BNET nicks & gateways


Drives an Evo IX ;)
I've been on SC, just never BF. Woo. Oh, and DM *hates* RPG Stats Madness. We need at least 5 people to have some fun. I'm willing to host a "Tutor" game for all you nubs.


Account Name: EnragedZergling
Gateway: USEast (But I can be found on West occasionally)
Favorite Game Type: UMS
Favorite Map: Worms 1.83
Type of Player: Chobo


Furyan Merc
User: NeutronHInc
Gateway: USWest (sometimes East as well)
Favorite Game Type: UMS, RPGs mainly
Favorite Map: Padorath's Return (will soon be my own :p)
Type of player: I only play UMS, and 90% are RPGs. I guess you could say RPG master, I dont know, I pick things up fast and get better the longer I play.

Note: Can be found lurking in Channle NHI


Battle God
Us.East name: Alura.

Just message me on AIM/MSN or whatever if you wan't to play, and I'll most likely say yes, depending on what I'm doing.


Name: Lord_Hishado
don't play too much, though...
Post your account

Post urt account so we can play with each other :)

mines jz.shimm

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
RAOro up date

  • Nick: Wing-Zero[GW] | mjas9114
  • Gateway: US East
  • Favorite game type: UMS
  • Favorite Map: Lost Temple, LOTR, RPG
  • Type of player: Rusty and crappy.
  • AIM: mjas19114


Nick: d]MD
Gateway: West siyeeda! (
Favorite game type: Melee/Ums
Favorite Map: Cat/mouse, sniper, paintball, godsland, bound, rpg (must be a good one), fastest, zero clutter, golems
Type of player: ( melee: ) zerg owns you. ( ums: ) which one first of all?
AIM: MystcDt


Nick: Larkin
Gateway: USEast
Favorite Gametype: UMS
Favorite Map: N/A
Type of Player: Just restarted playing SC.


Premium Member
My stuff:

  • Nick: Master_America
  • Gateway: USEast only.
  • Favorite game type: Melee.
  • Favorite Maps: Lost Temple, Hunters.
  • Type of player: Rusy medium-good.
  • AIM: MasterAmerica05


Battle God
Nick: DarkmatterBF
Gateway: West or East.
Favorite game type: Melee.
Favorite Maps: Island Hop, Hunters.
Type of player: Newbie.
AIM: Doomkillwer


Nick: Blizzforums
Gateway: East
Favorite game type: Melee
Favorite maps: LT
Type of player: Pretty good.
AIM: None, too lazy :rofl2


Premium Member
USeast and Asia and West

fav: melee
fav map: hunters_gamei or neo lotem, or lotem_gamei
type of player: blizzard hacker, hacks blizzard server once a week
AIM: AbyssN36


Guy with Most Posts on Quiet Board.
Name: Hellwolf_36
USEast 56.7% wins (249-157-21)
type of player - Terran/Protoss rusher
Fav maps - Terran Survivals, Bounds, Matrixes, 7on1 Insane comps, and Zombie games.
Nick: Off_Chance
Gateway: US East
Favorite game type: Melee/FFA/UMS
Favorite Map: Anything with the "Blizzard" stamp on it
Type of player: (494-260-80)
AIM: OffChance789