Sup all. Anyone from the old school still around?

Emperor Pan II

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Who plays video games anymore? Don't you fools have jobs?

Just kidding. Though the only game out right now I feel worth putting much time into is Dark Souls I/II. Everything else nowadays is really watered down, lacking all challenge. Dark souls will put some hair on your balls, then kick them repeatedly.


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I always thought you were a try hard.

I play LOL and Dota 2 but not a huge amount. Raid in WoW, recently won a Gund of Icarus Online tournament at PAX Prime. Uhhh... I used to play battlefield but 4 sucked.

RoaCh of DisCord

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Sup bitches.


I'm surprised this forum is still around. Searched my email address and this was one of a few results in google, from 2003 - Read how I used to sound as a 13 year old and HOLY SHIT was I whiney as fuck, bugging people like they owe me favours to get a pindle bot to work. Good old days huh.

Planetside 2 is what I play right now, not often but sometimes.

I may google my email again in 10 years and think "What was I thinking.. again..".


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Kinda awesome for the forums to get XF. Kudos for that.

I've stopped by multiple multiple times albeit this is the first time in probably over a year. I tried to talk to people about bringing back that spark we used to have, but unfortunately we just aren't that same group :( We're all old now, with family and / or careers now. Some of us are linked up a bit on facebook, so that's at least something. As soon as I can remember my login I'll hop into that steam group, I have a pretty nice little collection of games even though I don't really play anything multiplayer. I still play several blizzard games even though I don't do it regularly.


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oddly enough I feel, even though I was just always a passerby with nonsense and nothing to contribute, that this website was a part of my teenage years. It was something to kill time and be part of a diverse community with the popular people, the disliked people, the outcasts, and peers.

This website was like highschool away from highschool.


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Oh look, everyone's prayers have been answered! I just KNOW you guys were waiting with bated breath, hoping I'd show up. :D

Messing around in my email account, I saw the old folder that funneled all my BF notifications and stuff...nostalgia popped in and kicked me right in the dangles. Had to pop back through to see if the old place was still going, and I'm pretty surprised to see the familiar faces in this thread. 'Tis nice. Seeing a thread like this, with you guys all in it, I had to pop back in to say hello.

This place had its ups and downs, but it was a pretty big part of my life for many years. Like most of my "early" years, I shudder every time I think about how much of a tool I always was...but hey, most of us were in some form or another. Still some pretty fond memories, all in all. Static's right, it was a lot like high school...actually far more "high school" than actual high school.

Just thought I'd touch base, since a few of the other guys were doing so. Good to see everyone.


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I miss Starcraft map-making and Roach of disCord sending me provocative images at night. I still can't change my name from Magikarp to Leviathan / Levi. Good to see some of you guys, good to see Hitsua still refuses to shower or change his avatar.

I left RTS gaming and Battleforums and became a very good pilot in Battlefield 1943 (which strangely never got released for PC (?!!) and only contributed to me adandoning PC master race for PS3 mutli), then became a very lethal jet pilot in Battlefield 3. That's on PS3 actually.. plus some other games like Last of Us which has really good multiplayer.