Games that made you a Gamer


One of my earliest memories is playing TurboGrafix games. Fast forward a year, playing Megaman 2 on NES, along with stuff like Mario and Duckhunt. Fast forward a few more years to Darkmatter and I playing SNES Starfox, Terminator 2 (arcade), Mario Paint, and Aladdin (you're damn right I remember those DM!). Games have just always been a part of my life, so, that's why I'm in school to make them n.n


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Megaman x and FFVII introduced me to regular gaming then Halo 2 introduced me to competative shit taling gaming.


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Atari oldschool. Most of you have probably never even touched one. Joystick with 1 button.
I used to play Atari baseball at my Uncle's place. I wonder what ever happened to his Atari...


1)Super Mario World (Fun)
2)Pokemon Blue (RPG)
3)Starcraft (Competive)
4)Legend of Zelda- OOT (Just about everything)
5)Goldeneye (Ditto)
6)Final Fantasy VIII (Ditto)

Then Halo, Warcraft, all that stuff...


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Shiiit... Old NES Games when that my cousin gave me once he got his N64.

Like 10 Yard Fight, Blades Of Steel, Tecmo Bowl, Excite Bike and other shit like that.

The ones that got me to more serious games were Brave Fencer Musashi, FFVIII, FFVII, Ehrgeiz, Bushido Blade, Dragonquest. Just a lot of Squaresoft games.


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obviously it started with mario/duck hunt on NES
then moved to SNES and a bunch of games
N64 and goldeneye
First PC game/first online game was AOE, and then into blizzard games.
(first diablo II then wc III)
cs was somewhere in there too


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Donkey Kong Country for SNES. I played that game all the time!!! And I had a Japanese version of Super Bomber Man 4 I believe it was. It was freakin' awesome.

As for computers, Age of Empires was what got me started on RTS's. And Rainbow Six for shooters.


I had my first console at age 5 which was a Super Nintendo. I played Donkey Kong Adventure and Zombies Ate My Neighbors until about age 8.. lol...
Then my (very young) uncles got a Playstation and I fell in love. After that a few years later, I got the X-Box.
I was hooked onto Xbox-Live for around a year and then someone told me about this game called Diablo II for the PC. I have played that game from that time all the way to this day :D.
Diablo II got boring after my acct got banned for using maphack :D, so I moved onto Counter-Strike 1.6. I currently am in a sweet-a$$ clan that has never lost a cal match so far. We are like 10-0 or something (we are fairly new). I can't wait till next cal season, b/c we may move up to the next cal rank (cal-m :D).
Anyways, those 2 games really got me started into PC gaming. I have touched any consoles in a while though...


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-Diablo II
-LOZ: Ocarina of Time
-The Sims
-Madden/NHL Games from 01 on


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well its easy to say my gaming career started with the Supermario bros./Duckhunt cartridge for NES, when the lightugn was the closest thing to FPS [lo]

but to say which games molded me into a gamer is very difficult...

first game that comes to mind is Mortal Kombat II on the sega genises, this was the first game i became addicted to, -very- good at, and used as a competition...

secondly i think would be DiabloII, this game brought back that feeling of "No one can beat me" as mortal kombat did, the only thing is, now, instead of facing the neighborhood, i faced the world

Counterstrike led me into the world of FPS a few years later, then ive just branched off to pwn all since then :)

but i cannot say that any select listing of games made me a gamer...

every game ive ever played has tought me a thing or two, you must respect hte little things, even the flash games you can find on websites havea part in my gaming heart.

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Supermario, duckhunt, DOOM!, wolf, pacman :D, t2 in the arcade. anything violent :), made me a gamer.


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Hell yea. I would have to say I started with my old Sega Genesis, but what caught me onto PC Gaming was originally Starcraft. I used to make maps for it, then I found War3 and it's insanely more advanced editor and fell in love.

Then I got an N64 and a GameCube and became a loyal gamer for life.

-Frank :cool:


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Way back with the Sega Genesis I started playing games. That's when I was like 6 years old too. Sonic started it all for me. I loved that game!

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My first big time game was the original Prince of Persia and Wolfenstein 3d. After that, Contra on the Nintendo. Then Genesis. N64 put me over the edge with Zelda: OoT.


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I actually started playing video games when I was two or three years old with my farther. Though my first actual games that got me hooked were the ALL of the mario games on the SNES, and then when the N64 console was released it was over, gamer for life.

Favorites from older consoles:
Top Gun 1/2 (NES)
Duck Hunt (NES)
Super Mario (NES)
Mario World(s)(SNES)
Donkey Kong(s)(SNES)
Super Mario 64(N64)
Mariokart 64(N64)
Diddy Kong Racing(N64)
007 Goldeneye(N64)
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time(N64)

Diablo II/Exp
Warcraft III/TFT

Just so many games that kept bringing me back into the gaming scene.