Diablo Iii Is Out!!!


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How did u know!?
I am a sorc in real life:D

Seriously, guys, I came back from my b-day vacation last night and the DIII announcement is the best gift I received - by far. I will start working on the english translation ASAP.

@ DarkBlade: PM me your address and it will be in the mail in a few days;)


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Yeah...in the meantime, play spore!


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Its been too long, for years now I couldn't confront myself on this, the numbness I felt deep inside me, the feeling of lost hope, a broken heart that can never be healed. I waited too long for this, and I did my best to make peace and move on, and now this! Oh Diablo, oh cruel mistress! Why must you make me suffer so!? What have I done to deserve such a punishment! I yet again have my hopes rekindled, knowing full well that there is no happy ending to this tale.


i feel like killing my self with a pillow over my face but i need a fat person to sit on it so i can suffocate and die and when i reach hell i will attempt to take over satans throne


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Pretty much most of BF who cares wants a copy Cheeze, just some of us want it in a language we are able to comprehend :).


Screw that. I'll play D2 Mods and D1 to relive glorious memories of finding good items and failing school.
You can say that again!
And galatia, congrats on the book!! That is so frigin awesome, I am awed. Gosh, I really really want to read your book.


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Whats the book about, I see a sheep.


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I just found this thread by following a link left by kinkarso in 2008 in one of his "Battle Forums is for sale" threads on an external site.

This is seriously awesome. I'm bumping this thread in case @Galatia stops by this forum again. :)


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How neat. I forgot about this! A google image search showed she was published before/after this too. I dunno which since it lacked the dates. COOL EITHER WAY also I forgot Gally was such a fox.