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I added all of you who wern't on there (Tacitblade, speaker, Carbon, Nicholas Picture, etc) except Beer $lut because I don't know if thats him or not.



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This is what happens after a year of "not givin a ****"



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The pic of me you already have up is good, but I was recently made aware that my soon-to-be high school grad pic is on this comp, and I look really good in it (duh), so here it be. Feel free to resize it as necessary.

You look teh secks in here, sir! Very professional and handsome. I'll add it since it's better then your other pictures. :D




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PauseBreak Photos


This is my room holidayed up. And the next is the counter in the kitchen. :)

PauseBreak1, PauseBreak2, PauseBreak3, Desk, Cornhusk


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Bloodmatter said:
I finally got some pics of me.

I'll post em here, too.



yes, zomg, i look like Lord Hishado because I am him.. just haven't been back in a while... and nor have i had a hair cut in a while...


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How the **** can I be white when I don't even exsist?

This is me good ol' Kuzmich, i look like a ****ing retard in the pic currently put up opposite my user name on this forums so i decided to fix that.

This is the most recent of me i could find, it was taken last summer in June at the summer house, the ****ed damn camera broke since then, and now i am poor and on my own.


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Haha, I always thought Theroy was fat.