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What Blizzard are you thinking of?
The same blizzard that's released the last 3 games announced on time. They milked WoW for all it was worth, but when it came down to it, from announce to launch of BC and now WotLK coming out soon, they did some pretty fast work on those expac's. Considering the amount of time they took to get out a ton of their games as compared to FunCom's Age of Conan, EQ2 and other junk MMO's like that, Blizz really has it together. I'm sorry if they can't get stuff out the exact day you want it, but, they are faster than most companies.


he means patch releases
But yes, they do also patch quickly. But I was comparing them to the wait that gamers had to go through for most of the current MMO's, including the ones that suck. Just have faith in them. I find it amusing how most of the people that bad mouth blizzard have absolutely no problems playing their games.


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I would play D3, 512 MB Video is still plenty. I'm only concerned how slow it will run on my laptop with 2.23 GHz.

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Is it true that its only in directx 10?

I ask because in age of conan I can play flawlessly in directx 9, but directx 10 is unplayable even when my computer meets the specs.


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Based on current speculations I wouldn't have problems running this game.. But damn Ive been waiting for so long and still it hasnt come out and only 3 characters are shown so far :( cant wait..


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Actualy the system reqz are low becouse of the 2d kind graphic.
Well it is 3d, abviosly, but its not a 3d like some FPS or so.
I think that it is a smart move, from blizzard, cus there are still much D2 players playing d2 on low performance machines and they will not be forced to buy a new PC to play D3.


hope that my ugly and old laptop can play this game... has been waiting it for so long ... >.< i promise not to eat meat for 1 week ... if god and blizzard make the requirements of this game suit with my laptop