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Jan 17, 2006
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If there are some good Warcraft guides not on this list that you think should be added, please make a note or PM me or another staff member.

General Guides
FFA Guide v1.2 ~ By: Emperor Pan I
Battle.net General Solo Guide ~ By: Impact02
Frozen Throne: Human Strategy ~ By: None293823
Frozen Throne: Another human strategy ~ By: None293823
General NE Strategy ~ By: Ntrik_
Undead Strats and Build Order ~ By: Aragorn7

Orc Stickies:
Power of the Horde - Orc Basics ~ By: Hellwolf_36 (being written)

Neutral Heroes
Hero Strategy: Goblin Alchemist ~ By: Revelade
Hero Strategy: Pit Lord ~ By: Hellwolf_36
Hero Strategy: Beastmaster ~ By: Hellwolf_36
Hero Strategy: Goblin Tinker ~ By: Revelade
Hero Strategy: Firelord ~ By: Hellwolf_36
Strategy for the Brewmaster and Dark Ranger are in Ntrik's Night Elf guide.

Archers and Chimeras Strategy
Gryphons and Hawks Strategy
Archers and Druids of the Talon Strategy
Archers and Dryads Strategy
Footmen and Knights Strategy
Wyverns and Bats Strategy
Spiders and Necromancers Strategy
Ghouls and Necromancers Strategy
The Ultimate Strategy
PvP Arena - WoW PvP Basics I
WoW Arena - Rogues 101
WoW Arena - Paladins 101
WoW Arena - Mages 101
WoW Arena - Druids 101

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Battleforums is always looking for more great strategies. Make a great thread with your strategies/ tips. If other members notice, we'll give it even more attention with a sticky or placing links to it in threads like this one. We encourage posting all your tips and helping other forum members.
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