Just curious, How long did it take you to reach level 60?


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I would consider myself a hardcore player one of those guys that takes a few days off when a game like this or a WoW expansion releases. With that said my first character was a Demon Hunter that took 57 hours and the course of a week to complete. My second was a Barb 49 hours and 5 days, and last but not least my wizard which took 3 days and only 37 Hours

1st DH = 57hrs
2nd Barb = 49hrs
3rd Wiz=37hrs

However a great deal of the hour drop in my leveling time was simply me getting more familiar with the game, it's mechanics, and the general course and layout of the game to cruise through it quicker.
Out of curiosity on your Barbarian and Wizard did you use your preexisting gold from your Demon Hunter to buy really good gear from the auction house right away? That could be the reason for the timing going down so drastically.


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I played the game for about a month without reaching level 60. I kinda got bored halfway through my second playthrough and started a new character. I'll probably start playing with my first character and finally get 60.


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If my hours were stacked together, it took my 1st level 60 character about 3-4 days. I was doing it solo without the aid of pubs.