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Based on our user interest, this thread will be dedicated to cardiovascular exercise tracking, in particular, running. In your first post, post your weight (optional), running goals (distance and/or time), weight and/or any exercise goals/details you want. Then each day each participant will post their progress/log for the day.

Feel free to start tracking as early as you want.

Weight: About 160
Height: 6'2
Weight loss goals: Not interested in weight loss (I actually focus on lifting and muscle gain), just interested in being a bit healthier.
Running goals: Starting out 30 mins a day, 3-4 days a week in the AM.

I plan on starting my running sometime this week or early next week at the latest.

Let's all post our details, keep each other going, and make BattleForums even sexier.
Re: Running

Will edit in weight later when I find a scale.

Short-term goals: run 6 days a week, 30 minutes each day.

So far I have ran every day except Saturday, since last Tuesday. Did not keep track of mileage until today however.

Sunday 11/6

Exercise: 2.2 miles -- 1/3 uphill, 2/3 downhill
Breakfast: Pasta with steamed sugar peas, carrots, onions, and tomatoes.
Lunch:Whole wheat sandwich with onion, carrots, sugar peas (woo leftovers), in addition to cheese, mustard, mayonnaise

I think the easiest way do this thread is to have one post per member for record keeping, i.e: food log, running log, and so on...and then subsequent posts can be for discussions.
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195lbs (down from an ungodly 260)

GOAL: 175 by March.


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From the 260? **** if I know where any are. Biggest I've seen myself posted on this site is around 220.

Of the 190? Theres one on my cellphone I sent to my girl back home. But it's of me naked. With a raging hard on. Want that one?

Also, good job on keeping up with the posting and what not guys. Top notch job.
Well I have been running every day but since I can't edit my post I don't really give a **** anymore.


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Ran a 5K this past Saturday. Got off to a horrible start, as in I was on the other side of the event before I noticed people start taking off, but still managed to finish in 29:29. Goal was to break 30 minutes and I did that.