WHAT is you fav "killer" strat for fastest?


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For a fastest possible map, what would you do for each race.
Here are mine

Toss: Reavers and Corsairs (Go all tech till you can get reavers, should be able to get'em after 5 min. After you get around a few (3) reavers, put them behind ur buildings so they don't get attacked while the enemy is attacking you) should be able to hold off an 24 hydra attack. Then get corsairs...12 should hold off 12-24 multas. then do wutever you want. reavers own ground and sairs own air)

Toss: Arbiter drop reavers, kill main hive/command center/ nexus then do some crazy shiiza

Zerg: defilers and hydrass....not to hard i hope

Zerg: fully upped lings, ultras, hydras and devourers (12 fully upped devourers can take out 12 carriers! each shot kills a carrier. hit run hit run...etc)

Terran: Tank push and marines and medics (must be within 8 minutes so they don't get high tech units such as guards)

Terran: bunker in enemy base (within 4 min)

What are yours?

I need some new good strats....


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Not that the zerg will have a chance to make those lurkers while they're being zealot rushed, but w/e.


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well, how long does a 12 lot rush take? anything smaller then the 4 sunkens i'd have for defence would take it out.


LOL 4 suckens? Dream on. I have seen 12 zeolots take out 5 sukens easy.

And a 12 zeolot rush takes about 3 min to get, then 1 more to find and kill. At least on fastest.


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Terran:BC'S and tanks with Ghosts and S vessels.

Zerg: 56 Guardians and 24 Devos.

Toss: Mass reavers+sairs


Make 12-24 gateways, 2 nexus, 3 forge, 2 cybernetics cores, 1 citadel, 1 templar archive, several cannons, a dupe base with nothing but cannons next to your original one. Mass Zealots, fully upgraded. You can build fast if you knew exactly where and when to build your stuff.


Mass cannon, then carrier/sair?

Mass zeal/goon/temp/DT/obs then cannon vital spots?
Toss: cannon defence at first
then make 2 dts and 1 reaver and drop them to kill main cc/hatch/nexus
(ez to get cc!)(use reaver to kill the turret or cannon,then get it)
Then continue build reavers and dts,also build hts to storm(is a gd defence)
later carrier get others hatch or nexus(upgrade air armor and attack!)
(make sure with observer if any terran player use wraiths)(with 2 arbiters)(use arbiter to recall 6-8reavers,reavers are used to crash zerg's hy)
(static goons,Usually protoss's base has many cannon or others, so his goons cant stop ur carrier)
(if some1 use carreirs to try to get ur nexus,static them and use carrier to fight)
(if u against some1 really pro as u, mc others drone or scv and use 400units to crash him)(i suppose u are pro)
Actually i m really pro at fastest map
Some1 add me and see(b net name :powerPPower)


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Toss: Carrier (if nr15/20) and Arbitor otherwise dragoons and Arbitor.. Lol Recall the goons at there Moneymaker
Zerg: Hydra's and Muta's
Terran: Bc (if nr15/20)
Terran:goliath and tank
(this is the really strong mass units)
(Tank kill hy or goons,goliath kill lings and air units)
(Actually im not gd at terran)
Zerg:guardian and hy
guardian kill cannons/sunkens and nexus/cc/hatch
use defiler to creat dark swarm and then go hy
remember to bring lings
(actually i suck at zerg)


Worse comes worse, just Mass hydras and keep hitting the bases fast and hard. Be sure to keep overlords next to them.


Terran = Bcs, golaith
Zerg = Mutas, Hydras
Toss = Carrier, goons, arbitor


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You can't beat 4 sunkens with 12 zeals.

Drones block the su;nkens. Zealots just stand there while getting raped. You need goons + zeals.

Protoss - Cannon their base. Cuz you have so much money you can do it so fast.

Terran - Engineering bay over the minerals while their miners try to shoo away your scv harassment. Should be easy after that.

Zerg - Mutaling.


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mass sunkens and spores, then mass hydra drops (about 50's to start), just make 1379187689 overlords to take hits if theres turrets or cannons.

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Marines, Medics, Tanks, and possibly Wraiths. Usually everyone on Fastest expects you to tech for 20 minutes, so a quick force like that can be devastating.
i dunno why many guys think that just mass hydra and they can win ez
hydra wll be suck when against goons,tank,reaver....
And i want to ask how to mass sunken and spore?(build hatch near other?)

Actually i dunno well about using zerg in fastest
Should i build sunken to defence at beginning?(But if i build sunken,i cant build much hatch as others)(But if i dun build,i usually be killed by zlot ez)

Snagg, u said u ll cannoning if u use p,but if u face some1 who ll scout or some1 who also build cannons,u ll suck badly at later.
U ll use building to over others minerals, but dun u think building move too slow and if other hv cannon ,u fail
U use mutaling,wt ll happen if u face rinebatmedic??(marine,bat ,medic)(ling?if face bat....,muta??face rinemedic....)

So pro wont just use 1 or 2 kind of units


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TVP :tank and vulture
TVZ: marines, medics,tanks,science vessels
TVT:tanks ,goliash drop ship