THE REVIVAL!!! A megaman Universe RPG

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    OOC: I'm not sure why I'm in a mental ward thing so I'm just gonna assume my character believes that he has some info on the final fight and he is going to play a key part in saving the world.

    QM:So, someone has finally come to hear what I have to say. I guess all of my words did not go unheard. thank you for removing me from that place for the uh....mentally different.

    Frost:*whispers to Tek* Just the way this guy talks is weird
    I'm starting to think we made a mistake.

    Tek:*whispers back a alittle angerly at Frost's remarks* I have alot of faith in what Ryu says, the last thing we need is to become unsure in our comrades words.

    everyone introduced themselves, Ryu stiil very serious all the while.

    Ryu:We have no time to wast, we must go to the briefing room to discuss a very important matter.

    And with that the group went to do some more running to the breifing room while Quickster Man followed, looking just about as serious about this "matter" as Ryu was

    OOC: I dont know how to do colored text I'll try to find out as soon as possible.