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That was taken last summer in Russia.^

So was that^


Last summer's daily drinking average^
These are more recent:

Uncle Vanya says: "Its not rape if you yell surprise!", one of my quotes, I already posted this one a couple months back on BF. That was first semester.

These are the most recent ones^ Last party of the semester, I drank half a gallon of vodka by myself in half an hour, chased it with four beers and forgot how to speak english or walk, my drunk friend Kenny imagined the whole situation as the scene out of LOTR then Sam carried Frodo and carried me on his shoulders through the woods past the cops as I told him in Russian repeatedly to put me down. To me the trip lasted 3 minutes cause I passed out on the way, to him it was about an hour as he was getting the spins himself from drinking about 10 beers. Next morning I found out that he dropped me twice along the way that explained the numerous bruises I had, I actually remembered the first time he dropped me. Oh and my drunk/stoned roommate finger ****ed that fat black chick in the picture of me chugging vodka, he went from dating a pretty hot chick to doing that in less then a week, good times.
To tell the truth, there were four fat black chicks at that party. I didn't remember much past the half an hour it took me to drink all the liquor. The next day me and my friends were smoking outside of the dorm and some fat black chick came up to me and said hi and asked me if I remembered her from last night. I said no....she left....I looked at my friends all of whom were at the party and although pretty shitfaced themselves far more sober then me. I was like wtf happened last night? They laughed, we moved on...I hope I didn't.

But people observe the last picture I posted, thats what a drunk and happy person looks like.


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lol you did it. I've had those nights to. But my saying goes....Better a awekward morning that a boring night right?
lol you did it. I've had those nights to. But my saying goes....Better a awekward morning that a boring night right?
Yeah, unless you get the herpes. I also don't like not remembering wtf happened
lol. Meh, all good.
Ermitaje for one, Spasa na Krovi (cathedral/museum), Alexandr's Cathedral, Weapon's name a few, and thats just St.Petersburg and there are many more in that city. Moscow Poklonaya Gora, the hill there Napoleon stood waiting for Russian surrender and it never came, Monejnaya Square....where is a shitload I haven't been to most, Ermitaje for one is huge, I've been forced to walk through it for 8 hours back then I was in middle school in Russia and we didn't even walk through half the place.


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And lets mention the Moscow subway. Could you dig up picture of this subway? Its beautifull.
Only what I or anyone can google, never took a pic of the subway, lol. But anyways, Russia is pretty good, can't wait till I go back.


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haha carbon's a canadian too


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Cinco de Mayo.