Its been awhile

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
Wondering who still pop their heads in here once in a while.

2002 feels like ages ago.


battle g0d
hell yea bro i just googled someshit and i remembered i have an ancient account on here xD damn im back into the diablo soulSwallowing pit XD
anyways welcome back


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Man it's been a long time. Almost 20 years ago I joined here. Been 6 years since my last visit but I do still think about these forums from time to time. Still remember them as the good ol days.


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I saw a woman in her early 20's at the store yesterday, and she had a tattoo of the god of life from princess mononoke which is in and of itself quite strange as she wasn't even born when it was released.
But I digress, it made me think of battleforums, so here I am.
It took me a few tries but I eventually remembered my password.
Obviously whatever email address I provided to recover my password has been in disuse for about 15 years.

Hey Wing Zero, and Zaku.... CM did your name used to be Pan?