Sup all. Anyone from the old school still around?


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I was at stage three, now at stage one. I am using holistic methods, and my tumor is down 70%!!
There is no more (well, very little) threat of it spreading to other lymph nodes, so I am one happy camper. I even got to keep my boobs! Actually, because of the holistic treatments, I am healthier than ever! I really feel very blessed, so many people die from cancer... This has truly given me a new outlook, on life, health, everything really..

P.S. I need e-mails from anyone who cares to keep in touch. kearynmalia at gmail.

Yay for boobies.. I emailed you awhile back about it


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This place is totally dead, Reign :(


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Never played but still like coming back to this site to check on things and seems like things are getting slower and slower


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party at prism's place

RoaCh of DisCord

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I just came. Twice.


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I was very unknown, but was in GsVi and was around for the 42Hamsters era if anyone remembers that.