game copies.
If you would like a cd key, please explain why you deserve one. Any stupid stories like "my dog died" or "going to iraq and want to play a computer game one last time" or "i'm so poor that i can't afford to buy it but i have internet right now" will be ignored.

Also I have 3x extra Bad Company 2 cd keys too if anyone wants them. Great game that is out and I am currently addicted to. I also have 6 invites for SC2 too that are up for grab, great for training so you don't suck after you make a new account.

Picture of SC2 game @

Screenshots of the SC2 keys:

Screenshots of the BC2 keys:


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I deserve a free sc2 cd key because I had one then my battle net account password changed it self and so did my name I had sc2 attached to it but now I do not have one and I really whant to start casting sc2 games (if you do not believe me then go to my channle) so I really need one so could you please send one to me at [email removed by Admin] thnx x)


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I am a true starcraft lover and i still have starter edition, i'm really sick of it i wanna upgrade game to play with all race & finish campaign. Please i would love to get SC2 CD KEY. THANK YOU!!!!! Sorry for my bad english :wavey:
My email: [removed by Admin]