Starcraft X-tra editor


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Hi everyone, Okay i am having problems with the new 2.6 editor, I downloaded it, Master Virus told me it was like alot better then campaign editor, so i downloaded it, first time it opened up, the instructions in german i didint understand anything(also i downloaded it in my desktop) after nothin happened, i told Master Virus wasint working blah blah, he told me to download it in my starcraft folder, so i did that, i downloaded it again, IN my starcraft folder, and then it wont even open, somethin poped up, dont really remember what is it, but it would not work.


Alright. I have a Starcraft Utilities folders that I put all my other starcraft stuff in. That folder is not in the Starcraft Folder. I downloaded the SCXE 2.6 into my SC Utilities folder. THen I installed it into my Starcraft Folder. The install is in German. So just try every option they give you.
Find version 2.5 of the editor, copy down on a peice of paper exactly what's going on in the install.

Then get 2.6

personally i hate 2.6 it sucks, and the trig window is too big. (or whichever window that was)