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In an effort to keep forum member pics updated, and to update the Forum Member Pictures thread much more easily and to make it look much more professional I've unstuck the previous picture thread and started this one.

This one will be a little different though. In order to keep this from getting 43543645454 pages like the last one you are ONLY allowed to post posts with a picture of yourself. We ask that you pick whichever picture you want to represent yourself in the main picture thread and post it here.

*Fake pics will be split as well!*

We're trying to make this look professional and organized as well as adding a little spice to it. So we also ask that if you could you post some form of thing to represent you to go along with your pic. A personal quote, something relative to BF, whatever. It's your choice. We will be adding Join Date by default.


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I'll start this off.

It's the most recent picture of me, it's about a month old.

And here's my thing to go with it, my guitar, I love this thing so much.

-Frank :cool:


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Here's the one I want in the thread:

To go with my pic put: "I'm so ****ing hot that you want to **** me by default."


Guy with Most Posts on Quiet Board.

I'll post more when I get the chance.


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Here's 3 picture's do enymenyminymo and pick one you'd like to put up.

And a caption can be: Zmoney Baby!

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
me in ninjar form
since i refuse to show my full face


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don't let the date fool you, the pic really wasn't taken january 26/2025



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Before my Hair cut: Midsummer....

After my Haircut... Oct this year

Frank i like your guitar... but i like mine too