Diablo 3 - System Requirements


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I have a Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7170 17.3-Inch, and Diablo says that I dont have the minimum system requirements. Is there someone can tell me what I'm missing in order to play this?


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Interesting system requirements. In my opinion this will probably cost them some sales and money because most people won't be willing to do a $500 pc upgrade if yours doesn't meet the requirements (and that's assuming you do the upgrade built by yourself not buying a new laptop which could be over a thousand) just for a game.


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I had trouble killing a mob, the game lags a lot. Maybe this is an issue with my computer's ram. Maybe it's time for upgrading my ram to avoid bottleneck.


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this game wont be out till about 6 years if they actauly started right now so anyhone who still has a ****ty comp who can barely run anything good wont be able to do anything
6 years my a** pal it has only been 5! And actually I think the engine is great!