StarCraft II .gif avatars


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These are the avatars that will be in the game, I believe I saw them in a video demonstration. There are also two from StarCraft:


Can you love such me?
I had an animated normal Kerrigan.gif (pre-Zerg) once. Ah..I miss her.

- Amantis


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As for me,i do my avatars yourself,for it i use Video Avatar.There you can choose a video formats, and make the gif.It's really good program.Try.:trippy:


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Tyrael, in that case may I request a THREAD of all the avatars from each race...if at all possible?


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here are my creations. sry they are all larger than 1 mb because i tried to keep the quality. anyways here:
Archon.jpgDark Templar.jpgHigh Templar.jpgProbe.jpgZealot.jpgZeratul.jpg
btw they're all protoss.

EDIT: well the file size is too large. you get jpegs instead. if you still want them ill give them to you via email or something.


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Haha, these are great. They remind me of playing the older games thinking I had some clue of what I was doing in them. I've always really wanted to get into SC2, but overall RTS games are just kind of... intimidating to me. The pace of the game itself-- while I think building up my base to withstand attacks is a good idea and I end up getting zerged by a massive mob of creatures. I'm a baddie, but the gifs are amazing.


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Amazing gifs, thanks! I never knew how to make those, or find them in the massive SC2 files if they are in there.


:omg: this gifs are very good made cool! but i want one to be my youtube avatar but youtube its mad at animated gifs
:die: youtube!!