Giving away 3 free Starcraft 2 cd keys --unused--


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If this is not allowed, would an admin pm me and I can work something out, otherwise I'll just take my generosity to another forum.

My friend's dad runs an advertisement company and they advertise for companies like Blizzard and EA. I can't give you his name due to privacy issues.
Anyways, I get free games all the time from him for promotion reasons. His son is in my Boy Scout troop and we are very good friends. He is in his 50's and doesn't have time for PC games (lol) so I get them free from him. These are retail game copies.
If you would like a cd key, please explain why you deserve one. Any stupid stories like "my dog died" or "going to iraq and want to play a computer game one last time" or "i'm so poor that i can't afford to buy it but i have internet right now" will be ignored.

Also I have 3x extra Bad Company 2 cd keys too if anyone wants them. Great game that is out and I am currently addicted to. I also have 6 invites for SC2 too that are up for grab, great for training so you don't suck after you make a new account.

Picture of SC2 game @

Screenshots of the SC2 keys:

Screenshots of the BC2 keys:


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I am not really poor, nor am I having any trouble in life; I do however work my ass off every single day to pay for my university fees :) So I deserve to be rewarded in some way (yes, the education is a reward... but still) so I don't go insane over the next few months.

Furthermore, I put lots of time into this community, moderating, contributing, helping out the beginners etc. Good old 2003...


I think i deserve to get a Starcraft 2 game CD key because I'm like a super nice person to everyone i meet. My friends parents wont pay for his world of warcraft subscription or any of his computer games so i pay for it and the games for him out of my own money from work and i think i just deserve a break for once from buying ocmputer games. lol. Im not trying to say that im poor or have no money its just that i bought so many computer games for me and him both that i get a little break . thanks for taking the time to read this and have a nice day


I would really appreciate a Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty key if you could spare it. I am an avid gamer, whereas my wife is a casual gamer. I want to try to get her involved in Starcraft 2, but she would not allow me to spend the money on the game as she would feel guilty since we are saving up for our first home. I would ask you to kindly allow me to have one Starcraft 2 CD key so she would not feel bad about playing. She's been wanting to play yet doesn't want me to spend the money. It puts me in an awkward situation, but you could help fix it. Thanks for reading.


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Well first of all, im a hardcore gamer and have been playing StarCraft since it first came out. Damn StarCraft 2 is so good but I only got to play 7 hours of it since I got the guest pass off a friend. I really want this game but is there any point of purchasing it from the shop when I already have the game but just need a cd key? :s Just 1 unused cd key will make me so happy so yeah... Thanks.


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Hey, I am not sure if you have given away these CD keys yet but I thought I would ask and find out. My friends own this game and I played the beta for a good while with my brother until it finally came out. I know you said not to play the broke card but I will be the first one to tell you that I don't have extra cash laying around. I am currently a senior in college, and thanks to college I am in a good bit of student loan debt.

I am a young jazz musician and I play a lot of bars and places like that on the weekends to scrap for some extra cash to pay bills. I am a vivid game enthusiast, and aside from being a redneck jazz musician who likes working on his trucks, I still find some time to get some gaming in with my friends. I am actually interested in the COD BC2 key too if you still have them available, my neighbor plays this game and it is quite bad ass. If you can do anything for me I really would appreciate it. I actually saw this and decided to make an account just to reply to this thread hoping that I have some good luck here.

Thank you for taking the time out to do this (even if I don't get a key.) Your generosity is appreciated amongst us gamers.


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so do you still have those 3 starcraft 2 keys? (i bet 100 billion euros that you don't have them anymore)

but anyway, i think i deserve a starcraft 2 key because starcraft 2 is an awesome game. i want to buy it but i feel ashamed to ask my mother money and go to the store to buy it. im chinese, and you know how some chinese parents are, my parents only want me to stop play video games and focus on my study, but i want to play anyway, in secret. So obliviously im not gonna ask for the money and storm out of the door and come back with a copy of starcraft 2, it wont work. plus im going to college soon. i COULD use the money in my debit card to purchase a copy, but my mother said that what i have in my debit card is for my whole four years in college, if the money in my debit card runs out, then im screwed. unless i got a part time job. (im waiting for a battlechest collection with all three games in it anyway, and i know that is not gonna come out anytime soon)

another reason is starcarft 2 is an awesome game, right now i play the pirated version with Bnet bypass hack, but i really want to play people online. after i played the first few mission in the campaign, i realized this game is pretty good in the RTS genre, it's way to awesome to be pirated.


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First of all, thank you for sharing the keys, I was actually wondering if there was people doing this. I played the beta alongside a friend, he bought the game in order to get into the beta and play with me, from copper we reached silver until the beta stopped. He gave me the 7 hour guest pass and I have already depleted it.

To be sincere I will not post on this forum, even though you give me the cd key. I will not post on this forum (I want to be honest, maybe you will base your decision mistakenly thinking I will continue posting on this forum) simply because I would not contribute with anything interesting since I am just posting for the cd key.

To put it short, I want the cd key because I would love to play with my friend (Megaboss in case you want his nickname, maybe you are intrigued o_O lol) and continue progressing through the ladder.

Thank you.


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Hey man, wondering if you still got those CD keys? I downloaded the game thinking I'd be able to play offline without a key, thought wrong. So now I am stuck hoping for a gift from god. I don't want to BS you about why you should choose me but if you do I would be like a kid on Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to do this. :D


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I do think is Not Suitable to take the code, people Worse Than That ay me, I'm not poor.I love computers and games But the Unemployed in Spain Lately Increaser much we are at 20% Unemployment and it is very difficult to find Not parents do want to buy anything Due to my success with my estudios.Search codes for SC2 to play online, as There Was none, desperate to find this page in Español and press the translator, and I found this post you write as is life and if you're lucky you get to the code.No think I will try to play But nothing Happens and it's free! And thank you very much for this Opportunity Giving

PS: I am Spanish and not English translator internet write with what a fool I Spent two hours to make the text UnderstandableXD


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I deserve a Starcraft cd key because my brother has one and, well you know how it is with brothers, he is constantly going on about how amazing he is and being the younger brother all I want to do is destroy his ego :p.


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Good time of day, I'd like to get a key for Starcraft 2, I'm originally from Russia, and you might know about the situation here. Because of the marketing policy of the company Blizzard, it is impossible to purchase the full version of the game (no monthly fee) on sale only 120 daily and annual publications, after the expiry of the subscription game will not be able to run and have to buy another 1 disc or card payment. It's a waste of money, believe me, I would like to purchase a full version, but its just not for sale, we are unfair sharing. If you will send me just 1 key I shall be very grateful, and you have helped me unspeakably. If you decide to send me a key, please send on mail

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(Well. Might as well give it a shot ~_~)

Hey ya'll~ I'm 20 this year. Chinese, Female. Was originally from Taiwan, but I shifted to Singapore along with my family to accommodate my dad's working needs.

Uhm. My excuse for 'out-deserving' all the others who have posted before (and after) me? Err. Well. I'm not exactly poor. I don't have egos to burst, nor have I any situation where it'll prevent or delay me from getting myself a copy of SCII. (Guess that probably puts me at the bottom of your list already, huh? xD)

I do however, have a genuine interest in gaming. But not so much of it that I'll spend a hundred bucks on a single DVD. It's hard pressed coming from me, especially when just 4 years ago, I used to be one of those prissy, ignorant girls who thought Maplestory and AuditionSEA were the ONLY games that exist. A great (guy) friend of mine saved me from that world, and got me into the world of RTS gaming.

Warcraft III was my first love, and has been for the past 3 years or so. And now that Starcraft II's here, I SO want to have that love-at-first-sight feeling again. Trailers can only provide so much, and I want it to take it a step further and share my bed with it every single night <3

If you would allow me to, that is xD



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so do you still have those 3 starcraft 2 keys? (i bet 100 billion euros that you don't have them anymore)

dude u should say u dont have em nemore an totally collect on this

(100 billion euros is ALLOT of $)

($ = CASHH!!!!)


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I'm sorry about this post and I don't want to sound like a greedy little child but does anyone have any idea when this competition is finished so I don't have to keep checking the website? Thanks

AC3 0F St33L

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Ok here's my story.... I am a stay at home dad so money's a little bit slow, with a 2 yr old runing arownd. lol I traded alot of stuff to get a pc for my gaming stuff, when nap time hit's it's Hello Star Craft Blood Wars. Upgrading to Star Craft 2 would be a dream for Me. $60 bucks would go a long way for dippers, jucie, and Lil'smokes for my son's brackfast lol... He loves them things good!! Thank you for taking a moment to read this.


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I have no clue if the keys are still available but it's worth a shot. i'm in high school so i still live with my parents. my parents have a lot of rules. i can't go out on friday nights, and definitely no video games like consoles (xbox 360 ps3, etc.) i'm an honors student with good grades. i really try hard in school to make my parents happy but their never satisfied. i've literally lived my life doing what they wanted my to do and trying to make them happy. i played starcraft brood war once and really liked it and when i asked my parents to buy me the game for christmas they said no. i would buy the game but with no allowance, no car (not old enough), i can't. so i really want to do something for myself like having fun even if it is just starcraft 2. please i really would appreciate it if you chose me so i can have some kind of freedom to do what i want. thank you for your generosity


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Well...this is a hard job since it have been a while since you offered this but anyways.... I would like to have one cd-key because I couldn't buy the game by myself.. I mean, I have the money, however I had to focus on ohter stuff in my life in order to -lets say- have a better life. I know 60 euro is not "that much" However I needed to spend them on, as said before, needings such as transport, food for summer university activities, etc..

I know it is easy to read this description and start laughing, sayint hat I lie etc.. The fact is that I would like to be in that position.. i mean, laughing.. hope it would be fake hehe.. Just registered here because saw your announcement,, and well, wanted to give a try to it.

Anyways, It is really appreciated how some ppl around the world still worth it. Good luck in life and that :)


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Hey, I don't know if you still have them, but I could really use one if u don't mind. My parents have me on a short-ass rope, and I can't do anything. It was like that in high school and i got great-ass grades, but they never let me have a gf or go to a party, cuz i needed to get into a good school, so i didnt and got into college, and as soon as i got there, i went crazy, i had a blast, even thou i dont drink or smoke, I met a crap-load of people, got plenty of gf's, skipped class, and wasted time just to party and get with every single girl i saw; basically 4 years of high school fun in one college year. Now, my parents are making me take time away from college, they are even more strict now, are forcing me to work at 2 jobs as well as take private classes from my old high school. The only time I can chill is when i sneak in a 2-hour video game session, but playing budokai tenkaichi 3 over and over is really getting tiring, especially when i cant beat da computor on hard. Help a bro out, plz? I tried a guest card from ma friend and I fell in love with the game, I'm still in the crappy section of bronze, but I'm not getting tired of the game at all, and my only 7 hours r up. Thanks


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I'm gonna have to say _CM and CelestialBadger have the best arguments for getting these keys.

CelestialBadger has shown an aptitude for understanding that Euros = money = $. I think this can clearly be seen in the following statement:

(100 billion euros is ALLOT of $)

($ = CASHH!!!!)
This man would bring a level of respectability to these forums and to your keys by understanding money, and how it converts into $ so easily.

Lastly, _CM is the sexiest woman to post in here so far.