Games that made you a Gamer


I started out on the PS1 and 2 playing the old Spyro games, god I loved those titles. The reason I know I love them is that I could definately go back and play them again and still get a reasonable amount of enjoyment from doing so. That's how I measure a game anyway, anyone else? ;)


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Resident evil was the game that took me from player to gamer. I've been playing video games since the atari was released but re 1 really got me hooked


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I think I first started with Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo. I fell in love with adventure type games with Normality, a PC game. I really wished there was a sequel to that. A reboot of some sort would be cool. The cherry on top of all of that was Tomb Raider.


Sonic the Hedgehog on Genesis was my first experience with a console, but Mortal Kombat played on the arcade machine at the laundry mat is what got me into gaming.
I always think the best memories are playing those arcade games in random spots like the laundry mat or local pizza place. Something about the atmosphere makes it more awesome to remember.


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I think GTA made me a gamer and COD made me into a competitive gamer if when i was a kid i never got to play GTA i would not be here today i would have probably been reading books all the time.


PS1 was where it started for me, loved those classics, crash bandicoot, spyro, jet moto, even had a disc with many demos, played them all and only one I hadnt played was Metal Gear solid, at that age it didnt grab my attention so I didnt want to try it, one day bored I decided to give it a go and oh lawd, been a gamer ever since.


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Zelda: NES Gold Cartridge was my first game and ever since then, I've been a gamer. Megaman, Megaman X, Super Mario World, and Breath of Fire were my first few games. Later in life, Everquest opened me up to MMO's and I've played just about every major MMO on the market.