Some Terran Questions


you dont go pure goliatch, you need vulture with mines and constant scouting to defeat muta/ling with golie/vul/tanks --v


yeah, well the thing i do when someone has guarded siegtanks is first of all you try to bring in cloaked wraiths. If that doesnt work because the have detectors then you shouldnt go in from the front anymore. try going in from the side with massive battle cruisers and wraiths. If the happen to have turrets on the sides just use a yamato cannon to take out the missle turrets (I think that kills the turrets in one hit)



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When people say tvt, tvz, and micro manage what do they mean?
--tvt = terran vs terran, tvz = terran vs zerg, micro is when u pull units out that is taking damage... usually for skilled ppl and not for noobs

Some guy was saying that a stimmed Marine is better than a Goliath vs a Mutalisk because the Marine and Mutalisk are both small units. Do things like size of units actually matter in battle?
--mnm > mutas thats for sure

And a couple of questions about Terran. How do you defend yourself from another Terran player that has Sieged Siege Tanks and Marines / Goliaths protecting the tanks?
--gg... or just setup tanks b4 they siege it.....

I know of some tricks like using an air unit / building to further the range of tanks. Can you please tell me other good tricks / tech?
--tvt = nuke ur enemy (use 2 nukes); tvz mnm+tank; tvp = wraiths and tanks if possible.... or else vult/tank

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TvT= Nuke is always good
TvZ= M&M and tanks
TVP= Same as zerg.
tvp never use mnm, cuz most of the time, they robo and reavers > mnm, use vult/tank or wraith/tank instead


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Originally posted by Tiger_shark
I never ever went goliaths against zerg before, cause they suck against them....True, they are good against lings, but they suck against hydras and mutas... A zerg will just defeat your goliaths with a combo of muta/ling, or maybe even just massive mutalisks...The more mutas they have, the more screwed u get..

Whereas m&m for example, just kick zerg's ass....ever seen a head on collision between mutas and m&m??? the infantry owns so badly, itz not even funny....that's why when zerg harasses the terran base with mutas, he retreats when he sees NEVER send ur mutas to attack head on to a group of m&m..

Wraiths are understandable at 9 on LT, but not goliaths, they just plain suck against zerg...

yes, SOME TvZ games are won by using goliaths, but not a lot, most of the games are won by going m&m with tanks and vessel...Some ppl just use goliaths to throw the opponent off, or just mix things up a bit...
Thank You
Gollies tvz is unheard of.


mm can be useful in tvp to some degree, murder would be one of the best tvp player who open with a nice mm tank then to mass metal with a fast expo...his strat are straight forward and effective, but it needs alot of knowledge of map and micro to use it well


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Do u even play this game? LOL, I guess people like u will never learn.