Does anyone else find this picture hilarious?

Emperor Pan I

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the LOL killed the joke. it is stupid. if they took that out I woulda found it some what more funny, but that jsut maeks it look stupid


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its the lol that makes it funny. otherwise y would it be funny. I didint find that funny when i was reading hte bible but with lol, thats funny. lol i dunno y


AxL said:
Posting on a forum geared towards gamers, and chatting with people you have never met seems kind of geeky to me.
5 bucks says I could stretch anything at all to sound geeky :)

I found this funnier though than that boring picture at the top, no offence to the thread starter:



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I finally got it after a while then I remotely chuckled.(pardon my spelling).Being polite is something I dont do often....


ya know what would be really cool? if someone put that on a t-shirt!!!!!