My Blizzsorc Strategy For roach, with <3!!


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This is NOT designed for pvp, and is NOT designed for godly items, so the dex can be put at whatever you have to boost it... (I generally throw it at 75 because I throw my items around alot)

No, I have made a fire and a blizz sorc and an orb sorc and a meteor sorc... Blizz by far stands out as the fastest.
Meteor - 40-60 seconds a run
Blizzard - 20-35 seconds a run.

Substantial? Nah.


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considering pvp, pvm, mf.


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:( well.. making only sorc for mf isnt good as making sorc for pvp pvm and mf. =/ imo.. jus imo...


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Originally posted by xXSMGXx
MR.frodo your avatar is priceless

Thank you samwise :wavey

on topic; I am building a blizz sorc also for mephin since the clan bot was great till gay pride lilly flippin jxman decide to steal it :lucifer

but on thing i would like to do is pit runs also..i have been hearing alot of greats drops from ther eand since they have a high lvl tc drop lvl 87 they can drop pretty much everything....only prob is alot of random immunes in there

i dun think a mierc ca ntake a hold crowd of immunes


I still have not found one beneficial thing in the pits and I've done at least 100 runs. I think Blizz/FB or something like that is best for the pits because of the devilkins and those effing shamen. it can attack all of them at the same time, giving you a chance to cast only 3 times to hit the entire bunch (one directly in front of you, one a few inches away, and one over the shaman). Orb is great in the pits, but against a few clans of devilkin all in the same area it's just that... the pits