Giving away 3 free Starcraft 2 cd keys --unused--


Cui YiChao


I'm a StarCraft 2 player in China.In the old days,I was always playing the game using the beta version. In China,the beta version can only play with AI. But only AI is not enough, I need to play with real players to improve my skills. StarCraft 2 has already appeared on the market in America. But not yet in China.I really need a cd key to play the game on line. If you can satisfy my wish , it would be a great help.
If you really want to help me, please send the cd key to my email.My email address is
Thank you for your generosity.


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D2hacker, you are the person I have been searching for!! I am a 16 year old boy who lives up here in Alaska. I have 3 other siblings, and my parents have shipment jobs. Because of this, my family cannot afford such luxuries such as video games.

I had to do the same exact thing as this right now to get a beta key a couple months ago. Thankfully, someone was generous enough to hand a beta key to me. I love Starcraft II, and this is the only way to have fun in Alaska. There is seriously nothing else to do up here. I only have a few friends from school, but it's not nearly as much as I would like. Nobody would live up here (unfortunately I HAVE TO).

I hope you answer my plead. Thanks BRO!


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I really want to play this game but do not have the money to spare for buying this game. All my friends are already on it but I could only play with AI everyday. I'm living off my parents so I don't want to spend their money on my leisure but will be great if I get to join my friends for some SC games. Cheers

Pick me ! Choose me ! PM me !!!



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Hello d2hacker88!Explanation: Firs of all I'm a very big fan of the StaCraft games since first SC (not even BroodWar).On 27.07.10 i was in europe with my wife (no childrens yet: ) , on a "nuclear lucnh party" :) I buy a game but maked a serious mistake forget about the different regions problem , because last time when I buy a SC game was in the distant 1998.So now
I have a ratail copy fo the game but I can play only in EU servers , wich is so bad because of lag.I can play only 1v1 games without a serious laging :) , but I love a 3v3 and 4v4 games (because i like an team sports).Other problem is that I can't play with my friends because they are on NA server - me on EU.I don't want to give a Blizzard more 60 buks (wich are deserved) because i have the copy of the game and copy of SC and SC:BW , think I gave em enought:)So if you pick me up for the prize I will make a gift (my account in for my cousin in EU , becouse he can't buy the game ("i'm so poor that i can't afford to buy it but i have internet right now"-sorry man in European countryes still what of fact for pity) and with thise your decision you can make happy 2 peoples :) Think about that man :D Anyway the contest is good and high-minded I wish a luck for the all of the contestants and I hope to take one of the NA copyes.And in the end sorry for my written American , wich is not so good. ;)


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Hello I am a 22 year old gamer, I have been gaming since I was about 14, and the reason I believe I should be graced with a CD Key is I am currently going to college, I am also married, and my first born child is 3 weeks old now.

Between costs for School, living(gas, food, power, etc.) Doctor bills, and Insurance, my family has enough to get by, but not enough to just drop on a $60 game, all of my single friends own the game and if anyone here has kids or a GF/Wife you know what its like to want to just take a little time for yourself on occasion.

That's my bit thanks for your time.


Hi, i´m from Venezuela, i saw your post since i was googleing for keys and registered. I just downloaded the game because there's a free trial promotion this weekend for the latin america region. I've been a big fan of starcraft I since i was 13, im now 23 years old, a friend of mine gave me his cd-key because he eventually grew bored of the game, but i didn't and i played the game on for 5 years, and then a couple years more with ICCUP, i recently started to watch korean pro scene and you may guess it was exciting for me to know that SC2 was on the way and then released. But so far, 2 things have kept me from playing this game.

One is that i didn't have even the minimum system requirements for it, but i recently paid for a good video card, i can play with minimum settings now at least since i still need a new mother board for the processor thingy, i have to save like 3 more months to buy that, but nevertheless all i care is to play not the quality of the images. Second, buy the game. This one is more difficult for two reasons, the trade parity with our currency the Bolivar and the restrictions to buy dollars, the goverment (the ****ty one we have, i don't know if you know who is Chavez, just google him in the news tab and youll see what kind of person he is) has restrictictions for the purchasing of dollars, the agency that takes care of that just give each Venezuelan 400$ a year and with a lot of restrictions (one is a credit card which currently i dont have, i supposed i have to use someone else dollars to purchase it) and is difficult for me to find dollars now since my mother spent all of hers, these restrictions created a big black market for the dollars, which currently cost 2 times more of what the government assign you, so 60$ is 492 bolivars, and thats the equivalent price of one month of food for a 3 person family, so dollars are costly, and besides that you have to pay the game with a credit card since shipment for personal stuff is like impossible from USA to here.

So i have to find some stranger, pay a lot of money to him, and ask to use his credit card and all that stuff for me to finally buy the game, so i'm asking you a big favor here, i don't know if you already gave the keys but is worth the shot, please if you read this send me a message, even if you dont want to give me the key, so i know what i can count on, thanks bro, sorry if i misspelled something.


I am a hardcore gamer and I play starcraft since it first came out. StarCraft 2 is so damn good, but I only got to play 7 hours of it when It was run on my friends home. I really want this game, but it is not the time to buy at the store because there are no any offers.


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Hi, first of all I just want to say thanks for giving away there CD keys! u are such a nice person! Most people will just sell them on ebay or something. I started playing starcraft on the free weekend when my friend kindly let me borrow his Starcraft disk. I am 14 and I really really want this game! I have never bought any Pc games because i just can't afford them. The only game iv'e played is runescape(lol I know it sucks but at least it's a multi player game) I played runescape when my friends started to quit so now I play without my friends playing. Starcraft has suddenly been a hit and now allot of my friends have bought the game, I really really want it but my mum says i should spent my money on something else. And also 1 more thing recently my home was destroyed from the Christchurch earthquake the outer wall was damaged, my younger brother is still scared I was going to buy starcraft for him and me but i gave all my money to my mum and dad. My brother really likes games like starcraft and goes to his friends' house but recently we had to shift and now he can't play any games. If you could give me and my Brother a Starcraft 2 CD key it will be greatly appreciated. thank you for giving such a good opportunity for everyone. Thank you


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Dude i received a copy of starcaft 2 for chrismas and imediatley joyed i opened it up and stuck it in but my internet was down in my computer. so a week later i pop the disk in and BOOM i need a cd code on the mom thought it was trash and threw it in the trash. todays thursday, trash day was yesterday T.T. dude i would be eternally grateful for i would really like to play it and i have never played a starcraft game so i was really excited to play but i cant. PLZ dude i created an account just to comment on this. plz dude if you want to contact me my email is (there are spaces cuz i dont have 25 posts apprently) tylag 312 (at) hotmail (dot) com. thank you dude!


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well to tell the truth if u havent given them out yet then this most likely this was a hoax other than that those that did get it at all lucky bastards lol


Hi, my story would be different. I registered on the forum to try out my luck and get the keys. I have a small gaming blog. I have already gotten my copy of Starcraft 2 and I'm enjoying it right now. I would like to have a starcraft 2 cd key to share to my readers. I can't hand out a free game to them because I can't afford another copy but getting a free one would be really nice.

Thank you so much for the chance and good day!


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I first played Starcraft when I was only 6 years old and I have always loved how each race in Starcraft is different has has a very different tactic for winning. I would like to get into Starcraft 2 but with the horrible economy it gets harder and harder to get new games. I doubt it if I will get it but you never know unless you try.


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hey, i just wanted to know if i could please have the key, i don't mind if you decide to not give it to me because really i can't give you a "good" reason, i'm not going to give some lame ass excuse like you said but anyway i just wanna play the game with my friends lol, anyway thanks!


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not sure if you still have any. im a poor college student who's scrambling for a copy of this game still.

Won't bitch and moan about how poor I am but i surely cannot afford retail for this game so please pm me if you still have them.


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Hey! I am Siddhant Rustagi, I am 15 years old n i was a star craft fan since i was 10, i still sometimes play starcraft 1 when i am bored, n I have waited for star craft 2 to come in India
(delhi) since 2010 july 27 release, it has been almost 1 year yet it is not available here, i just want to play starcraft 2. Could you pleas send me the verification key n the stuff required to install the game in my PC. I hav tried to find the game in many places, for eg, Great Indian Place mall n Centre stage mall, some small shops too. Thanking you for reading my post.


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Hello Sir!

Honestly, I'm not all that poor, and I'm not going to Iraq. But I'm a teenager, and I don't have money to spend, as my parents want my funds to go into my future education. I just really want to play Starcraft 2 on my laptop, because not only do I love RTS games, I also don't have a super computer so I can't play games that require extreme CPU processing and GPUs. Starcraft 2 is said to work with lower end computers, and honestly, I really want to play it. I really would like to experience the game because I've loved RTS games for quite a while, and I really want to try Starcraft II out.

Thanks for being so generous!


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Listen I doubt you still have any but I am 15 and have cancer and we(my family) are scraping to get by. If you could give me A StarCraft 2 key Id be grateful. please