So you want to fix battleforums?

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jim's suggestions will hurt this forum so bad we won't ever be able to recover

Jim Morrison

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You sound like John McCain badger you scuffy old man you.


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i disagree VERY strongly

Jim Morrison

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i am the obama of battle forums


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Are you going to bring CHANGE TO BF????


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Jim deserves the title Battleforums Senior Member


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Don't we do this every year?

Just search for old threads from last year, the year before, and so on. You'll find enough criticism to last quite a while.

RoaCh of DisCord

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So this is probably one of the only times im actually going to be productive but you guys really need some help.

Step 1:Fix the skin.
- Nobody wants to post on a site that looks ugly, and nobody is going to register on a site that is ugly. It's a forum, we spend all our time on this forum staring at the skin.. it should at least be pretty.

Step 2: Take out the subforums
- It's obvious that the gaming sections have been doing worse since they have been merged into subforums. It's also obvious that the comic forum/arcane sanc/music forum and pretty much any other subforum gets less activity.

So basically it would look like this.
General battleforums
-Chit chat
-Arcane sanctuary
-Tv shows/movie forum
-Comic forum
-Music forum
-sc section
-sc section
-diablo section
-diablo section
-wc section
-wc section
-wow section

Step 3: The entertainment section
-Yeah, give it it's own section don't make it all subforums. Also, make a tv show/movie forum. We could discuss all the cool shows like heroes and house in there it will do fine just throw someone who KNOWS what they are doing to mod it.

Step 4: Throw away most rules in general sections, but keep rules in gaming.

-Yeah Throw away most of the rules, and be leniant but still keep the flaming/trolling out of general and obvious spam. Obviously the gaming sections should be more strict.

Step 5 : Use the fucking portal
- Um yeah, use our portal to actually review games, and provide gaming news it's not that hard let anybody submit articles and the staff can review them and give out points for articles and add them to the front page. You could get an article team going or something to that can just add articles directly to the front page.

Step 6: A more friendly enviorement
-Basically we don't act like dicks to everyone who posts here.

So uh yeah. Do this shit and battleforums will be better. This is why i should be admin.
Was any of this brought to a conclusion? Were forums ever un-subforumed? Just curious if this was ever talked about and/or implemented. I still basically agree with what's said about a lot of this, including subforums. They do make the index look a bit smaller..but at the same time they make most of the forums look unimportant and kind of hidden. If anything should be subforumed it should be ALL of the general forums. The gaming forums should be most prominent.

We could do something like

-General Forums
---Arcane Sanctuary
--- etc..

Then have all of the gaming forums on the index, rather than in subforums. It would probably even things out for the most part. Throwing all of the general forums behind a subforum would eliminate like 5 forums from the index and make the gaming ones more pronounced.

Just a thought. I'm sure there's several ways we could re-arrange things to be more convenient AND best for the gaming sections.


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way to bump almost 6months old post roachfag



Let's fix it.
Why add to the topic if you can act like an idiot, eh? And he asked if it was ever concluded. Not something you ask after a week. Duh. Hmm, nevermind.

On the topic: people who are not interested in certain sections can just collapse them afaik. Those settings are saved, so that takes away any unwamted boards.