Hero Strategy: Goblin Alchemist

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    This hero is one of the least used in heroes in Warcraft, but he has unique abilities. First of all, his damage per second is incredible, doing up to 70 damage a shot at level 10! The Chemical Rage ability can allow him to attack faster, doing up to 140 damage a second! 2 of his spells are AoE, and either healing or a nerf. The third spell, which is the passive skill is Chemical Rage, except it costs mana. His ultimate can be annoying for opponents, especially if they are using high tiered units. He is a strength based hero, meaning he is suited to taking damage, but his abilities let him do quite a lot of damage as well. A little known fact: Though the Alchemist is a melee unit, he can actually attack air with a secondary ranged attack!

    Healing Spray

    Think of this as the opposite of blizzard. You have waves of healing that is in a circular area. The only problem with this spell is because it heals everything, including enemies. The advantage is if more of your units is in the radius, but there is a chance it could help your opponent. This is a good spell however, for taking a break after a big battle. You can even heal your hero as well!

    Chemical Rage

    This is basically a personal bloodlust that allows the Alchemist to move and attack faster. At starting stages, it's a weak spell, but it does however cost a very low 25 mana, which means you can always use it. It's great for rushing headlong into the battle, of course, you may want to equip the Alchemist with some health potions. It's also great if your hero is in trouble and allows a great speed burst to escape. This is a great skill when rushing.

    Acid Bomb

    This spell is great when facing many enemies. The acid not only lowers armor by 5, but it slowly wears health off enemies, giving you the upper hand in battle. The only problem is that it does not slow the enemy, allowing them to run to allow the acid to wear off. It should always be targeted on a center of a pack of enemies, and it is thrown as well.


    Finally, his ultimate is useful any time, but especially when facing tough units such as Mountain Giants. What it does is it kills any non-hero unit instantly, but it also gives you gold, which depends on the original cost of the unit. Using transmute on a Tauren, for example, is tons better than using it on a peasant. This could help in the long run, especially on maps that are hard to expand on, like Wetlands. The cooldown is only 45 seconds, so that should be enough time to jack many units. A cool strategy is to equip the Alchemist boots of speed, a staff of teleportation and a invisibility potion, and Transmute enemies. You simply walk near their army, Transmute the strongest unit, then use Rage to run the hell out.

    Skill Order:

    It's very straight forward with 2 main branches:

    Path of Healing: S/R/S/R/S/T/B/B/B
    Path of Acid: B/R/B/R/B/T/S/S/S

    You can also try to max out Rage first, if you find yourself creeping more than facing your enemy.

    So basically, it comes down to what style you prefer, and what map you are playing. Spray has it's strengths in that it heals 120 hp at level 1 and 350 at level 3 per unit. This is better for armies that involve many weaker units, instead of smaller groups of strong units. It has better range, and a larger area than Acid Bomb. Acid Bomb however, is an instant spell, meaning it only takes a second for the hero to throw it, while Spray requires him to stand still. Acid Bomb also requires less micro as it only targets the enemies. It also does 75 damage over 15 seconds at level 1, while doing 225 damage over 15 seconds at level 3. It's AoE, but the surrounding units take less damage over time, than the initial target. This might be a better choice if your enemy many units, and you only use a few units.

    So if you find your enemy using lots of units, you may be better off with Acid, and use Spray, if they use far less units. Rage will allow your hero to do major damage, or escape sticky situations. Transmute can get rid of uber units like Chimaeras, and help your economy at the same time. Next time you are on battle.net, I suggest you try this overshadowed hero.
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