WHAT is you fav "killer" strat for fastest?


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Most people have maphack. I dont think cannon rush will work. Here is what i think for fastest no rule:
terran: build marine or bat combine with medic or build vulture
protoss: build a lot of zealots
zerg: ling rush
Most of the time this units rock unless u are facing a pro.


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i use mass marines. i build lot of marines, no medic or firebat, and i just keep on building them with 4 or 6 barrack. marine kick ass!!


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If they aren't toss, or aren't bright, I love to do any kind of drops while making my defenses in my base and around it. Lurkers/Ultras/DTs/Reavers/Tanks or Nuke drops. So fun. =D


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the hoard of zerglings is definately up there in my list of favs...as well as the mass of guardians.

using pretty much any extremely large atk force of 1 unit is always fun =)


Mass sairs and guards could hurt quite a bit. I just go mass hydras and almost always lose. Except for when I quickly stack them and my enemies predictably go bc/carrier.


Mass stacked hydras > Mass goons. Here's why:

With stacked hydra you can get 200 of them in the same spot.
So all the hydras just blast at once, killing almost all the goons quickly while the goons need to wait for the ones ahead to die so they can move up and thus deal less damage.


i play wit terran and i like to within 4 mins to rush M&M's with Bats an maybe and Upgrade