So you want to fix battleforums?

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Jim Morrison

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So this is probably one of the only times im actually going to be productive but you guys really need some help.

Step 1:Fix the skin.
- Nobody wants to post on a site that looks ugly, and nobody is going to register on a site that is ugly. It's a forum, we spend all our time on this forum staring at the skin.. it should at least be pretty.

Step 2: Take out the subforums
- It's obvious that the gaming sections have been doing worse since they have been merged into subforums. It's also obvious that the comic forum/arcane sanc/music forum and pretty much any other subforum gets less activity.

So basically it would look like this.
General battleforums
-Chit chat
-Arcane sanctuary
-Tv shows/movie forum
-Comic forum
-Music forum
-sc section
-sc section
-diablo section
-diablo section
-wc section
-wc section
-wow section

Step 3: The entertainment section
-Yeah, give it it's own section don't make it all subforums. Also, make a tv show/movie forum. We could discuss all the cool shows like heroes and house in there it will do fine just throw someone who KNOWS what they are doing to mod it.

Step 4: Throw away most rules in general sections, but keep rules in gaming.

-Yeah Throw away most of the rules, and be leniant but still keep the flaming/trolling out of general and obvious spam. Obviously the gaming sections should be more strict.

Step 5 : Use the fucking portal
- Um yeah, use our portal to actually review games, and provide gaming news it's not that hard let anybody submit articles and the staff can review them and give out points for articles and add them to the front page. You could get an article team going or something to that can just add articles directly to the front page.

Step 6: A more friendly enviorement
-Basically we don't act like dicks to everyone who posts here.

So uh yeah. Do this shit and battleforums will be better. This is why i should be admin.


is ....listed
I like the skin and agree that we have way too many sub-forums. General Gaming should just be changed into Console Gaming and do away with all its sub sections and WoW should prob be made into its own section, no longer a subsection, with WOTLK nearing release.

IDK about an entertainment section. It might work, but I have a feeling movie/tv discussion will just drown out like the Music Forum, but maybe not, I'm not really for or against this part.

Less rules anywhere won't happen. Most our staff are pretty adamant at adding a lot more rules than what we got and that's not going to change - trust me.

All in all I agree.


I agree. But honestly, what's wrong with the skin?

I'll talk with Chris and Pan about the subforums tonight.

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
I want step 5 done

Jim Morrison

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All my steps = success

Step 5 is important though, we're a gaming site with no gaming news. News generates people coming also, so if the other shit is done too they would actually register.


GOW2 for life
This plan is the most awesome idea i have seen on here. yes everyone needs to stop being dicks to everyone, I mean come it acomplishies nothing.


Machine Gun Funk
Skin and Subforums are the only thing that need real fixing. I was never big on the portal to begin with.
Except this won't fix BF. It won't change that we have no content, it won't change that we have no incomming advertisements, it won't change and make the guests register. It's just basically re-ordering around the forums and changing the skin again.

It's not going to fix anything, and all it's going to do is make it look like our small activity is even less by breaking pu all the forums again.

Just saying.


Former Staff member
Why are we spending time talking about re-arranging the forum when we have no content?


Buggin' Out
Support hacks and other forms of cheating in Blizzard games again. I don't support them (anymore) but the only reason we got popular in the first place was because of that reason. And it isn't like any active members are going to step up anytime soon and provide legit content that would get other people to register and post on the forum.

That will make BF better. All the other shit (reorganizing the forums, changing the skin) will only work if a lot of traffic is incoming. Most the people who post have been on here for years, and a new skin won't do anything.


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I agree with a majority of the outline there. Asylum is pretty much like Chit Chat except anything goes.

However, the rules must abide to all non-asylum sections, regardless.

Except this for obvious reasons ;):
Jimbo said:
This is why i should be admin.

Jim Morrison

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Make the gaming sections not subforums as well it would help.. but we need content too


Guy with Most Posts on Quiet Board.
The Gaming sections could probably be conjoined into one big ass Console Gaming section. People will just need to diversify the console inside the thread itself.

LC said:
why dont we have the little descriptions for each forum anymore
I think it has something to do with the vB version we are running. But they should probably be re-added.

Jim Morrison

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I mean sc diablo and wc mannnnn


Guy with Most Posts on Quiet Board.
I mean sc diablo and wc mannnnn
You honestly want 3 sections of Gaming all seperated when they can all be joined into one?

And those need sections for many reasons.

LC said:
Plz can we make jimmah mod again?
2 reasons he can't

1) Shared his password which caused a really bad mass merge/deletion spree, thus can't be trusted again.

2) Slots full